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Top investors of Abcam Plc Ads stock

Who bought or sold ABCAM PLC ADS this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Brown Capital Management 9.2M $209M -7% Sep 2023
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Champlain Investment Partners 4.9M $110M 26% Sep 2023
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Omni Event Management 4.7M $106M 100% Sep 2023
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Magnetar Financial 3.6M $81M 100% Sep 2023
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BlackRock 3.5M $79M 2% Sep 2023
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Goldman Sachs Group 2.5M $57M 327% Sep 2023
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Liontrust Investment Partners 1.9M $42M -50% Sep 2023
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Morgan Stanley 1.7M $39M -55% Sep 2023
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Water Island Capital 1.4M $32M 100% Sep 2023
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Ameriprise Financial 1.4M $31M -72% Sep 2023
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Rock Springs Capital Management 1.3M $29M -47% Sep 2023
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Woodline Partners 1.1M $25M 996% Sep 2023
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Adage Capital Partners GP 1.0M $23M 100% Sep 2023
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Qube Research & Technologies 958k $22M 100% Sep 2023
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Carlson Capital 880k $20M 100% Sep 2023
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Fil 794k $18M 100% Sep 2023
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Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co 749k $17M 100% Sep 2023
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Gabelli Funds 667k $15M 100% Sep 2023
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Gabelli Securities 628k $14M 100% Sep 2023
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Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn 626k $14M -61% Sep 2023
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Renaissance Technologies 613k $14M 72% Sep 2023
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Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 534k $12M 100% Sep 2023
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Verition Fund Management 512k $12M 5019% Sep 2023
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Driehaus Capital Management 429k $9.7M -61% Sep 2023
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State Street Corporation 388k $8.8M 71% Sep 2023
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Crabel Capital Management 334k $7.6M 100% Sep 2023
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Carmignac Gestion 275k $6.2M 100% Sep 2023
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Halcyon Management Partners 238k $5.4M 257% Sep 2023
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Susquehanna International 233k $5.3M 129% Sep 2023
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Harvest Management 232k $5.3M 190% Sep 2023
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Springbok Capital Management 232k $5.2M 100% Sep 2023
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Rathbones Brothers 231k $5.2M 12% Sep 2023
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Athos Capital 230k $5.2M 100% Sep 2023
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HAP Trading 204k $4.6M 100% Sep 2023
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Natixis 199k $4.5M 100% Sep 2023
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Yakira Capital Management 198k $4.5M 100% Sep 2023
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Geode Capital Management 167k $3.8M 7% Sep 2023
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Vestcor Investment Management Corp 150k $3.4M 100% Sep 2023
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Lighthouse Investment Partners 137k $3.1M 100% Sep 2023
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American Century Companies 130k $2.9M -58% Sep 2023
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Sei Investments 115k $2.6M -26% Sep 2023
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EHP Funds 100k $2.3M 100% Sep 2023
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White Bay PT 91k $2.0M 100% Sep 2023
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Nicholas Company 89k $2.0M 0% Sep 2023
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Diametric Capital 63k $1.4M 611% Sep 2023
