Who owns Zynga?

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Top investors of Zynga stock

Who bought or sold Zynga this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Morgan Stanley 16M $145M 100% Mar 2022
Magnetar Financial 13M $123M 100% Mar 2022
Balyasny Asset Management 12M $107M 1024% Mar 2022
Woodline Partners 11M $102M 100% Mar 2022
Invesco 11M $101M -56% Mar 2022
Ameriprise Financial 10M $94M -6% Mar 2022
Bank of New York Mellon 8.4M $78M 64% Mar 2022
Caption Management 7.2M $66M -50% Mar 2022
Nuveen Asset Management 7.2M $65M 3% Mar 2022
Greenhouse Funds L 7.0M $65M -7% Mar 2022
Tudor Investment Corporation 6.7M $62M 466% Mar 2022

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P. Schoenfeld Asset Management 6.7M $62M 100% Mar 2022
Carlson Capital 6.4M $59M 100% Mar 2022
Susquehanna International 6.4M $59M -53% Mar 2022
Jet Capital Investors 6.4M $59M 100% Mar 2022
Charles Schwab Investment Management 6.1M $57M 4% Mar 2022
Vivaldi Asset Management 4.8M $44M 100% Mar 2022
Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel 4.7M $43M 100% Mar 2022
Corvex Management 4.5M $42M -51% Mar 2022
Neuberger Berman Group 4.4M $41M 7% Mar 2022
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers 4.1M $38M 250% Mar 2022
Adage Capital Partners GP 3.6M $33M 100% Mar 2022
Jefferies Group 3.2M $30M -29% Mar 2022
Water Island Capital 3.0M $27M 100% Mar 2022
Parametric Portfolio Associates 2.9M $27M 34% Mar 2022
Mangrove Partners 2.8M $26M 100% Mar 2022
Melqart Asset Management 2.8M $26M 100% Mar 2022
T. Rowe Price Associates 2.6M $24M -96% Mar 2022
Sei Investments 2.5M $23M -50% Mar 2022
Two Sigma Advisers 2.5M $23M 71% Mar 2022
LMR Partners 2.3M $21M 1080% Mar 2022
Quinn Opportunity Partners 1.8M $17M 100% Mar 2022
IndexIQ Advisors 1.8M $16M 100% Mar 2022
SG3 Management 1.7M $16M 7% Mar 2022
Vestcor Investment Management Corp 1.5M $14M 36482% Mar 2022
Morgens Waterfall Vintiadis & Company 1.3M $12M 17% Mar 2022
California State Teachers Retirement System 1.3M $12M -7% Mar 2022
Susquehanna Fundamental Investments 1.2M $11M 100% Mar 2022
Driehaus Capital Management 1.2M $11M 100% Mar 2022
Cinctive Capital Management 1.1M $10M 100% Mar 2022
Angelo, Gordon & Co 1.1M $10M 100% Mar 2022
Blue Grotto Capital 1.1M $9.9M -70% Mar 2022
Twin Securities 1.0M $9.5M 100% Mar 2022
Marshall Wace 881k $8.1M 40% Mar 2022
Wolverine Trading 860k $7.9M -34% Mar 2022
Stifel Financial 801k $7.5M 27% Mar 2022
Kettle Hill Capital Management 788k $7.3M -64% Mar 2022
Capstone Investment Advisors 740k $6.8M 100% Mar 2022
Lombard Odier Asset Management 635k $5.9M -28% Mar 2022
State of Wisconsin Investment Board 608k $5.6M -87% Mar 2022
Ohio Pers 547k $5.1M -3% Mar 2022
Caas Capital Management 527k $4.9M -67% Mar 2022
Philadelphia Trust Company 493k $4.6M -33% Mar 2022
Eaton Vance Management 448k $4.1M 131% Mar 2022
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International 400k $3.7M 100% Mar 2022
Moore Capital Management 354k $3.3M 100% Mar 2022
Brookfield Asset Management 350k $3.2M 100% Mar 2022
CSS 320k $3.0M 834% Mar 2022
Ing Investment Management 313k $2.9M -1% Mar 2022
Harvest Management 300k $2.8M 100% Mar 2022
