Who owns Jd?

Top Holders and Investors of Jd Stock

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Fund or Company Name Number of Shares Valued At As Of
Hillhouse Capital Management 66.90M $2.62B Jun 2017
Tiger Global Management 49.10M $1.88B Sep 2017
Fmr 37.33M $1.43B Sep 2017
Dodge & Cox 29.61M $1.13B Sep 2017
BlackRock 29.55M $1.13B Sep 2017
Orbis Allan Gray 21.18M $809.17M Sep 2017
Jpmorgan Chase & Co 21.17M $830.50M Jun 2017
Inves 14.68M $560.83M Sep 2017
State Street Corporation 13.42M $512.59M Sep 2017
TRG Investments 12.80M $502.02M Jun 2017
Coatue Management 12.64M $482.88M Sep 2017
Baillie Gifford & Co 12.31M $470.36M Sep 2017
Fisher Investments 10.00M $382.04M Sep 2017
OppenheimerFunds 9.24M $353.13M Sep 2017
Vanguard 9.24M $353.21M Sep 2017
Wellcome Trust Limited, as Trustee of the Wellcome Trust 9.07M $375.61M Dec 2017
Morgan Stanley 9.06M $281.92M Mar 2017
Coronation Fund Managers 8.90M $339.97M Sep 2017
Generation Investment Management 8.56M $326.86M Sep 2017
OZ Management 7.83M $299.08M Sep 2017
Temasek Holdings 7.31M $279.11M Sep 2017
Scopia Management 6.38M $243.66M Sep 2017
Harding Loevner 6.34M $242.08M Sep 2017
UBS Group AG 6.27M $239.36M Sep 2017
Fil 5.70M $217.61M Sep 2017
Goldman Sachs 5.48M $209.40M Sep 2017
Blue Ridge Capital 5.08M $194.24M Sep 2017
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board 5.08M $194.15M Sep 2017
Winslow Capital Management Inc /mn 5.05M $192.95M Sep 2017
PEAK6 Investments 5.04M $192.51M Sep 2017
Northern Trust 4.98M $190.23M Sep 2017
Walleye Trading 4.60M $175.63M Sep 2017
Citadel Advisors 4.52M $172.55M Sep 2017
Credit Suisse AG 4.37M $171.55M Jun 2017
Citi 4.35M $166.05M Sep 2017
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft 4.33M $165.33M Sep 2017
Bank of America Corporation 4.22M $161.24M Sep 2017
Tybourne Capital Management 4.09M $156.24M Sep 2017
Hermes Pensions Management 4.02M $153.44M Sep 2017
Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb 4.00M $152.80M Sep 2017
Macquarie 3.74M $142.83M Sep 2017
Hsbc Holdings 3.72M $142.14M Sep 2017
Pictet Asset Management 3.69M $140.84M Sep 2017
GQG Partners 3.63M $138.53M Sep 2017
Viking Global Investors 3.52M $134.58M Sep 2017
Charles-Lim Capital 3.41M $130.23M Sep 2017
Allianz Asset Management AG 3.41M $130.15M Sep 2017
Investure 3.08M $117.69M Sep 2017
Standard Life Aberdeen 3.04M $116.04M Sep 2017
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc 2.97M $113.64M Sep 2017
Parallax Volatility Advisers 2.97M $116.52M Jun 2017
Standard Life Investments 2.89M $113.28M Jun 2017
Wellington Management Company 2.87M $109.73M Sep 2017
Ameriprise Financial 2.74M $104.75M Sep 2017
Board of Trustees of The Leland Stanford Junior University 2.68M $102.26M Sep 2017
Millennium Management 2.62M $99.99M Sep 2017
D. E. Shaw & Co 2.59M $98.91M Sep 2017
Barclays 2.56M $102.50M Sep 2017
Massachusetts Financial Services Co /ma/ 2.56M $97.73M Sep 2017
Nordea Investment Management Ab 2.51M $98.42M Jun 2017
Waddell & Reed Financial 2.51M $95.84M Sep 2017
Axiom International Investors 2.49M $95.07M Sep 2017
Sc China Holding 2.44M $93.30M Sep 2017
Serenity Capital 2.44M $93.22M Sep 2017
Davis Selected Advisers 2.43M $92.70M Sep 2017
Renaissance Technologies 2.42M $92.59M Sep 2017
Capital Fund Management S.A. 2.38M $90.88M Sep 2017
Laurion Capital Management 2.33M $89.06M Sep 2017
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas 2.30M $87.84M Sep 2017
Russell Investments 2.30M $87.74M Sep 2017
AQR Capital Management 2.25M $85.87M Sep 2017
Hitchwood Capital Management 2.20M $84.04M Sep 2017
Duquesne Family Office 2.19M $83.47M Sep 2017
Partner Fund Management 2.06M $78.64M Sep 2017
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings 2.03M $77.59M Sep 2017
Baring Asset Management 1.97M $75.44M Sep 2017
Platinum Investment Mangement 1.87M $71.35M Sep 2017
Holowesko Partners 1.67M $63.93M Sep 2017
Dragoneer Investment 1.60M $61.23M Sep 2017
Geode Capital Management 1.55M $58.98M Sep 2017
