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Top investors of Btrs Holdings In stock

Who bought or sold BTRS HOLDINGS IN this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Diametric Capital 35k $323k 100% Sep 2022
FourThought Financial 6.5k $60k 0% Sep 2022

Who sold out of Btrs Holdings In?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Bain Capital Venture Investors Sep 2022 28M $263M
Vanguard Group Jun 2022 9.9M $49M
Rima Management Sep 2022 8.0M $74M
BlackRock Jun 2022 7.7M $38M
Pentwater Capital Management Sep 2022 5.4M $50M
Omni Event Management Sep 2022 5.2M $48M
Morgan Stanley Jun 2022 5.0M $18M
TimesSquare Capital Management Sep 2022 4.4M $41M
Broadwood Capital Sep 2022 4.2M $39M
Platinum Investment Mangement Sep 2022 3.0M $28M
Water Island Capital Sep 2022 2.5M $23M
Franklin Resources Sep 2022 2.4M $22M
TIG Advisors Sep 2022 2.3M $21M
Macquarie Group Sep 2022 2.3M $21M
Artisan Partners Limited Partnership Sep 2022 2.2M $21M
Glazer Capital Sep 2022 2.0M $18M
Westchester Capital Management Sep 2022 1.9M $17M
State Street Corporation Sep 2022 1.8M $17M
Tudor Investment Corporation Sep 2022 1.8M $17M
Geode Capital Management Sep 2022 1.7M $16M
Senator Investment Group Sep 2022 1.5M $14M
Woodline Partners Sep 2022 1.3M $12M
Phase 2 Partners Sep 2022 1.3M $12M
Cooper Creek Partners Management Sep 2022 1.2M $11M
Magnetar Financial Sep 2022 1.1M $9.9M
Northern Trust Sep 2022 890k $8.2M
Man Group Sep 2022 872k $8.1M
Visa Sep 2022 836k $7.7M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Sep 2022 831k $7.7M
Two Sigma Investments Sep 2022 738k $6.8M
Vivaldi Asset Management Sep 2022 735k $6.8M
Axa Sep 2022 707k $6.5M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Sep 2022 659k $6.1M
FMR Sep 2022 626k $5.8M
Goldman Sachs Group Jun 2022 611k $3.0M
DLD Asset Management Sep 2022 600k $5.6M
CNH Partners Sep 2022 594k $5.5M
Alpine Associates Management Sep 2022 569k $5.3M
Hsbc Holdings Sep 2022 539k $5.0M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Sep 2022 524k $4.9M
Renaissance Technologies Sep 2022 521k $4.8M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Sep 2022 500k $4.6M
Syquant Capital Sas Sep 2022 487k $4.5M
New York State Common Retirement Fund Sep 2022 431k $4.0M
Lapides Asset Management Sep 2022 411k $3.8M
Neuberger Berman Group Sep 2022 404k $3.7M
Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A. Sep 2022 379k $3.5M
Bank of New York Mellon Sep 2022 351k $3.3M
EHP Funds Sep 2022 350k $3.2M
BlueMar Capital Management Sep 2022 307k $2.8M
Millennium Management Jun 2022 288k $1.4M
Gabelli Funds Sep 2022 271k $2.5M
Ergoteles Sep 2022 262k $2.4M
Boothbay Fund Management Sep 2022 255k $2.4M
Nuveen Asset Management Sep 2022 248k $1.4M
Moore Capital Management Sep 2022 200k $1.9M
Vestcor Investment Management Corp Sep 2022 200k $1.9M
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers Sep 2022 197k $1.8M
Ameriprise Financial Sep 2022 196k $1.8M
Gabelli Securities Sep 2022 193k $1.8M
Swiss National Bank Sep 2022 190k $1.8M
Gardner Lewis Asset Management Sep 2022 175k $1.6M
Springbok Capital Management Sep 2022 162k $1.5M
Citadel Advisors Jun 2022 157k $784k
Two Sigma Advisers Sep 2022 155k $1.4M
Cantor Fitzgerald, L. P. Sep 2022 125k $1.2M
Havens Advisors Sep 2022 119k $1.1M
Halcyon Management Partners Sep 2022 119k $1.1M
Rhumbline Advisers Sep 2022 118k $1.1M
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Asset Management Sep 2022 111k $1.0M
California State Teachers Retirement System Sep 2022 109k $1.0M
OTR - Nominee Name for The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio Sep 2022 106k $985k
Banc Funds Company Sep 2022 105k $969k
Alpha Paradigm Partners Sep 2022 95k $878k
Legal & General Group Sep 2022 93k $863k
Trexquant Investment Sep 2022 85k $789k
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Jun 2022 83k $0
Tower Research Capital Sep 2022 80k $739k
UBS Group Sep 2022 79k $736k
Zacks Investment Management Sep 2022 79k $731k
Susquehanna International Sep 2022 75k $692k
SG Americas Securities Sep 2022 68k $625k
New York Life Investment Management Sep 2022 67k $623k
Bck Capital Management Sep 2022 67k $620k
Alliancebernstein Sep 2022 65k $606k
Credit Suisse Sep 2022 63k $584k
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas Sep 2022 62k $569k
Kathmere Capital Management Sep 2022 60k $556k
Sei Investments Sep 2022 59k $547k
Kellner Capital Sep 2022 58k $536k
Barclays Sep 2022 57k $529k
MetLife Investment Advisors Sep 2022 56k $521k
American International Sep 2022 48k $441k
GAM Holding Sep 2022 40k $370k
Mirae Asset Global Investments Sep 2022 40k $367k
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company Sep 2022 38k $354k
Davy Asset Management Sep 2022 38k $349k
State of Wyoming Sep 2022 31k $285k
Algert Coldiron Investors Sep 2022 28k $262k
Jane Street Sep 2022 26k $242k
NinePointTwo Capital Sep 2022 26k $237k
Bank of America Corporation Jun 2022 25k $125k
GSA Capital Partners Sep 2022 25k $227k
Squarepoint Ops Sep 2022 23k $212k
Arizona State Retirement System Sep 2022 22k $201k
FNY Investment Advisers Sep 2022 20k $185k
B. Riley Asset Management Sep 2022 20k $185k
Ensign Peak Advisors Sep 2022 20k $185k
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Sep 2022 20k $181k
Florida State Board of Administration Sep 2022 18k $162k
Amundi Sep 2022 16k $150k
Amalgamated Bank Sep 2022 16k $149k
Marshall Wace Sep 2022 16k $143k
PDT Partners Sep 2022 15k $142k
Penbrook Managment Sep 2022 15k $139k
State of Wisconsin Investment Board Sep 2022 15k $138k
Principal Financial Group Sep 2022 15k $135k
GAMCO Asset Management Sep 2022 14k $132k
William Blair $ Company Sep 2022 13k $124k
Envestnet Asset Management Sep 2022 13k $119k
Basso Capital Management Sep 2022 13k $130k
Virtu Financial Sep 2022 13k $118k
Henderson Group Sep 2022 12k $116k
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas Sep 2022 11k $106k
ProShare Advisors Sep 2022 11k $102k
Pfs Investments Sep 2022 11k $101k
Citigroup Sep 2022 11k $100k
Wolverine Asset Management Sep 2022 11k $97k
Allspring Global Investments Holdings Sep 2022 8.8k $81k
Zurcher Kantonalbank Sep 2022 8.0k $74k
Summit Investment Advisors Sep 2022 7.4k $68k
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Sep 2022 6.6k $61k