Algert Coldiron Investors 266k $2.5M -3% Mar 2022
Havens Advisors 217k $2.0M 100% Mar 2022
Amalgamated Bank 209k $1.9M 4% Mar 2022
Vident Investment Advisory 198k $1.8M 100% Mar 2022
Henderson Group 191k $1.8M -73% Mar 2022
Etf Managers 178k $1.6M -41% Mar 2022
Wellington Management Company 132k $1.2M -99% Mar 2022
Diametric Capital 126k $1.2M 100% Mar 2022
Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado 125k $1.2M 0% Mar 2022
S. Muoio & Co 100k $924k 100% Mar 2022
Maven Securities 65k $601k 100% Mar 2022
Graham Capital Management 60k $556k 94% Mar 2022
Tower Research Capital 56k $518k -7% Mar 2022
Boothbay Fund Management 50k $462k 100% Mar 2022
Prudential Financial 38k $348k -82% Mar 2022
Mariner Wealth Advisors 34k $310k 100% Mar 2022
RegentAtlantic Capital 29k $264k -8% Mar 2022
Balentine 26k $243k 11% Mar 2022
PenderFund Capital Management 23k $262k 100% Mar 2022
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 22k $202k -99% Mar 2022
Veritable 21k $194k -52% Mar 2022
Frigate Ventures 20k $185k 100% Mar 2022
Cresset Asset Management 18k $169k -6% Mar 2022
Alpine Partners VI 14k $125k 100% Mar 2022
Engineers Gate Manager 12k $113k -97% Mar 2022
Two Sigma Securities 12k $109k -25% Mar 2022
Cigna Investments Inc /new 11k $98k 100% Mar 2022
IFP Advisors 4.2k $27k 329% Jun 2022
Howe and Rusling 1.1k $10k -47% Mar 2022
Your Advocates 300.00 $3.0k 0% Jun 2022
Global Wealth Management Investment Advisory 95.00 $999.998500 100% Mar 2022
Samalin Investment Counsel 50.00 $462.000000 0% Mar 2022
SJS Investment Consulting 22.00 $0 100% Mar 2022
Hm Payson & Co 20.00 $0 100% Mar 2022

Who sold out of Zynga?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Vanguard Group Mar 2022 96M $886M
Artisan Partners Limited Partnership Mar 2022 45M $415M
Diamond Hill Capital Management Mar 2022 31M $290M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Mar 2022 31M $268M
Bank of Nova Scotia Mar 2022 28M $260M
Brown Advisory Holdings Incorporated Mar 2022 27M $252M
Pentwater Capital Management Mar 2022 25M $231M
Goldman Sachs Group Mar 2022 24M $219M
Barclays Mar 2022 23M $208M
Segantii Capital Management Mar 2022 23M $208M
Millennium Management Mar 2022 18M $162M
Alyeska Investment Group Dec 2021 17M $106M
Natixis Mar 2022 16M $152M
Westchester Capital Management Mar 2022 16M $149M
State Street Corporation Mar 2022 16M $147M
Geode Capital Management Mar 2022 14M $130M
Soros Fund Management Mar 2022 13M $122M
TIG Advisors Mar 2022 13M $120M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Mar 2022 11M $100M
UBS Group Mar 2022 9.0M $83M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Mar 2022 8.3M $77M
Assenagon Asset Management Mar 2022 7.5M $70M
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co Mar 2022 7.3M $68M
Parallax Volatility Advisers Mar 2022 7.2M $67M
Alpine Associates Management Mar 2022 7.2M $66M
TimesSquare Capital Management Mar 2022 6.2M $58M
Public Sector Pension Investment Board Mar 2022 6.1M $56M
Discovery Capital Management Dec 2021 6.1M $39M
Citadel Advisors Mar 2022 5.8M $53M
Nomura Holdings Mar 2022 5.7M $53M
Hudson Bay Capital Management Mar 2022 5.6M $52M