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Envestnet Asset Management 60k $1.4M -52% Sep 2023
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Hunting Hill Global Capital 50k $1.1M 100% Sep 2023
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Flow State Investments 45k $1.0M 100% Sep 2023
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ProShare Advisors 44k $1.0M 204% Sep 2023
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GAMCO Asset Management 41k $932k 100% Sep 2023
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Group One Trading 39k $884k 486% Sep 2023
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Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. 35k $798k 100% Sep 2023
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First Trust Advisors 35k $783k 100% Sep 2023
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OMERS Administration Corporation 33k $751k 100% Sep 2023
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Cinctive Capital Management 30k $679k 100% Sep 2023
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LPL Financial 22k $494k -38% Sep 2023
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Privium Fund Management 20k $453k 100% Sep 2023
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Williams Jones Wealth Management 19k $430k 0% Sep 2023
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Oppenheimer Asset Management 19k $430k -57% Sep 2023
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Mml Investors Services 11k $255k 100% Sep 2023
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Quinn Opportunity Partners 10k $226k 100% Sep 2023
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Merriman Wealth Management 9.4k $212k -44% Sep 2023
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Invesco 9.0k $203k -100% Sep 2023
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FMR 8.2k $185k -100% Sep 2023
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Tower Research Capital 3.1k $69k -36% Sep 2023
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Goss Wealth Management 2.8k $63k 100% Sep 2023
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Toronto-Dominion Bank 1.4k $32k -27% Sep 2023
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State of Wyoming 1.4k $21k -84% Dec 2023
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Hm Payson & Co 1.2k $28k 0% Sep 2023
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Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel 1.1k $26k -96% Sep 2023
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Ronald Blue Trust 385.00 $9.0k 100% Dec 2023
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Who sold out of Abcam Plc Ads?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Millennium Management Sep 2023 7.4M $168M
Baillie Gifford & Co Sep 2023 7.3M $165M
T. Rowe Price Investment Management Jun 2023 6.5M $160M
Soros Fund Management Sep 2023 6.2M $140M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Sep 2023 6.1M $137M
Brown Advisory Holdings Incorporated Sep 2023 5.2M $117M
Citadel Advisors Sep 2023 4.9M $112M
Wellington Management Company Sep 2023 4.6M $105M
TIG Advisors Sep 2023 4.5M $101M
Davidson Kempner Capital Management Sep 2023 4.4M $101M
Pentwater Capital Management Sep 2023 4.3M $97M
Bank of New York Mellon Sep 2023 3.7M $83M
Balyasny Asset Management Sep 2023 3.6M $81M
Westchester Capital Management Sep 2023 3.4M $78M
Hudson Bay Capital Management Sep 2023 3.1M $70M
Man Group Sep 2023 2.9M $65M
Neuberger Berman Group Sep 2023 2.5M $57M
Henderson Group Sep 2023 2.5M $56M
Maverick Capital Sep 2023 2.4M $55M
Barclays Sep 2023 2.4M $54M
Sand Grove Capital Management Sep 2023 2.3M $52M
Fort Baker Capital Management Sep 2023 2.2M $49M
Alliancebernstein Sep 2023 2.1M $48M
Grandeur Peak Global Advisors Jun 2023 2.0M $50M
Massachusetts Financial Services Sep 2023 2.0M $46M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Sep 2023 1.9M $42M
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2023 1.8M $42M
Marshall Wace Sep 2023 1.8M $40M
T. Rowe Price Associates Sep 2023 1.7M $38M
D. E. Shaw & Co Sep 2023 1.6M $37M
New York Life Investment Management Sep 2023 1.5M $35M
Segantii Capital Management Sep 2023 1.5M $35M
Nomura Holdings Sep 2023 1.4M $33M
Royal Bank of Canada Sep 2023 1.4M $30M
LMR Partners Sep 2023 1.4M $32M
Point72 Asset Management Sep 2023 1.3M $30M
Glazer Capital Sep 2023 1.3M $29M
Alpine Associates Management Sep 2023 1.2M $28M
Bluefin Capital Management Sep 2023 1.1M $234k
OZ Management Sep 2023 1.1M $25M
Bank of America Corporation Sep 2023 1.1M $25M
CNH Partners Sep 2023 1.0M $23M
Hsbc Holdings Sep 2023 949k $22M
Victory Capital Management Sep 2023 897k $20M
Calamos Advisors Sep 2023 874k $20M
