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There are no current stakeholders of Stamps.

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Who sold out of Stamps?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Vanguard Group Sep 2021 1.8M $609M
Glazer Capital Sep 2021 568k $187M
Millennium Management Sep 2021 432k $142M
Fil Sep 2021 392k $129M
Walleye Trading Sep 2021 354k $117M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Sep 2021 179k $59M
Parametric Portfolio Associates Sep 2021 80k $27M
Nuveen Asset Management Sep 2021 78k $15M
Newtyn Management Sep 2021 70k $23M
Natixis Sep 2021 66k $22M
Alliancebernstein Sep 2021 56k $19M
Voloridge Investment Management Sep 2021 48k $16M
CSS Sep 2021 46k $15M
Rhumbline Advisers Sep 2021 45k $15M
Public Sector Pension Investment Board Sep 2021 38k $12M
Credit Suisse Sep 2021 30k $9.9M
Polar Securities Sep 2021 29k $9.7M
Cowen And Company Sep 2021 29k $9.5M
Ergoteles Sep 2021 27k $8.8M
Barclays Sep 2021 23k $7.6M
Athos Capital Sep 2021 22k $7.3M
Prudential Financial Sep 2021 20k $6.5M
Hennion & Walsh Asset Management Sep 2021 17k $5.7M
Great-West Life Assurance Company Sep 2021 16k $5.3M
Harvest Management Sep 2021 15k $5.1M
Tudor Investment Corporation Sep 2021 15k $4.9M
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Sep 2021 14k $4.6M
HAP Trading Sep 2021 14k $388k
S. Muoio & Co Sep 2021 13k $4.3M
S & T Bank Sep 2021 12k $4.1M
Wells Fargo & Company Sep 2021 12k $4.0M
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2021 11k $3.7M
Group One Trading Sep 2021 11k $3.6M
Amalgamated Bank Sep 2021 9.3k $3.1M
Kellner Capital Sep 2021 9.0k $3.0M
Lombard Odier Asset Management Sep 2021 7.0k $2.3M
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership Sep 2021 7.0k $2.3M
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Sep 2021 6.3k $2.1M
Nomura Holdings Sep 2021 6.3k $2.1M
Hsbc Holdings Sep 2021 6.2k $2.0M
State of Tennessee, Treasury Department Sep 2021 5.9k $1.9M
Vestcor Investment Management Corp Sep 2021 5.6k $1.8M
Teachers Retirement System Of The State Of Kentucky Sep 2021 5.1k $1.7M
Arizona State Retirement System Sep 2021 5.0k $1.6M
Wellington Management Company Sep 2021 4.7k $1.5M
Gotham Asset Management Sep 2021 4.5k $1.5M
PanAgora Asset Management Sep 2021 3.7k $1.2M
FORA Capital Sep 2021 3.5k $1.2M
SkyOak Wealt Sep 2021 2.7k $893k
Cinctive Capital Management Sep 2021 1.7k $567k
GRT Capital Partners Sep 2021 1.5k $495k
SeaCrest Wealth Management Sep 2021 1.5k $490k
Vivaldi Capital Management Sep 2021 1.5k $480k
Maverick Capital Sep 2021 1.4k $456k
Creative Planning Sep 2021 1.4k $450k
Johanson Financial Advisors Sep 2021 1.2k $409k
Pnc Financial Services Sep 2021 1.2k $388k
Shell Asset Management Company Sep 2021 1.0k $343k
Mackenzie Financial Sep 2021 1.0k $335k
Sphinx Trading Sep 2021 800.00 $264k
Evergreen Capital Management Sep 2021 712.00 $235k
Cigna Investments Inc /new Sep 2021 636.00 $210k
Captrust Financial Advisors Sep 2021 585.00 $193k
IFP Advisors Sep 2021 130.00 $43k
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust Sep 2021 50.00 $16k
FinTrust Capital Advisors Sep 2021 31.00 $10k
FMR Sep 2021 21.00 $7.4k
Carroll Financial Associates Sep 2021 6.00 $1.0k
Hm Payson & Co Sep 2021 5.00 $2.0k
Glassman Wealth Services Sep 2021 4.00 $1.0k