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Mar 2022 5.5M $51M
Van Eck Associates Corp. Mar 2022 5.5M $51M
D. E. Shaw & Co Mar 2022 5.5M $51M
Northern Trust Mar 2022 5.0M $46M
Davidson Kempner Capital Management Dec 2021 4.7M $30M
Verition Fund Management Mar 2022 4.3M $40M
CNH Partners Mar 2022 4.2M $39M
Marathon Asset Mgmt Mar 2022 3.9M $36M
Ruffer Mar 2022 3.7M $34M
Jane Street Mar 2022 3.6M $33M
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Mar 2022 3.3M $30M
Samson Rock Capital Mar 2022 3.0M $28M
Omni Event Management Mar 2022 2.9M $27M
Branch Banking & Trust Company Mar 2022 2.9M $27M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Mar 2022 2.9M $27M
Mirae Asset Global Investments Mar 2022 2.9M $26M
J. Goldman & Co Dec 2021 2.7M $17M
FMR Mar 2022 2.5M $23M
Boussard & Gavaudan Investment Management Mar 2022 2.4M $23M
Ramius Advisors Mar 2022 2.4M $22M
Credit Suisse Mar 2022 2.3M $21M
New York State Common Retirement Fund Mar 2022 2.3M $21M
Alliancebernstein Mar 2022 2.3M $21M
Swiss National Bank Mar 2022 2.3M $21M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Mar 2022 2.1M $19M
Man Group Mar 2022 2.1M $19M
Berry Street Capital Management Mar 2022 2.0M $19M
CalPERS Mar 2022 2.0M $18M
Qube Research & Technologies Dec 2021 1.9M $12M
Walleye Trading Mar 2022 1.9M $18M
Wells Fargo & Company Mar 2022 1.9M $18M
Peregrine Capital Management Mar 2022 1.9M $18M
Westfield Capital Management Company Mar 2022 1.7M $16M
GMT Capital Corp Mar 2022 1.6M $15M
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas Mar 2022 1.6M $15M
Scout Investments Mar 2022 1.5M $14M
Contour Asset Management Mar 2022 1.5M $14M
Gabelli Funds Mar 2022 1.5M $14M
Ursa Fund Management Mar 2022 1.4M $13M
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Mar 2022 1.4M $13M
Bank Of Montreal Dec 2021 1.4M $8.9M
Legal & General Group Mar 2022 1.4M $13M
Raymond James & Associates Mar 2022 1.3M $12M
HAP Trading Mar 2022 1.3M $12M
Brown Trout Management Mar 2022 1.3M $12M
DLD Asset Management Mar 2022 1.2M $11M
Twenty Acre Capital Mar 2022 1.2M $11M
Envestnet Asset Management Mar 2022 1.2M $11M
Yakira Capital Management Mar 2022 1.2M $11M
Bluefin Capital Management Mar 2022 1.1M $11M
Halcyon Management Partners Mar 2022 1.1M $10M
Gabelli Securities Mar 2022 1.1M $9.9M
Florida State Board of Administration Mar 2022 1.1M $9.8M
ExodusPoint Capital Management Mar 2022 1.0M $9.5M
Renaissance Technologies Mar 2022 1.0M $9.3M
Palliser Capital Mar 2022 988k $9.1M
CWM Mar 2022 928k $8.6M
Community Trust & Investment Mar 2022 927k $8.6M
Athos Capital Mar 2022 920k $8.5M
Rhumbline Advisers Mar 2022 917k $8.5M
CQS Mar 2022 910k $8.4M
Tiger Legatus Capital Management Dec 2021 900k $12M
Parallel Advisors Mar 2022 845k $7.8M
Two Sigma Investments Dec 2021 766k $4.9M
Toronto-Dominion Bank Mar 2022 717k $6.6M
Calamos Advisors Mar 2022 695k $6.4M
PEAK6 Investments Mar 2022 693k $6.4M
Springbok Capital Management Mar 2022 691k $6.4M
Capitolis Advisors Mar 2022 622k $5.7M
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D Mar 2022 574k $5.3M
Ionic Capital Management Mar 2022 561k $5.2M
Teachers Retirement System Of The State Of Kentucky Dec 2021 559k $3.6M