Walleye Trading Advisors Sep 2023 793k $18M
Perpetual Sep 2023 734k $17M
UBS Group Sep 2023 590k $13M
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management Sep 2023 580k $13M
Caption Management Sep 2023 568k $13M
Eversept Partners Jun 2023 499k $12M
Kames Capital Jun 2023 470k $12M
Governors Lane Sep 2023 432k $9.8M
Melqart Asset Management Sep 2023 410k $9.3M
Df Dent & Co Sep 2023 391k $8.8M
2Xideas Sep 2023 374k $8.5M
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corp Sep 2023 369k $8.3M
Fisher Investments Sep 2023 349k $7.9M
Legal & General Group Sep 2023 348k $7.9M
HGC Investment Management Sep 2023 331k $7.5M
Vivaldi Asset Management Sep 2023 303k $6.9M
Taconic Capital Advisors Jun 2023 300k $7.3M
Russell Investments Sep 2023 292k $6.6M
Bradley, Foster & Sargent Sep 2023 247k $6.0M
Jackson Square Partners Sep 2023 242k $5.5M
Citigroup Sep 2023 240k $5.4M
Capula Management Sep 2023 220k $5.0M
Capstone Investment Advisors Sep 2023 200k $4.5M
State of Wisconsin Investment Board Sep 2023 184k $4.2M
Fred Alger Management Sep 2023 182k $4.1M
Centiva Capital Sep 2023 150k $3.4M
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Sep 2023 147k $3.3M
Jupiter Asset Management Sep 2023 142k $3.2M
DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale Sep 2023 140k $3.2M
Bck Capital Management Sep 2023 139k $3.2M
Jet Capital Investors Sep 2023 137k $3.1M
Lazard Asset Management Sep 2023 131k $3.0M
William Blair $ Company Sep 2023 130k $2.9M
Brown Shipley& Co Jun 2023 128k $3.1M
Pura Vida Investments Jun 2023 126k $3.1M
Moore Capital Management Sep 2023 112k $2.5M
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Jun 2023 109k $2.7M
Tokio Marine Asset Management Sep 2023 107k $2.4M
Two Sigma Advisers Sep 2023 106k $2.4M
Beryl Capital Management Sep 2023 100k $2.3M
K2 Principal Fund Sep 2023 100k $2.3M
Allianz Asset Management Sep 2023 97k $2.2M
Credit Suisse Sep 2023 90k $2.0M
Investec Asset Management Sep 2023 87k $2.0M
Robeco Institutional Asset Management B V Sep 2023 86k $1.9M
Kellner Capital Sep 2023 85k $1.9M
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Sep 2023 83k $1.9M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Sep 2023 72k $1.6M
Ing Investment Management Jun 2023 69k $1.7M
Jarislowsky, Fraser Sep 2023 67k $1.5M
Tudor Investment Corporation Sep 2023 65k $1.5M
Hrt Financial Sep 2023 61k $1.4M
Seven Eight Capital Jun 2023 59k $1.5M
Mercer Global Advisors Sep 2023 56k $1.3M
Two Sigma Investments Sep 2023 56k $1.3M
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Sep 2023 55k $1.2M
Polar Securities Sep 2023 55k $1.2M
Wolverine Asset Management Sep 2023 54k $1.2M
DLD Asset Management Sep 2023 44k $984k
Fifth Lane Capital Sep 2023 42k $960k
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Sep 2023 42k $955k
Standard Life Aberdeen Sep 2023 41k $919k
Rice Hall James & Associates Sep 2023 37k $843k
Sagefield Capital Sep 2023 36k $822k
M^T Bank Corporation Sep 2023 36k $821k
PenderFund Capital Management Sep 2023 36k $1.1M
FORA Capital Sep 2023 34k $759k
Diversified Trust Company Sep 2023 25k $576k
Vazirani Asset Management Sep 2023 25k $566k
Ergoteles Jun 2023 25k $609k
First Republic Investment Management Jun 2023 25k $598k
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D Sep 2023 24k $545k
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Sep 2023 24k $537k
Bessemer Sep 2023 21k $484k
Yarbrough Capital Sep 2023 21k $466k
Jane Street Sep 2023 20k $461k
Virtu Financial Jun 2023 20k $493k
Maven Securities Sep 2023 20k $453k
Paradigm Asset Management Company Sep 2023 20k $444k
Advisor Group Holdings Sep 2023 19k $427k
Crystalline Management Sep 2023 15k $340k
Ardevora Asset Management Sep 2023 12k $275k
New York State Common Retirement Fund Sep 2023 12k $267k
Dimensional Fund Advisors Sep 2023 11k $256k
Belvedere Trading Jun 2023 11k $267k
Bridgefront Capital Sep 2023 11k $237k
Dundas Partners Sep 2023 10k $232k
Mariner Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 10k $231k
JustInvest Sep 2023 10k $227k
Ewa Sep 2023 9.2k $211k
Wells Fargo & Company Sep 2023 8.0k $181k
Earnest Partners Sep 2023 6.5k $147k
SG Americas Securities Sep 2023 5.9k $132k
FNY Investment Advisers Sep 2023 5.6k $126k
China Universal Asset Management Sep 2023 5.5k $125k
Van Eck Associates Corp. Sep 2023 3.4k $76k
Tradition Wealth Management Sep 2023 2.5k $56k
Harbor Investment Advisory Sep 2023 1.8k $42k
Assetmark Sep 2023 1.7k $39k
Pnc Financial Services Sep 2023 1.6k $36k
Us Bancorp Sep 2023 1.2k $28k
Signature Sep 2023 1.2k $27k
Rhumbline Advisers Sep 2023 1.1k $24k
EverSource Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 896.00 $20k
Daiwa Securities Group Sep 2023 836.00 $19k