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Who bought or sold FTAC ZEUS ACQUISITION COR CLASS A this quarter?

There are no current stakeholders of Ftac Zeus Acquisition Cor Class A.

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Who sold out of Ftac Zeus Acquisition Cor Class A?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Periscope Capital Jun 2023 2.3M $24M
Linden Advisors Jun 2023 750k $7.8B
Falcon Edge Capital Jun 2023 746k $7.8M
Magnetar Financial Jun 2023 707k $7.4M
UBS O'Connor Jun 2023 503k $5.2M
Mangrove Partners Jun 2023 500k $5.2M
Verition Fund Management Jun 2023 485k $5.1M
Ramius Jun 2023 405k $4.2M
Flow State Investments Jun 2023 375k $3.9M
Radcliffe Capital Management Jun 2023 358k $3.7M
Toronto-Dominion Bank Jun 2023 330k $3.4M
Boothbay Fund Management Jun 2023 309k $3.2M
Taconic Capital Advisors Jun 2023 250k $2.6M
Meteora Capital Jun 2023 159k $1.7M
Boussard & Gavaudan Investment Management Jun 2023 150k $1.6M
Woodline Partners Jun 2023 150k $1.6M
Driehaus Capital Management Jun 2023 134k $1.4M
Geode Capital Management Jun 2023 108k $1.1M
Ghisallo Capital Management Jun 2023 104k $1.1M
Shaolin Capital Management Jun 2023 100k $1.0M
OMERS Administration Corporation Jun 2023 100k $1.0M
Karpus Investment Management Jun 2023 96k $1.0M
Silver Rock Financial Jun 2023 78k $817k
Dark Forest Capital Management Jun 2023 37k $384k
Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. Jun 2023 30k $313k
Ergoteles Jun 2023 27k $284k
Clear Street Jun 2023 6.0k $62k