River & Mercantile Asset Management Mar 2022 522k $4.8M
Syquant Capital Sas Mar 2022 515k $4.8M
Treasurer of the State of North Carolina Mar 2022 502k $4.6M
Clearline Capital Mar 2022 472k $4.4M
Macquarie Group Mar 2022 452k $4.2M
Ergoteles Mar 2022 433k $4.0M
Vazirani Asset Management Mar 2022 425k $3.9M
Capital Fund Management Mar 2022 416k $3.8M
Bailard Mar 2022 397k $3.7M
Taconic Capital Advisors Dec 2021 375k $2.4M
Mutual Of America Capital Management Mar 2022 353k $3.3M
Mondrian Capital Management Mar 2022 350k $3.2M
White Bay PT Mar 2022 350k $3.2M
Cowen And Company Mar 2022 308k $58k
Simplex Trading Mar 2022 298k $2.7M
Kellner Capital Mar 2022 295k $2.7M
Sarissa Consulting Mar 2022 286k $2.6M
Pnc Financial Services Mar 2022 281k $2.6M
Arizona State Retirement System Mar 2022 257k $2.4M
Strategic Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 251k $2.3M
Davenport & Co Mar 2022 248k $2.3M
Fiera Capital Corporation Mar 2022 238k $2.2M
Amundi Mar 2022 234k $2.1M
Squarepoint Ops Mar 2022 228k $2.1M
Centiva Capital Mar 2022 228k $2.1M
Keel Point Mar 2022 224k $2.1M
Hsbc Holdings Mar 2022 216k $2.0M
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc Mar 2022 214k $2.0M
Vontobel Holding Mar 2022 205k $1.9M
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas Mar 2022 196k $1.8M
Equitec Proprietary Markets Mar 2022 193k $1.8M
LPL Financial Mar 2022 191k $1.8M
Lester Murray Antman dba SimplyRich Mar 2022 186k $1.7M
Utah Retirement Systems Mar 2022 183k $1.7M
Tealwood Asset Management Mar 2022 182k $1.7M
AE Wealth Management Mar 2022 180k $1.7M
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Mar 2022 180k $1.7M
Westpac Banking Corporation Mar 2022 166k $1.5M
Sona Asset Management Mar 2022 165k $1.5M
Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec Mar 2022 164k $1.5M
CornerCap Investment Counsel Dec 2021 160k $1.0M
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB Mar 2022 150k $1.4M
New York Life Investments Alternatives Mar 2022 148k $1.4M
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Mar 2022 147k $1.4M
Impax Asset Management Group Mar 2022 147k $1.4M
Ardsley Advisory Partners Dec 2021 141k $902k
Beacon Investment Advisory Services Mar 2022 139k $1.3M
Victory Capital Management Mar 2022 133k $1.1M
Wedbush Morgan Securities Mar 2022 132k $1.2M
Keebeck Alpha Mar 2022 131k $1.2M
NN Investment Partners Holdings Dec 2021 127k $815k
Zurcher Kantonalbank Mar 2022 125k $1.2M
Invenomic Capital Management Dec 2021 122k $778k
Sit Investment Associates Mar 2022 121k $1.1M
JustInvest Mar 2022 114k $1.1M
Allspring Global Investments Holdings Mar 2022 107k $984k
Natixis Asset Management Advisors Mar 2022 105k $966k
Gotham Asset Management Mar 2022 101k $932k
Principal Financial Group Mar 2022 101k $930k
First Trust Advisors Mar 2022 99k $916k
Commonwealth Equity Services Mar 2022 97k $896k
Tributary Capital Management Mar 2022 96k $886k
Advisor Group Holdings Mar 2022 95k $877k
FFCM Mar 2022 93k $860k
Quadrature Capital Dec 2021 92k $590k
First Republic Investment Management Mar 2022 92k $850k
Resolute Advisors Mar 2022 90k $827k
S.A.C. Capital Advisors Mar 2022 87k $802k
Quantbot Technologies Mar 2022 86k $797k
