Who owns Aveo Pharmaceuticals Inc?

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Top investors of Aveo Pharmaceuticals stock

Who bought or sold Aveo Pharmaceuticals Inc this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Alliancebernstein 1.3M $20M 978% Dec 2022
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Magnetar Financial 1.1M $17M 100% Dec 2022
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AIGH Capital Management 695k $10M -75% Dec 2022
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Woodline Partners 548k $8.2M 100% Dec 2022
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Morgan Stanley 515k $7.7M 100% Dec 2022
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Hsbc Holdings 489k $7.3M 100% Dec 2022
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Qube Research & Technologies 386k $5.8M 1204% Dec 2022
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Geode Capital Management 276k $4.1M 3% Dec 2022
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Gabelli Funds 263k $3.9M 100% Dec 2022
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Tudor Investment Corporation 225k $3.4M 100% Dec 2022
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Worth Venture Partners 171k $2.6M -75% Dec 2022
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Gardner Lewis Asset Management 146k $2.2M 100% Dec 2022
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GAMCO Asset Management 121k $1.8M 100% Dec 2022
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Gabelli Securities 119k $1.8M 100% Dec 2022
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Trexquant Investment 74k $1.1M 176% Dec 2022
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Hrt Financial 58k $866k 100% Dec 2022
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Walleye Trading Advisors 56k $837k 100% Dec 2022
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Bridgeway Capital Management 53k $792k 0% Dec 2022
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Mariner Wealth Advisors 48k $713k 100% Dec 2022
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Evercore Wealth Management 42k $626k 0% Dec 2022
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Walleye Trading 35k $523k 100% Dec 2022
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Group One Trading 34k $512k 100% Dec 2022
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State of Wisconsin Investment Board 31k $466k 100% Dec 2022
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LMR Partners 17k $252k 100% Dec 2022
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Jasper Ridge Partners 16k $233k 100% Dec 2022
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Lighthouse Investment Partners 14k $206k 100% Dec 2022
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Mirabella Financial Services 11k $167k 100% Dec 2022
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Legal & General Group 8.3k $123k 100% Dec 2022
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Shell Asset Management Company 3.1k $46k 100% Dec 2022
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Belpointe Asset Management 1.0k $15k 100% Dec 2022
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Wells Fargo & Company 289.00 $4.3k 57% Dec 2022
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Royal Bank of Canada 80.00 $1.0k -93% Dec 2022
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Who sold out of Aveo Pharmaceuticals?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
NEA Management Company Sep 2022 4.0M $33M
Vanguard Group Dec 2022 1.5M $23M
Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors Dec 2022 1.5M $22M
Balyasny Asset Management Dec 2022 1.4M $22M
Man Group Dec 2022 1.3M $19M
Alpine Associates Management Dec 2022 798k $12M
Water Island Capital Dec 2022 699k $10M
BlackRock Dec 2022 699k $10M
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Dec 2022 677k $10M
J. Goldman & Co Sep 2022 656k $5.4M
EcoR1 Capital Dec 2022 651k $9.7M
Goldman Sachs Group Dec 2022 643k $9.6M
Halcyon Management Partners Dec 2022 638k $9.5M
CNH Partners Dec 2022 594k $8.9M
Pentwater Capital Management Dec 2022 552k $8.2M
Susquehanna International Dec 2022 534k $8.0M
New York Life Investment Management Dec 2022 509k $7.6M
Springbok Capital Management Dec 2022 505k $7.5M
Ergoteles Dec 2022 495k $7.4M
Renaissance Technologies Dec 2022 452k $6.8M
Eudaimonia Asset Management Sep 2022 381k $3.1M
Globeflex Capital Sep 2022 369k $3.0M
Citadel Advisors Dec 2022 336k $5.0M
EHP Funds Dec 2022 292k $4.4M
Pathway Capital Management Dec 2022 246k $3.7M
EAM Global Investors Sep 2022 212k $1.7M
UBS Group Dec 2022 194k $2.9M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Dec 2022 173k $2.6M
Dynamic Technology Lab Private Dec 2022 161k $2.4M
Two Sigma Advisers Dec 2022 153k $2.3M
D. E. Shaw & Co Dec 2022 141k $2.1M
State Street Corporation Dec 2022 127k $1.9M
Trium Capital Dec 2022 122k $1.8M
Caxton Associates Dec 2022 118k $1.8M
Two Sigma Investments Dec 2022 108k $1.6M
Brandywine Global Investment Management Dec 2022 106k $1.6M
Kellner Capital Dec 2022 100k $1.5M
Birchview Capital Dec 2022 100k $1.5M
Jane Street Dec 2022 81k $1.2M
Swiss National Bank Dec 2022 75k $1.1M
Bck Capital Management Dec 2022 68k $1.0M
Squarepoint Ops Dec 2022 63k $936k
Northern Trust Dec 2022 62k $930k
Glazer Capital Dec 2022 62k $928k
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers Sep 2022 58k $478k
Bank of New York Mellon Dec 2022 54k $803k
Millennium Management Dec 2022 49k $737k
Landscape Capital Management Dec 2022 44k $664k
Ameriprise Financial Dec 2022 41k $608k
Voloridge Investment Management Dec 2022 41k $606k
We Are One Seven Dec 2022 40k $598k
Barclays Dec 2022 34k $514k
Diametric Capital Dec 2022 30k $447k
PenderFund Capital Management Dec 2022 28k $563k
California State Teachers Retirement System Dec 2022 27k $405k
Brown Trout Management Dec 2022 25k $374k
Wellington Management Company Dec 2022 23k $344k
Credit Suisse Dec 2022 23k $343k
Bank of America Corporation Dec 2022 22k $327k
Blue Owl Capital Holdings Dec 2022 21k $315k
Wolverine Asset Management Dec 2022 20k $300k
Crystalline Management Dec 2022 16k $235k
Bailard Dec 2022 15k $227k
JBF Capital Dec 2022 14k $209k
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Dec 2022 14k $207k
XR Securities Dec 2022 11k $170k
Charles Schwab Investment Management Dec 2022 11k $167k
Beacon Bridge Wealth Partners Dec 2022 10k $150k
Virtus Investment Advisers Dec 2022 9.4k $140k
Tower Research Capital Dec 2022 8.7k $130k
Lazard Asset Management Dec 2022 7.5k $112k
Zurcher Kantonalbank Dec 2022 6.4k $96k
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Dec 2022 2.4k $35k
Steward Financial Group Dec 2022 2.0k $29k
Citigroup Dec 2022 775.00 $12k
Advisor Group Holdings Dec 2022 566.00 $13k
Westside Investment Management Dec 2022 500.00 $7.5M
Tradition Wealth Management Dec 2022 233.00 $3.0k
FMR Dec 2022 209.00 $3.1k
Us Bancorp Dec 2022 102.00 $1.5k
AdvisorNet Financial Dec 2022 100.00 $1.5k
Hanson McClain Advisors Dec 2022 91.00 $1.4k