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Top investors of Poshmark Inc Com Cl A stock

Who bought or sold POSHMARK INC COM CL A this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Magnetar Financial 2.3M $41M 100% Dec 2022
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Carlson Capital 1.6M $28M 100% Dec 2022
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Tudor Investment Corporation 1.1M $19M 10030% Dec 2022
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Geode Capital Management 870k $16M 4% Dec 2022
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Morgan Stanley 851k $15M 100% Dec 2022
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Norges Bank Investment Management 549k $9.8M 100% Dec 2022
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Woodline Partners 529k $9.5M 100% Dec 2022
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Westchester Capital Management 400k $7.2M 100% Dec 2022
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Alliancebernstein 363k $6.5M 1558% Dec 2022
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Gabelli Funds 343k $6.1M 100% Dec 2022
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Gabelli Securities 239k $4.3M 100% Dec 2022
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Melqart Asset Management 200k $3.6M 100% Dec 2022
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Verition Fund Management 199k $3.6M 293% Dec 2022
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Qube Research & Technologies 163k $2.9M 639% Dec 2022
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Nuveen Asset Management 140k $2.5M -13% Dec 2022
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Havens Advisors 109k $1.9M 100% Dec 2022
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Springbok Capital Management 86k $1.5M 100% Dec 2022
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CSS 73k $1.3M 601% Dec 2022
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Ohio Pers 39k $696k 80% Dec 2022
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Telemetry Investments 32k $567k 100% Dec 2022
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MetLife Investment Advisors 25k $454k 0% Dec 2022
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Walleye Trading Advisors 22k $387k -79% Dec 2022
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GAMCO Asset Management 21k $379k 100% Dec 2022
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Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership 20k $353k 100% Dec 2022
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Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 18k $326k -3% Dec 2022
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Ing Investment Management 18k $323k 0% Dec 2022
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Hrt Financial 14k $255k 100% Dec 2022
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Board of Trustees of The Leland Stanford Junior University 12k $218k 0% Dec 2022
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Ubs Global Asset Management Americas 12k $212k 100% Dec 2022
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Invesco 12k $208k 100% Dec 2022
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Engineers Gate Manager 12k $208k 100% Dec 2022
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Walleye Trading 11k $204k -86% Dec 2022
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Royal Bank of Canada 8.9k $0 32% Dec 2022
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Legal & General Group 8.8k $158k 0% Dec 2022
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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 2.9k $53k 0% Dec 2022
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Wells Fargo & Company 2.0k $36k -98% Dec 2022
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Pnc Financial Services 127.00 $2.3k 0% Dec 2022
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Covestor 7.00 $0 100% Dec 2022
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Who sold out of Poshmark Inc Com Cl A?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Dorsey Asset Management Sep 2022 4.7M $74M
GGV Capital Dec 2022 3.3M $60M
BlackRock Dec 2022 3.2M $58M
Vanguard Group Dec 2022 3.0M $54M
Fil Dec 2022 2.2M $39M
Arp Americas Dec 2022 1.8M $33M
Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors Dec 2022 1.6M $28M
Balyasny Asset Management Dec 2022 1.6M $28M
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Dec 2022 1.6M $28M
Invenomic Capital Management Sep 2022 1.3M $21M
Alpine Associates Management Dec 2022 1.3M $23M
Ergoteles Dec 2022 1.1M $20M
State Street Corporation Dec 2022 1.0M $19M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Dec 2022 1.0M $18M
Berry Street Capital Management Dec 2022 1.0M $18M
Russell Investments Dec 2022 931k $17M