Virginia Retirement System Dec 2021 81k $516k
Cantor Fitzgerald, L. P. Mar 2022 80k $739k
Saturna Capital Mar 2022 80k $735k
Maryland State Retirement & Pension System Mar 2022 79k $728k
Rockefeller Capital Management Mar 2022 75k $692k
Commerce Bank N A Mar 2022 72k $669k
Sunrise Partners Limited Partnership Mar 2022 71k $651k
Mackenzie Financial Mar 2022 68k $628k
Ridgewood Investments Mar 2022 62k $573k
Pictet Asset Management Sa Mar 2022 62k $568k
Fis Mar 2022 61k $563k
BTG Pactual Global Asset Management Mar 2022 60k $554k
Daiwa Securities Group Mar 2022 59k $544k
Allianz Asset Management Mar 2022 59k $544k
GSA Capital Partners Mar 2022 56k $519k
Seven Eight Capital Mar 2022 56k $519k
Wolverine Asset Management Mar 2022 56k $512k
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Mar 2022 55k $509k
Great-West Life Assurance Company Mar 2022 54k $533k
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Mar 2022 51k $466k
FNY Investment Advisers Mar 2022 50k $462k
AQR Capital Management Mar 2022 50k $458k
CIBC Global Asset Management Mar 2022 47k $436k
Thornburg Investment Management Mar 2022 45k $419k
Ethic Mar 2022 44k $410k
MetLife Investment Advisors Mar 2022 42k $392k
JBF Capital Mar 2022 42k $388k
Franklin Resources Mar 2022 42k $393k
Goss Wealth Management Mar 2022 41k $380k
Echo Street Capital Management Dec 2021 41k $261k
Truvestments Capital Mar 2022 41k $377k
American Century Companies Mar 2022 41k $376k
Independent Advisor Alliance Mar 2022 40k $372k
Vista Wealth Management Group Mar 2022 39k $363k
Tobam Mar 2022 39k $356k
Enlightenment Research Mar 2022 37k $346k
GAMCO Asset Management Mar 2022 36k $334k
William Blair $ Company Mar 2022 36k $332k
Creative Planning Mar 2022 35k $326k
Emerald Advisers Mar 2022 34k $312k
Cutler Mar 2022 34k $7.0k
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Mar 2022 34k $309k
Fil Mar 2022 32k $298k
M^T Bank Corporation Mar 2022 32k $295k
Shell Asset Management Company Mar 2022 32k $295k
Ieq Capital Mar 2022 31k $285k
Jump Financial Mar 2022 29k $268k
AGF Investments Mar 2022 29k $265k
Corton Capital Mar 2022 28k $262k
Us Bancorp Mar 2022 26k $241k
HighTower Advisors Mar 2022 26k $237k
Captrust Financial Advisors Mar 2022 26k $239k
Flagship Harbor Advisors Mar 2022 25k $234k
Motley Fool Asset Management Mar 2022 25k $228k
Raymond James Trust Mar 2022 24k $225k
Wealthfront Advisers Mar 2022 24k $221k
Ingalls & Snyder Mar 2022 24k $220k
Russell Investments Mar 2022 24k $219k
Oppenheimer & Co Mar 2022 24k $217k
Corient Capital Partners Mar 2022 23k $215k
XTX Topco Mar 2022 23k $213k
Beacon Pointe Advisors Mar 2022 23k $210k
Petrus Trust Company Dec 2021 22k $138k
Cobblestone Capital Advisors Mar 2022 21k $192k
Delphia Mar 2022 21k $190k
Forum Financial Management Mar 2022 20k $188k
Bessemer Mar 2022 19k $179k
Curated Wealth Partners Mar 2022 19k $122k
Private Advisor Mar 2022 19k $172k
Advisory Services Network Mar 2022 18k $169k
Keybank National Association Mar 2022 18k $167k
Parametrica Management Mar 2022 18k $162k
Exchange Traded Concepts Mar 2022 18k $161k
Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services Mar 2022 17k $159k
IBM Retirement Fund Mar 2022 17k $155k
