Who owns Pure Acquisition Corp cl a?

Top investors of Pure Acquisition Corp cl a stock

Who bought or sold Pure Acquisition Corp cl a this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Glazer Capital 601k $6.3M -87% Jun 2020
Yakira Capital Management 495k $5.3M -29% Jun 2020
Shaolin Capital Management 495k $5.2M -67% Jun 2020
Bank Of Montreal 420k $4.5M -74% Jun 2020
Periscope Capital 419k $4.5M -51% Jun 2020
Berkley W R 393k $4.1M -80% Jun 2020
Polar Securities 350k $3.7M -70% Jun 2020
Weiss Asset Management LP[1 335k $3.6M 100% Jun 2020
Alpine Partners VI 200k $2.2M 100% Jun 2020
CNH Partners 150k $1.6M 0% Jun 2020
Hudson Bay Capital Management 100k $1.1M -90% Jun 2020

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CalPERS 52k $556k 22% Jun 2020
Goldman Sachs Group 50k $530k 100% Jun 2020
K2 Principal Fund 25k $265k -87% Jun 2020
UBS Group 24k $260k 1791% Jun 2020
Tower Research Capital 3.00 $0 -100% Jun 2020

Who sold out of Pure Acquisition Corp cl a?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Ramius Mar 2020 4.7M $48M
Westchester Capital Management Mar 2020 2.3M $24M
Millennium Management Mar 2020 1.8M $19M
Omni Partners Mar 2020 1.5M $16M
Basso Capital Management Mar 2020 1.4M $14M
UBS O'Connor Mar 2020 800k $8.3M
D. E. Shaw & Co Mar 2020 575k $6.0M
Cowen And Company Mar 2020 506k $5.2M
Mizuho Securities USA Jun 2020 491k $5.2M
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers Mar 2020 458k $4.8M
Verition Fund Management Mar 2020 336k $3.5M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Mar 2020 286k $3.0M
Aristeia Capital Mar 2020 250k $2.6M
Rivernorth Capital Management Mar 2020 225k $2.3M
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management Mar 2020 200k $2.1M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Mar 2020 150k $1.6M
Barclays Mar 2020 75k $779k
SG Americas Securities Mar 2020 24k $250k
Morgan Stanley Mar 2020 198.00 $2.0k

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