Who owns Credit Suisse Group AG?

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Top investors of Credit Suisse Group stock

Who bought or sold Credit Suisse Group AG this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Citigroup 3.3M $2.9M 1608% Mar 2023
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IFP Advisors 7.3k $6.4k -48% Jun 2023
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Ronald Blue Trust 6.0k $5.0k 10% Jun 2023
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Who sold out of Credit Suisse Group?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Renaissance Technologies Mar 2023 52M $46M
Two Sigma Investments Mar 2023 13M $12M
Citadel Advisors Mar 2023 9.9M $8.8M
Two Sigma Advisers Mar 2023 8.5M $7.6M
D. E. Shaw & Co Mar 2023 7.6M $6.8M
Susquehanna International Mar 2023 6.1M $5.4M
Qube Research & Technologies Mar 2023 4.6M $4.1M
LMR Partners Mar 2023 4.2M $3.7M
Morgan Stanley Dec 2022 3.9M $12M
Optiver Holding B.V. Mar 2023 3.4M $3.1M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Mar 2023 3.3M $2.9M
Jane Street Mar 2023 2.5M $2.2M
Goldman Sachs Group Mar 2023 2.5M $2.2M
UBS Group Mar 2023 2.1M $1.9M
Balyasny Asset Management Mar 2023 2.0M $1.8M
Quinn Opportunity Partners Mar 2023 1.9M $1.7M
Walleye Trading Mar 2023 1.9M $1.7M
Group One Trading Mar 2023 1.9M $1.7M
Bank Of Montreal Dec 2022 1.6M $4.8M
Millennium Management Mar 2023 1.6M $1.4M
Cutler Mar 2023 1.5M $1.3M
BlackRock Mar 2023 1.4M $1.2M
Envestnet Asset Management Mar 2023 1.3M $1.2M
Legacy Wealth Asset Management Mar 2023 1.3M $1.2M
Hudson Bay Capital Management Mar 2023 1.0M $904k
Wolverine Trading Mar 2023 997k $865k
Greenwich Wealth Management Mar 2023 964k $857k
Parallax Volatility Advisers Mar 2023 776k $690k
Monaco Asset Management SAM Mar 2023 722k $642k
Wells Fargo & Company Dec 2022 677k $2.1M
Hrt Financial Mar 2023 661k $587k
American Century Companies Mar 2023 656k $571k
Bank of America Corporation Mar 2023 638k $568k
Virtu Financial Mar 2023 628k $559k
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc Mar 2023 572k $509k
SAL Trading Mar 2023 567k $504k
Royal Bank of Canada Dec 2022 499k $1.7M
Barclays Mar 2023 490k $435k
Continental Advisors Mar 2023 479k $426k
Springhouse Capital Management Mar 2023 469k $417k
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Mar 2023 386k $344k
Northern Trust Mar 2023 372k $331k
CSS Mar 2023 347k $309k
Geode Capital Management Mar 2023 318k $283k
David Allen Mar 2023 261k $232k
Marathon Trading Investment Management Mar 2023 235k $209k
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Mar 2023 214k $190k
Ameriprise Financial Mar 2023 213k $189k
Mariner Investment Group Dec 2022 201k $10k
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Mar 2023 183k $289k
Hunting Hill Global Capital Mar 2023 163k $145k
Veriti Management Mar 2023 155k $138k
Crossmark Global Holdings Mar 2023 153k $135k
PEAK6 Investments Mar 2023 152k $135k
FMR Mar 2023 150k $134k
Rbf Capital Mar 2023 149k $3.0k
HAP Trading Mar 2023 139k $2.2k
Advisor Group Holdings Mar 2023 135k $120k
Columbia Asset Management Mar 2023 134k $119k
Mariner Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 132k $118k
Walleye Trading Advisors Mar 2023 132k $117k
CIBC World Markets Mar 2023 125k $112k
HPM Partners Mar 2023 116k $103k
Baader Bank Mar 2023 107k $74k
IPG Investment Advisors Mar 2023 106k $94k
Credit Suisse Mar 2023 105k $93k
Triumph Capital Management Mar 2023 97k $86k
Ethic Mar 2023 96k $86k
Cacti Asset Management Mar 2023 95k $85k
Russell Investments Mar 2023 83k $74k
Insigneo Advisory Services Mar 2023 83k $74k