Mml Investors Services Mar 2022 17k $153k
CIBC World Markets Mar 2022 16k $147k
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Mar 2022 15k $140k
Timelo Investment Management Mar 2022 15k $139k
American International Mar 2022 15k $138k
Kestra Advisory Services Mar 2022 15k $137k
XR Securities Mar 2022 15k $58k
Yousif Capital Management Mar 2022 15k $135k
SG Americas Securities Mar 2022 14k $133k
Redwood Financial Network Corp Mar 2022 14k $133k
Caprock Mar 2022 14k $128k
CLARET ASSET MANAGEMENT Corp Mar 2022 14k $125k
ProShare Advisors Mar 2022 13k $124k
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Mar 2022 13k $122k
First Heartland Consultants Mar 2022 13k $120k
Bp Wealth Management Mar 2022 12k $113k
Magnus Financial Group Mar 2022 12k $113k
Peapack Gladstone Financial Corp Mar 2022 12k $109k
EP Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 11k $103k
Cubist Systematic Strategies Mar 2022 11k $102k
Signature Mar 2022 11k $101k
United Capital Financial Advisers Mar 2022 10k $93k
Caxton Associates Mar 2022 10k $92k
DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale Mar 2022 9.5k $88k
Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co Dec 2021 9.3k $59k
Schroder Investment Management Group Mar 2022 7.9k $72k
Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. Mar 2022 7.5k $69k
Ellevest Mar 2022 7.2k $66k
Prospera Financial Services Mar 2022 6.8k $63k
Geneos Wealth Management Mar 2022 6.4k $59k
Financial Avengers Mar 2022 5.5k $51k
CI Investments Mar 2022 5.5k $50k
Credit Agricole Mar 2022 5.3k $49k
Steward Partners Investment Advisory Mar 2022 5.1k $47k
Exane Derivatives Mar 2022 5.1k $47k
Aaron Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 5.0k $543k
Advisors Asset Management Mar 2022 4.7k $43k
Quadrant Capital Mar 2022 4.2k $39k
Atlantic Trust Mar 2022 4.2k $39k
Elequin Capital Mar 2022 3.6k $33k
Tradition Wealth Management Mar 2022 3.3k $30k
Baillie Gifford & Co Mar 2022 3.2k $30k
Gables Capital Management Mar 2022 3.0k $28k
Glassman Wealth Services Mar 2022 2.6k $24k
Hanson McClain Advisors Mar 2022 2.4k $22k
Carolinas Wealth Consulting Mar 2022 2.2k $20k
Nomura Asset Management Mar 2022 2.1k $19k
Quent Capital Mar 2022 2.0k $19k
Lake Point Wealth Management Mar 2022 2.0k $19k
Johnson Financial Group Dec 2021 2.0k $13k
Versant Capital Management Mar 2022 1.9k $17k
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust Mar 2022 1.8k $17k
Spire Wealth Management Mar 2022 1.8k $17k
Covestor Mar 2022 1.7k $16k
Concord Wealth Partners Mar 2022 1.6k $15k
Riverview Trust Mar 2022 1.6k $15k
John W. Brooker & Co., CPAs Mar 2022 1.5k $14k
Institutional & Family Asset Management Mar 2022 1.4k $13k
Ahrens Investment Partners Mar 2022 1.3k $12k
Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Mar 2022 1.3k $12k
Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd, Zurich Mar 2022 1.3k $12k
Meeder Asset Management Mar 2022 1.2k $11k
Valley National Advisers Mar 2022 1.2k $11k
Rise Advisors Mar 2022 1.1k $11k
TCI Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 1.1k $10k
Bell Investment Advisors Dec 2021 1.1k $7.0k
Huntington National Bank Mar 2022 1.1k $10k
