Who owns Ishares Tr Ibonds Dec2023 etf?

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Top investors of Ishares Tr Ibonds Dec2023 etf stock

Who bought or sold Ishares Tr Ibonds Dec2023 etf this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
IFP Advisors 34k $862k 1% Dec 2023
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Shufro Rose & Co 7.9k $202k 0% Dec 2023
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Who sold out of Ishares Tr Ibonds Dec2023 etf?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Bank of America Corporation Sep 2023 1.7M $44M
Jane Street Sep 2023 708k $18M
Wells Fargo & Company Sep 2023 606k $16M
Us Bancorp Sep 2023 534k $14M
HighTower Advisors Sep 2023 470k $12M
Glenview Trust Sep 2023 347k $8.8M
Leavell Investment Management Sep 2023 326k $8.3M
UBS Group Sep 2023 291k $7.4M
Regions Bank Sep 2023 282k $7.2M
Branch Banking & Trust Company Sep 2023 219k $5.6M
Mercer Global Advisors Sep 2023 209k $5.3M
Raymond James & Associates Sep 2023 208k $5.3M
Cyndeo Wealth Partners Sep 2023 174k $4.4M
Mariner Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 159k $4.0M
Commonwealth Equity Services Sep 2023 154k $3.9M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Sep 2023 140k $3.6M
CliftonLarsonAllen Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 132k $3.4M
Royal Bank of Canada Sep 2023 127k $3.2M
United Capital Financial Advisers Sep 2023 125k $3.2M
Sonata Capital Sep 2023 120k $3.1M
Paradigm, Strategies in Wealth Management Sep 2023 101k $2.6M
Phillips Financial Management Sep 2023 95k $2.4M
Stonebridge Capital Advisors Sep 2023 92k $2.4M
Central Trust & Investment Sep 2023 91k $2.3M
Amg National Trust Bank Sep 2023 85k $2.2M
Source Financial Advisors Sep 2023 82k $2.1M
Advisor Group Holdings Sep 2023 80k $2.0M
Creative Planning Sep 2023 78k $2.0M
Sentinel Pension Advisors Sep 2023 73k $1.9M
Asset Dedication Sep 2023 66k $1.7M
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Sep 2023 61k $1.6M
Beacon Pointe Advisors Sep 2023 60k $1.5M
Granite Bay Wealth Management Sep 2023 59k $1.5M
Blue Square Asset Management Sep 2023 57k $1.5M
Captrust Financial Advisors Sep 2023 54k $1.4M
Eldridge Investment Advisors Sep 2023 51k $1.3M
Newman Dignan & Sheerar Sep 2023 50k $1.3M
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2023 49k $1.2M
ValMark Advisers Sep 2023 49k $1.2M
Atwater Malick Sep 2023 48k $1.2M
RIA Advisory Group Sep 2023 46k $1.2M
Savant Capital Management Sep 2023 46k $1.2M
Paradiem Sep 2023 46k $1.2M
Stifel Financial Sep 2023 45k $1.1M
Honkamp Krueger Financial Services Sep 2023 44k $1.1M
Exchange Capital Management Sep 2023 44k $1.1M
Hills Bank And Trust Company Sep 2023 44k $1.1M
Brandywine Oak Private Wealth Sep 2023 42k $1.1M
Royal Harbor Partners Sep 2023 38k $963k
Roof Eidam & Maycock Sep 2023 37k $952k
PFG Private Wealth Management Sep 2023 37k $952k
Private Advisor Sep 2023 35k $894k
Sound View Wealth Advisors Group Sep 2023 35k $883k
Lido Advisors Sep 2023 33k $834k
Apollon Wealth Management Sep 2023 32k $806k
Baird Financial Sep 2023 30k $761k
CI Private Wealth Sep 2023 27k $696k
TLWM Sep 2023 27k $682k
Stratos Wealth Partners Sep 2023 27k $679k
Carr Financial Group Corp Sep 2023 26k $654k
Granite Harbor Advisors Sep 2023 25k $637k
Sandy Spring Bank Sep 2023 25k $633k
Carnegie Capital Asset Management Sep 2023 24k $615k
Resonant Capital Advisors Sep 2023 24k $611k
Hanson McClain Advisors Sep 2023 21k $536k
Lincoln National Sep 2023 20k $514k
Princeton Global Asset Management Sep 2023 18k $468k
Kestra Private Wealth Services Sep 2023 18k $467k
Peloton Wealth Strategists Sep 2023 18k $465k
Advisory Services Network Sep 2023 17k $441k
Janney Montgomery Scott Sep 2023 17k $438k
Two Sigma Securities Sep 2023 17k $421k
Journey Advisory Group Sep 2023 16k $410k
Cora Capital Advisors Sep 2023 16k $408k
EP Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 16k $397k
Summit Investment Advisors Sep 2023 15k $385k
Archford Capital Strategies Sep 2023 14k $362k
Cary Street Partner Investment Advisory Sep 2023 14k $349k
Wrapmanager Sep 2023 13k $341k
Beacon Financial Sep 2023 13k $337k
Northcape Wealth Management Sep 2023 13k $328k
Spinnaker Trust Sep 2023 12k $313k
Operose Advisors Sep 2023 12k $312k
Balentine Sep 2023 12k $304k
Cary Street Partners Asset Management Sep 2023 12k $300k
W.H. Cornerstone Investments Sep 2023 12k $299k
AE Wealth Management Sep 2023 12k $295k
Citadel Advisors Sep 2023 11k $288k
Coldstream Capital Management Sep 2023 11k $284k
Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management Sep 2023 11k $282k
Sigma Planning Sep 2023 11k $278k
Wealthstar Advisors Sep 2023 10k $265k
Tradition Wealth Management Sep 2023 10k $264k
Stratos Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 10k $262k
NovaPoint Capital Sep 2023 10k $261k
Arrow Financial Corp. Sep 2023 10k $259k
D.A. Davidson & Co. Sep 2023 10k $259k
Woodmont Investment Counsel Sep 2023 10k $255k
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Sep 2023 9.8k $250k
4J Wealth Management Sep 2023 9.8k $250k
Horan Securities Sep 2023 9.6k $246k
Kerntke Otto McGlone Wealth Management Group Sep 2023 9.1k $233k
Gould Asset Management Sep 2023 8.4k $215k
ETF Portfolio Partners Sep 2023 8.0k $204k
HB Wealth Management Sep 2023 8.0k $203k
Madden Advisory Services Sep 2023 8.0k $203k