Bank of New York Mellon 1.45M $56.67M Jun 2017
TIAA-CREF Investment Management 1.43M $54.57M Sep 2017
CalPERS 1.41M $53.88M Sep 2017
Antipodes Partners 1.38M $53.23M Sep 2017
Legal & General 1.36M $53.43M Jun 2017
Swiss National Bank 1.33M $50.67M Sep 2017
Newport Asia 1.30M $49.71M Sep 2017
New York State Common Retirement Fund 1.29M $50.76M Jun 2017
Van Eck Associates 1.26M $48.23M Sep 2017
Wolverine Trading 1.26M $48.13M Sep 2017
APG All Pensions Group NV 1.22M $46.69M Sep 2017
Rbf Capital 1.19M $45.64M Sep 2017
Capital Guardian Trust Company 1.19M $45.39M Sep 2017
Franklin Resources 1.17M $44.62M Sep 2017
Group One Trading 1.17M $44.57M Sep 2017
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking 1.11M $42.28M Sep 2017
Yiheng Capital 1.10M $41.85M Sep 2017
Hosking Partners 1.08M $42.42M Jun 2017
Think Investments 1.08M $41.19M Sep 2017
GAM Holding 1.02M $38.96M Sep 2017
Causeway Capital Management 1.00M $38.28M Sep 2017
Diam 958344 $36.68M Sep 2017
Tremblant Capital 933681 $35.67M Sep 2017
Principal Financial 924822 $35.33M Sep 2017
Dimensional Fund Advisors 922502 $35.26M Sep 2017
Suvretta Capital Management 920000 $35.14M Sep 2017
Harvest Fund Management 788399 $30.12M Sep 2017
First Trust Advisors 768788 $29.37M Sep 2017
Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft 768131 $29.34M Sep 2017
Kora Management 745500 $28.48M Sep 2017
Prudential 728600 $27.83M Sep 2017
Teachers Advisors 716132 $27.36M Sep 2017
Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado 688500 $26.30M Sep 2017
HHR Asset Management 687963 $26.29M Sep 2017
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D 678507 $25.92M Sep 2017
Sei Investments 675794 $25.82M Sep 2017
Schroder Investment Management 640060 $24.74M Sep 2017
Matthews International Capital Management 608779 $23.26M Sep 2017
Ice Pond Lane Advisers 608000 $23.23M Sep 2017
Quadrature Capital 605328 $23.12M Sep 2017
Korea Investment Corporation 598900 $22.88M Sep 2017
Pacad Investment 578944 $22.12M Sep 2017
Wells Fargo & Company 578173 $22.68M Jun 2017
Bank Of Montreal /can/ 577726 $22.08M Sep 2017
Integral Derivatives 550273 $21.02M Sep 2017
University of Notre Dame du Lac 504600 $19.28M Sep 2017
Spot Trading 485248 $18.54M Sep 2017
BT Investment Management 476435 $18.20M Sep 2017
Hudson Bay Capital Management 474427 $18.12M Sep 2017
Balyasny Asset Management 466130 $17.81M Sep 2017
WIM Asset Management 464521 $19.24M Dec 2017
TB Alternative Assets 462800 $17.68M Sep 2017
Nikko Asset Management Americas 460700 $17.60M Sep 2017
Clough Capital Partners L P 459600 $17.56M Sep 2017
Penserra Capital Management 437484 $16.71M Sep 2017
Point72 Asset Management 430170 $16.43M Sep 2017
NF Trinity Capital 426835 $16.31M Sep 2017
Lazard Asset Management 413727 $15.80M Sep 2017
Thomas Stevens, CFA" 411609 $16.14M Jun 2017
Jane Street 409632 $15.64M Sep 2017
IPL Advisers 408000 $15.59M Sep 2017
Moore Capital Management 400000 $12.44M Mar 2017
Scopus Asset Management 400000 $15.28M Sep 2017
Nokota Management 370000 $14.13M Sep 2017
BP p.l.c. 358746 $13.70M Sep 2017
Simplex Trading 342166 $14.17M Dec 2017
DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale 335627 $18.21M Jun 2017
KBC Group NV 335158 $12.80M Sep 2017
PanAgora Asset Management 334088 $12.76M Sep 2017
SG Americas Securities 332492 $12.70M Sep 2017

Who sold Jd?

Fund Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Susquehanna International June 30, 2017 12.17M $477.33M
Alkeon Capital Management June 30, 2017 4.64M $181.86M
Melvin Capital Management June 30, 2017 2.95M $115.70M
Name Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel June 30, 2017 1.95M $76.73M
Prudential Financial June 30, 2017 1.94M $75.93M
Mirae Asset Global Investments June 30, 2017 1.66M $65.31M
Valinor Management June 30, 2017 1.57M $61.74M
Emerging Sovereign June 30, 2017 1.24M $48.67M
Ariose Capital Management June 30, 2017 1.20M $47.01M
Voloridge Investment Management June 30, 2017 1.09M $42.91M
EMS Capital June 30, 2017 1.08M $42.36M