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Top investors of Dragoneer Growth Opportun stock

Who bought or sold DRAGONEER GROWTH OPPORTUN CO this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Whale Rock Capital Management 3.3M $33M 100% Jun 2021
Citadel Advisors 3.2M $32M 9123% Jun 2021
Glenview Captal Management 3.0M $30M 100% Jun 2021
Maverick Capital 2.6M $26M -5% Jun 2021
T. Rowe Price Associates 2.5M $25M 128% Jun 2021
Massachusetts Financial Services 2.5M $25M 2% Jun 2021
Parsifal Capital Management 2.2M $22M -3% Jun 2021
Woodline Partners 2.1M $21M -8% Jun 2021
Indaba Capital Management 2.0M $20M 0% Jun 2021
BlueCrest Capital Management 1.6M $16M 0% Jun 2021
FMR 1.3M $13M 100% Jun 2021

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Public Sector Pension Investment Board 1.2M $12M 0% Jun 2021
Think Investments 1.0M $10M 0% Jun 2021
Islet Management 1.0M $10M 0% Jun 2021
JS Capital Management 1.0M $10M 0% Jun 2021
Apoletto 1.0M $10M 0% Jun 2021
Greenlight Capital 655k $6.5M 0% Jun 2021
Susquehanna International 470k $4.7M 52% Jun 2021
RIT Capital Partners 446k $4.4M 0% Jun 2021
BlackRock 444k $4.4M -60% Jun 2021
Glazer Capital 434k $4.3M 111% Jun 2021
Point72 Asset Management 410k $4.1M 719% Jun 2021
Davidson Kempner Capital Management 391k $3.9M 1% Jun 2021
Verition Fund Management 311k $3.1M 100% Jun 2021
Duquesne Family Office 282k $2.8M 0% Jun 2021
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management 280k $2.8M 0% Jun 2021
Fortress Investment Group 248k $2.5M 100% Jun 2021
HBK Investments 239k $2.4M -4% Jun 2021
D. E. Shaw & Co 227k $2.3M 0% Jun 2021
Tenor Capital Management 150k $1.5M 50% Jun 2021
ExodusPoint Capital Management 130k $1.3M -52% Jun 2021
Millennium Management 125k $1.2M 86% Jun 2021
Skye Global Management 108k $1.1M 93% Jun 2021
Beryl Capital Management 108k $1.1M 100% Jun 2021
Hrt Financial 103k $1.0M 13% Jun 2021
Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co 91k $902k 2% Jun 2021
Caas Capital Management 72k $718k -84% Jun 2021
Springbok Capital Management 69k $691k 0% Jun 2021
BlueMar Capital Management 62k $615k -11% Jun 2021
Q Global Advisors 61k $605k 100% Jun 2021
Berkley W R 50k $493k 100% Jun 2021
Halcyon Management Partners 45k $447k -36% Jun 2021
Penserra Capital Management 23k $226k -38% Jun 2021
Sessa Capital IM 22k $223k 100% Jun 2021
Fir Tree 22k $219k 100% Jun 2021
TIG Advisors 20k $196k -2% Jun 2021
Pentwater Capital Management 17k $173k 100% Jun 2021
Caxton 11k $110k 0% Jun 2021
Athanor Capital 10k $103k 100% Jun 2021
North Star Investment Management 4.5k $45k 0% Jun 2021
UBS Group 3.1k $31k -94% Jun 2021
Morgan Stanley 1.0k $0 100% Jun 2021
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company 1.0k $10k 100% Jun 2021
Sterling Investment Advisors 250.00 $2.0k 900% Jun 2021

Who sold out of Dragoneer Growth Opportun?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Henderson Group Jun 2021 5.4M $54M
Bain Capital Public Equity Management II Mar 2021 4.7M $48M
Altimeter Capital Management Mar 2021 3.5M $36M
OZ Management Jun 2021 1.2M $12M
Philadelphia Financial Management of San Francisco Mar 2021 617k $6.3M
Weiss Asset Management LP[1 Jun 2021 470k $4.7M
Inherent Group Mar 2021 470k $4.8M
Alpine Partners VI Jun 2021 428k $4.3M
Balyasny Asset Management Jun 2021 395k $3.9M
Blackstone Group Mar 2021 390k $4.0M
Gobi Capital Mar 2021 369k $3.7M
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Mar 2021 360k $3.7M
Shannon River Fund Management Mar 2021 304k $3.1M
Verde Servicos Internacionais Mar 2021 288k $2.9M
Context Capital Management Jun 2021 186k $1.8M
Wolverine Asset Management Jun 2021 167k $1.7M
J. Goldman & Co Mar 2021 135k $1.4M
Starboard Value Jun 2021 48k $479k
Rockefeller Capital Management Jun 2021 43k $428k
SG Americas Securities Jun 2021 36k $359k
Wolverine Trading Mar 2021 19k $194k
Exos Asset Management Jun 2021 17k $165k
XTX Topco Jun 2021 10k $101k
DuPont Capital Management Corporation Jun 2021 10k $100k
Magnetar Financial Mar 2021 10k $102k
Advisor Group Holdings Jun 2021 2.0k $20k
Group One Trading Jun 2021 1.0k $10k