Bartlett & Co. Mar 2022 1.0k $10k
PSI Advisors Mar 2022 1.0k $9.0k
RWM Asset Management Mar 2022 1.0k $9.0k
Newbridge Financial Services Group Mar 2022 1.0k $9.0k
Whittier Trust Co. of Nevada Mar 2022 1.0k $9.0k
JTC Employer Solutions Trustee Mar 2022 1.0k $9.0k
Harbour Investments Dec 2021 845.00 $5.0k
JFS Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 832.00 $8.0k
Proequities Mar 2022 800.00 $7.0k
Stonebridge Capital Advisors Mar 2022 800.00 $7.0k
Harvest Fund Management Mar 2022 778.00 $7.0k
Worth Asset Management Mar 2022 700.00 $5.0k
Mizuho Securities Mar 2022 595.00 $5.0k
Washington Trust Advisors Mar 2022 558.00 $5.0k
Koshinski Asset Management Mar 2022 530.00 $4.9k
Money Concepts Capital Corp Mar 2022 490.00 $5.0k
Massmutual Trust Mar 2022 486.00 $4.0k
Lazard Asset Management Mar 2022 457.00 $4.0k
Lindbrook Capital Mar 2022 450.00 $4.0k
HighMark Wealth Management Mar 2022 401.00 $4.0k
Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A. Mar 2022 400.00 $454k
DeDora Capital Mar 2022 330.00 $3.0k
IAG Wealth Partners Mar 2022 300.00 $3.0k
Disciplined Investments Mar 2022 291.00 $3.0k
TCWP Mar 2022 291.00 $2.0k
Ten Capital Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 280.00 $3.0k
Patriot Financial Group Insurance Agency Mar 2022 251.00 $2.0k
Cordant Mar 2022 247.00 $2.0k
Private Capital Group Mar 2022 211.00 $2.0k
Tradewinds Capital Management Mar 2022 200.00 $2.0k
Focused Wealth Management Mar 2022 200.00 $2.0k
Covington Capital Management Mar 2022 200.00 $2.0k
EverSource Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 200.00 $2.0k
Capital Advisors Mar 2022 193.00 $2.0k
Tyler-Stone Wealth Management Mar 2022 190.00 $2.0k
CVA Family Office Mar 2022 185.00 $2.0k
Umb Bank N A Mar 2022 179.00 $2.0k
Eric H. Strand Mar 2022 170.00 $2.0k
McClarren Financial Advisors Mar 2022 160.00 $1.0k
Asset Dedication Mar 2022 139.00 $999.993800
Schubert & Co Mar 2022 135.00 $999.999000
Bedel Financial Consulting Mar 2022 127.00 $999.998000
Blue Bell Private Wealth Management Mar 2022 125.00 $1.0k
Carolina Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 121.00 $1.0k
Raleigh Capital Management Mar 2022 117.00 $999.999000
Delos Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 110.00 $999.999000
TCTC Holdings Mar 2022 106.00 $1.0k
Sound Income Strategies Mar 2022 100.00 $1.0k
Fifth Third Bancorp Mar 2022 100.00 $1.0k
Westside Investment Management Mar 2022 100.00 $0
West Branch Capital Mar 2022 100.00 $1.0k
Larson Financial Group Mar 2022 100.00 $1.0k
McIlrath & Eck Mar 2022 100.00 $1.0k
Sargent Bickham Lagudis Mar 2022 100.00 $1.0k
Cullen Frost Bankers Mar 2022 93.00 $1.0k
Key FInancial Mar 2022 80.00 $1.0k
Lenox Wealth Advisors Dec 2021 80.00 $1.0k
Mach-1 Financial Group Mar 2022 77.00 $0
Clearview Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 70.00 $999.999000
PrairieView Partners Mar 2022 58.00 $1.0k
FTB Advisors Mar 2022 56.00 $999.997600
Earnest Partners Mar 2022 54.00 $0
Absolute Investment Management Mar 2022 40.00 $0
Charter Oak Capital Management Mar 2022 30.00 $0
Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Mar 2022 23.00 $0
HHM Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 20.00 $0