Belvedere Trading Mar 2023 83k $74k
LPL Financial Mar 2023 79k $70k
Hilltop Partners Mar 2023 79k $70k
Raymond James & Associates Mar 2023 72k $64k
Emfo Mar 2023 68k $60k
XR Securities Mar 2023 67k $60k
Yousif Capital Management Mar 2023 67k $59k
Us Bancorp Mar 2023 62k $55k
Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company Mar 2023 57k $51k
Levin Capital Strategies Mar 2023 56k $50k
QCM Cayman Mar 2023 56k $50k
Financial Network Investment Corporation Mar 2023 52k $46k
Advisory Services Network Mar 2023 49k $43k
Brian McDonald Dec 2022 46k $162k
Private Advisory Mar 2023 46k $40k
JustInvest Mar 2023 44k $41k
William Blair $ Company Mar 2023 42k $38k
Wetherby Asset Management Mar 2023 41k $37k
Centiva Capital Mar 2023 40k $36k
Nicholas Hoffman & Company Mar 2023 40k $36k
Two Sigma Securities Mar 2023 38k $34k
XTX Topco Mar 2023 37k $33k
DRW Holdings Mar 2023 35k $31k
Valeo Financial Advisors Mar 2023 34k $30k
Commonwealth Equity Services Mar 2023 34k $30k
Performa Mar 2023 33k $29k
Sunbelt Securities Mar 2023 31k $27k
Apollon Wealth Management Mar 2023 30k $27k
Captrust Financial Advisors Mar 2023 29k $26k
Nordwand Advisors Mar 2023 29k $26k
H D Vest Advisory Services Mar 2023 27k $24k
Creative Planning Mar 2023 26k $24k
Brave Asset Management Mar 2023 26k $23k
Oppenheimer & Co Mar 2023 26k $23k
Goss Wealth Management Mar 2023 26k $23k
Oxinas Partners Wealth Management Mar 2023 25k $22k
Chicago Capital Mar 2023 25k $22k
Massachusetts Wealth Management Mar 2023 25k $22k
Pnc Financial Services Mar 2023 23k $20k
Searle & Co. Mar 2023 23k $20k
Advisor Partners Ii Mar 2023 22k $20k
Bluefin Capital Management Mar 2023 22k $330.000000
Tower Research Capital Mar 2023 21k $19k
Green Square Capital Mar 2023 20k $18k
Nomura Holdings Mar 2023 20k $18k
One68 Global Capital Mar 2023 20k $18k
Garden State Investment Advisory Services Mar 2023 20k $18k
Ellevest Mar 2023 19k $17k
Focused Wealth Management Mar 2023 19k $17k
Schechter Investment Advisors Mar 2023 19k $17k
Wolverine Asset Management Mar 2023 19k $17k
Balentine Mar 2023 19k $17k
Signature Mar 2023 19k $17k
Levy Wealth Management Group Mar 2023 19k $17k
CI Private Wealth Mar 2023 18k $16k
Peapack Gladstone Financial Corp Mar 2023 16k $14k
Quadrant Capital Mar 2023 16k $14k
Timucuan Asset Management Mar 2023 14k $13k
Branch Banking & Trust Company Mar 2023 14k $12k
Steward Partners Investment Advisory Mar 2023 14k $12k
Belpointe Asset Management Mar 2023 13k $12k
J. Jeffrey Auxier Mar 2023 13k $12k
Chilton Capital Management Mar 2023 13k $12k
PDS Planning Mar 2023 13k $11k
Mercer Global Advisors Mar 2023 13k $11k
Channel Wealth Mar 2023 13k $11k
Lake Street Advisors Group Mar 2023 13k $11k
Ergoteles Mar 2023 12k $11k
Ewa Mar 2023 12k $10k
Paradigm Asset Management Company Mar 2023 12k $11k
Dynamic Technology Lab Private Mar 2023 12k $10k
Liberty Wealth Management Mar 2023 12k $10k
Glenmede Trust Company Mar 2023 11k $10k
HighTower Advisors Mar 2023 11k $9.0k
Sequoia Financial Advisors Mar 2023 11k $9.6k
National Asset Management Mar 2023 10k $9.1k
Spire Wealth Management Mar 2023 10k $9.0k
Silverleafe Capital Partners Mar 2023 10k $8.9k
Sontag Advisory Mar 2023 10k $8.9k
Prosperity Financial Group Mar 2023 10k $8.9k
Investors Research Corp Mar 2023 9.7k $8.6k
Clearview Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 9.2k $8.2k
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Mar 2023 9.1k $8.1k
CWM Mar 2023 8.8k $8.0k
Parallel Advisors Mar 2023 8.1k $7.2k
Colonial Trust Co / SC Mar 2023 8.0k $7.1k
GPS Wealth Strategies Group Mar 2023 7.0k $6.2k