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Who bought or sold CBRE ACQUISITION HOLDINGS A this quarter?

There are no current stakeholders of Cbre Acquisition Holdings A.

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  • Has been acquired or taken private
  • Has merged with another entity
  • Has changed its name and has a new CUSIP (and/or symbol)
  • Has been delisted and the ticker has changed

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Who sold out of Cbre Acquisition Holdings A?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Empyrean Capital Partners Sep 2021 516k $852k
Magnetar Financial Sep 2021 317k $522k
Kepos Capital Sep 2021 313k $516k
Angelo, Gordon & Co Sep 2021 178k $1.8M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Sep 2021 161k $265k
CSS Sep 2021 108k $178k
Marathon Asset Management Sep 2021 85k $140k
Millennium Management Sep 2021 82k $135k
Caas Capital Management Sep 2021 62k $102k
Wells Fargo & Company Sep 2021 46k $75k
Castle Creek Arbitrage Sep 2021 38k $62k
OMERS Administration Corporation Sep 2021 15k $24k
TIG Advisors Sep 2021 13k $22k
Mariner Investment Group Sep 2021 10k $17k
Littlejohn & Co Sep 2021 6.2k $10k
Glazer Capital Sep 2021 6.2k $10k
Ancora Advisors Sep 2021 1.3k $2.0k