Who owns National Instruments?

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Top investors of National Instruments stock

Who bought or sold National Instruments this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
IFP Advisors 45.00 $2.7k 0% Dec 2023
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Who sold out of National Instruments?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
BlackRock Sep 2023 12M $711M
Geode Capital Management Sep 2023 2.1M $123M
Fil Sep 2023 1.3M $78M
Bank of Nova Scotia Sep 2023 1.0M $61M
Nuveen Asset Management Sep 2023 1.0M $60M
Northern Trust Sep 2023 1.0M $60M
Omni Event Management Sep 2023 988k $59M
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Sep 2023 978k $58M
Alliancebernstein Sep 2023 943k $56M
Qube Research & Technologies Sep 2023 859k $51M
Natixis Sep 2023 741k $44M
Water Island Capital Sep 2023 737k $44M
Morgan Stanley Sep 2023 665k $40M
Hsbc Holdings Sep 2023 630k $38M
American Century Companies Sep 2023 544k $32M
Woodline Partners Sep 2023 523k $31M
Susquehanna International Sep 2023 481k $29M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Sep 2023 363k $22M
Harvest Management Sep 2023 301k $18M
First Trust Advisors Sep 2023 282k $17M
Cinctive Capital Management Sep 2023 265k $16M
Wellington Management Company Sep 2023 240k $14M
Gotham Asset Management Dec 2023 220k $5.3M
Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Sep 2023 188k $11M
American International Sep 2023 186k $11M
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Sep 2023 180k $11M
Kellner Capital Sep 2023 172k $10M
Advantage Alpha Capital Partners Sep 2023 162k $9.6M
Ameriprise Financial Sep 2023 154k $9.2M
Yakira Capital Management Sep 2023 149k $8.9M
California State Teachers Retirement System Sep 2023 147k $8.7M
ProShare Advisors Sep 2023 110k $6.6M
Carmignac Gestion Sep 2023 110k $6.5M
Verition Fund Management Sep 2023 99k $5.9M
Front Street Capital Management Sep 2023 87k $5.0M
Loomis, Sayles and Sep 2023 80k $4.8M
MetLife Investment Advisors Sep 2023 80k $4.7M
Ing Investment Management Sep 2023 68k $4.1M
Flow State Investments Sep 2023 64k $3.8M
Luther King Capital Management Corporation Sep 2023 61k $3.6M
Varenne Capital Partners Sep 2023 61k $3.6M
Algert Coldiron Investors Sep 2023 60k $3.6M
K2 Principal Fund Sep 2023 56k $3.3M
Springbok Capital Management Sep 2023 53k $3.2M
Brian McDonald Sep 2023 53k $3.1M
Hunting Hill Global Capital Sep 2023 53k $3.1M
Allianz Asset Management Sep 2023 50k $3.0M
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co Sep 2023 46k $2.7M
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB Sep 2023 45k $2.7M
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Sep 2023 40k $2.4M
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Sep 2023 33k $2.0M
Federated Investors Sep 2023 32k $1.9M
Northwestern Mutual Investment Management Company Sep 2023 29k $1.7M
Delta Asset Management Sep 2023 27k $1.6M
Utah Retirement Systems Sep 2023 23k $1.3M
Lighthouse Investment Partners Sep 2023 22k $1.3M
White Bay PT Sep 2023 22k $1.3M
FMR Sep 2023 20k $1.2M
Privium Fund Management Sep 2023 20k $1.2M
Tower Research Capital Sep 2023 13k $755k
Group One Trading Sep 2023 11k $680k
Jump Financial Sep 2023 11k $655k
Crossmark Global Holdings Sep 2023 11k $630k
Envestnet Asset Management Sep 2023 9.6k $575k
Quantinno Capital Management Sep 2023 9.3k $553k
Bradley, Foster & Sargent Sep 2023 9.2k $528k
Sei Investments Sep 2023 9.1k $546k
Dark Forest Capital Management Sep 2023 6.0k $357k
Athos Capital Sep 2023 5.4k $322k
Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado Sep 2023 5.4k $277k
Oribel Capital Management Sep 2023 4.6k $274k
Goss Wealth Management Sep 2023 4.1k $246k
Lazard Asset Management Sep 2023 4.0k $239k
CIBC Global Asset Management Sep 2023 3.8k $227k
ProFund Advisors Sep 2023 3.6k $212k
KBC Group NV Sep 2023 2.1k $126k
Sit Investment Associates Sep 2023 1.8k $107k
Gladius Capital Management Sep 2023 1.0k $62k
Bessemer Sep 2023 975.00 $55k
Psagot Value Holdings Ltd. / Sep 2023 641.00 $38k
Harbour Investments Sep 2023 502.00 $30k
M&r Capital Management Sep 2023 49.00 $2.9k