Glazer Capital Dec 2022 930k $17M
Goldman Sachs Group Dec 2022 912k $16M
Tokio Marine Asset Management Dec 2022 743k $13M
Renaissance Technologies Dec 2022 732k $13M
CNH Partners Dec 2022 692k $12M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Dec 2022 530k $9.5M
New York Life Investment Management Dec 2022 500k $8.9M
Millennium Management Dec 2022 455k $8.1M
Two Sigma Investments Dec 2022 424k $7.6M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Dec 2022 417k $7.5M
Credit Suisse Dec 2022 412k $7.4M
Northern Trust Dec 2022 406k $7.3M
Two Sigma Advisers Dec 2022 374k $6.7M
Citadel Advisors Dec 2022 357k $6.4M
Natixis Dec 2022 332k $5.9M
Kellner Capital Dec 2022 329k $5.9M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Dec 2022 323k $5.8M
Paulson & Co Dec 2022 294k $5.3M
Susquehanna International Dec 2022 283k $5.1M
EHP Funds Dec 2022 260k $4.6M
UBS Group Dec 2022 232k $4.2M
Bank of New York Mellon Dec 2022 230k $4.1M
Chimera Capital Management Sep 2022 224k $3.5M
D. E. Shaw & Co Dec 2022 220k $3.9M
Utah Retirement Systems Dec 2022 207k $3.7M
Robeco Investment Management Dec 2022 200k $3.6M
Dynamic Technology Lab Private Dec 2022 152k $2.7M
Capricorn Fund Managers Dec 2022 147k $2.6M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Dec 2022 137k $2.5M
Bank of America Corporation Dec 2022 133k $2.4M
Marshall Wace Dec 2022 127k $2.3M
Cross Creek Advisors Sep 2022 125k $2.0M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Dec 2022 124k $2.2M
Voloridge Investment Management Dec 2022 117k $2.1M
Susquehanna Fundamental Investments Dec 2022 115k $2.0M
Water Island Capital Dec 2022 109k $2.0M
EAM Global Investors Sep 2022 107k $1.7M
Barclays Dec 2022 89k $1.6M
Bck Capital Management Dec 2022 75k $1.3M
Aigen Investment Management Sep 2022 73k $1.1M
Rhumbline Advisers Dec 2022 72k $1.3M
Eudaimonia Asset Management Sep 2022 72k $1.1M
Squarepoint Ops Dec 2022 71k $1.3M
J. Goldman & Co Sep 2022 68k $1.1M
Brandywine Global Investment Management Dec 2022 68k $1.2M
Fifth Lane Capital Dec 2022 60k $1.1M
Latash Investments Dec 2022 58k $1.0M
Maverick Capital Dec 2022 57k $1.0M
Trium Capital Dec 2022 55k $991k
GAM Holding Dec 2022 51k $908k
Lombard Odier Asset Management Dec 2022 50k $894k
Mirae Asset Global Investments Dec 2022 49k $875k
Boothbay Fund Management Sep 2022 45k $707k
Wolverine Trading Dec 2022 42k $748k
OTR - Nominee Name for The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio Dec 2022 38k $677k
Landscape Capital Management Dec 2022 37k $657k
Wolverine Asset Management Dec 2022 37k $654k
SherpaCapital Dec 2022 37k $654k
Jane Street Dec 2022 34k $608k
Hsbc Holdings Sep 2022 34k $529k
California State Teachers Retirement System Dec 2022 33k $585k
New York State Common Retirement Fund Dec 2022 33k $581k
Group One Trading Sep 2022 32k $498k
T. Rowe Price Associates Dec 2022 31k $0
Vontobel Holding Dec 2022 30k $536k
Advisor Group Holdings Dec 2022 28k $0
State of Wisconsin Investment Board Sep 2022 28k $433k
K2 Principal Fund Dec 2022 27k $479k
Quadrature Capital Sep 2022 24k $383k
Parallax Volatility Advisers Sep 2022 23k $366k
American International Dec 2022 22k $396k
Rafferty Asset Management Dec 2022 21k $377k
NISA Investment Advisors Dec 2022 20k $360k
One68 Global Capital Dec 2022 20k $358k
Cutler Dec 2022 17k $279k
ExodusPoint Capital Management Dec 2022 16k $294k
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Dec 2022 16k $287k
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Dec 2022 16k $279k
Atom Investors Sep 2022 15k $237k
Crystalline Management Dec 2022 15k $268k
Amundi Sep 2022 15k $260k
Jump Financial Dec 2022 13k $238k
Tower Research Capital Dec 2022 13k $225k
Bridgefront Capital Sep 2022 12k $195k
Geneos Wealth Management Dec 2022 12k $213k
PenderFund Capital Management Dec 2022 12k $279k
Level Four Advisory Services Sep 2022 11k $175k
Quantbot Technologies Dec 2022 7.5k $134k
Simplex Trading Dec 2022 7.4k $132k
Amalgamated Bank Dec 2022 6.0k $108k
FMR Dec 2022 5.7k $102k
Macquarie Group Sep 2022 5.0k $79k
Parallel Advisors Dec 2022 4.7k $85k
Zurcher Kantonalbank Dec 2022 4.7k $84k
Advisors Asset Management Dec 2022 4.0k $72k
Gradient Investments Dec 2022 3.3k $60k
FNY Investment Advisers Dec 2022 738.00 $13k
Hartland & Co Dec 2022 620.00 $11k
Quadrant Capital Dec 2022 582.00 $10k
Us Bancorp Dec 2022 419.00 $7.5k
Citigroup Dec 2022 333.00 $6.0k
Colonial Asset Management Dec 2022 252.00 $4.5k
Lindbrook Capital Dec 2022 250.00 $4.5k
Money Concepts Capital Corp Dec 2022 244.00 $4.4k
CWM Dec 2022 141.00 $3.0k
Glassman Wealth Services Dec 2022 130.00 $2.3k
Signature Dec 2022 128.00 $2.3k
North Star Investment Management Dec 2022 50.00 $894.000000
Harbour Investments Dec 2022 50.00 $894.000000
Castleview Partners Dec 2022 18.00 $320.999400
Ellevest Dec 2022 15.00 $268.000500
Rockefeller Capital Management Dec 2022 15.00 $0
Hanson McClain Advisors Dec 2022 7.00 $124.999700