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There are no current stakeholders of Accelerate Acquisition Corp.

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Who sold out of Accelerate Acquisition Corp?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Aristeia Capital Sep 2022 2.2M $22M
Jane Street Sep 2022 2.2M $22M
OZ Management Sep 2022 2.1M $20M
Marshall Wace Sep 2022 1.9M $19M
Magnetar Financial Sep 2022 1.7M $17M
Periscope Capital Sep 2022 1.7M $17M
Millennium Management Jun 2022 1.5M $15M
Saba Capital Management Sep 2022 1.2M $12M
Dryden Capital Sep 2022 1.2M $12M
Macquarie Group Sep 2022 1.0M $9.8M
Taconic Capital Advisors Sep 2022 1.0M $9.8M
Highbridge Capital Management Jun 2022 924k $9.0M
CVI Holdings Sep 2022 909k $8.9M
Hsbc Holdings Sep 2022 899k $8.8M
LMR Partners Sep 2022 895k $8.8M
D. E. Shaw & Co Sep 2022 862k $8.5M
Radcliffe Capital Management Sep 2022 826k $8.1M
Westchester Capital Management Sep 2022 808k $7.9M
Cantor Fitzgerald, L. P. Sep 2022 662k $6.5M
Goldman Sachs Group Jun 2022 625k $6.1M
Davidson Kempner Capital Management Sep 2022 600k $5.9M
Cohanzick Management Sep 2022 503k $4.9M
Calamos Advisors Sep 2022 500k $4.9M
Kepos Capital Sep 2022 500k $4.9M
Woodline Partners Sep 2022 500k $4.9M
UBS O'Connor Sep 2022 477k $4.7M
Fir Tree Sep 2022 429k $4.2M
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Sep 2022 428k $4.2M
Shaolin Capital Management Sep 2022 350k $3.4M
Cubist Systematic Strategies Sep 2022 349k $3.4M
Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. Sep 2022 337k $3.3M
Verition Fund Management Sep 2022 331k $3.2M
Wolverine Asset Management Sep 2022 281k $2.8M
Segantii Capital Management Sep 2022 275k $2.7M
CNH Partners Sep 2022 205k $2.0M
Kim Sep 2022 200k $2.0M
Owl Creek Asset Management Sep 2022 200k $2.0M
DuPont Capital Management Corporation Sep 2022 200k $2.0M
Whitebox Advisors Sep 2022 184k $1.8M
Capstone Investment Advisors Sep 2022 182k $1.8M
Tuttle Tactical Management Sep 2022 177k $1.3M
B. Riley Financial Sep 2022 168k $1.7M
Basso Capital Management Sep 2022 166k $1.6M
Bank of America Corporation Jun 2022 160k $1.6M
Vivaldi Asset Management Sep 2022 158k $1.5M
Citadel Advisors Jun 2022 150k $1.5M
Balyasny Asset Management Sep 2022 150k $1.5M
Glazer Capital Sep 2022 114k $1.1M
SkyView Investment Advisors Sep 2022 101k $990k
Tenor Capital Management Sep 2022 100k $981k
Silverback Asset Management Sep 2022 100k $981k
Springbok Capital Management Sep 2022 100k $981k
Rivernorth Capital Management Sep 2022 100k $984k
Gabelli Funds Sep 2022 92k $907k
Gabelli Securities Sep 2022 83k $811k
Henderson Group Sep 2022 80k $941k