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Top investors of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics H stock

Who bought or sold ORTHO CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS H this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
T. Rowe Price Associates 20M $364M -2% Mar 2022
Henderson Group 4.5M $84M -45% Mar 2022
Magnetar Financial 3.6M $68M 105% Mar 2022
Armistice Capital 3.3M $62M 203% Mar 2022
Nuveen Asset Management 1.5M $28M -7% Mar 2022
Balyasny Asset Management 1.1M $21M -21% Mar 2022
Charles Schwab Investment Management 889k $17M 9% Mar 2022
IndexIQ Advisors 693k $13M 100% Mar 2022
Sectoral Asset Management 665k $12M -24% Mar 2022
Bank of New York Mellon 493k $9.2M 2% Mar 2022
Two Sigma Advisers 491k $9.2M 275% Mar 2022

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Eversept Partners 445k $8.3M -50% Mar 2022
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership 334k $6.2M 279% Mar 2022
Putnam Investments 259k $4.8M -2% Mar 2022
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 227k $4.2M 284% Mar 2022
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers 223k $4.2M -14% Mar 2022
Qube Research & Technologies 193k $3.6M 77% Mar 2022
Morgan Stanley 178k $3.3M 100% Mar 2022
LMR Partners 175k $3.3M 0% Mar 2022
California State Teachers Retirement System 152k $2.8M -8% Mar 2022
Invesco 148k $2.8M 158% Mar 2022
Boothbay Fund Management 123k $2.3M 1068% Mar 2022
Cinctive Capital Management 110k $2.1M 100% Mar 2022
Susquehanna International 110k $2.1M -33% Mar 2022
Marshall Wace 92k $1.7M 396% Mar 2022
Eaton Vance Management 81k $1.5M -95% Mar 2022
Harvest Management 79k $1.5M -25% Mar 2022
Stifel Financial 72k $1.4M -1% Mar 2022
Etf Managers 72k $1.3M 0% Mar 2022
Two Sigma Investments 64k $1.2M -70% Mar 2022
S. Muoio & Co 64k $1.2M 100% Mar 2022
Algert Coldiron Investors 55k $1.0M 108% Mar 2022
Wellington Management Company 50k $924k 90% Mar 2022
Ing Investment Management 46k $850k -85% Mar 2022
Engineers Gate Manager 34k $637k -53% Mar 2022
Susquehanna Fundamental Investments 28k $519k 100% Mar 2022
Water Island Capital 27k $507k 100% Mar 2022
PanAgora Asset Management 27k $504k 0% Mar 2022
Parametric Portfolio Associates 21k $393k -80% Mar 2022
Amalgamated Bank 20k $368k 100% Mar 2022
CSS 17k $318k 100% Mar 2022
Havens Advisors 16k $299k 0% Mar 2022
Sei Investments 13k $249k 25% Mar 2022
Telemetry Investments 11k $205k 100% Mar 2022
Wolverine Trading 11k $203k 15% Mar 2022
PenderFund Capital Management 11k $247k 100% Mar 2022
State of Tennessee, Treasury Department 6.6k $123k 100% Mar 2022
Tower Research Capital 3.0k $55k 111% Mar 2022
Ohio Pers 844.00 $16k 100% Mar 2022
IFP Advisors 73.00 $999.997800 0% Jun 2022

Who sold out of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics H?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Carlyle Mar 2022 118M $2.2B
Vanguard Group Mar 2022 11M $206M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Mar 2022 8.5M $159M
Arp Americas Mar 2022 5.2M $96M
Shapiro Capital Management Mar 2022 4.6M $86M
Lazard Asset Management Mar 2022 3.3M $62M
Robeco Investment Management Mar 2022 2.8M $52M
State Street Corporation Mar 2022 2.6M $49M
Goldman Sachs Group Mar 2022 2.2M $41M
Geode Capital Management Mar 2022 2.1M $40M
Avidity Partners Management Dec 2021 1.8M $38M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Mar 2022 1.6M $31M
Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn Mar 2022 1.6M $30M
Alpine Associates Management Mar 2022 1.5M $27M
CNH Partners Mar 2022 1.4M $27M
TD Asset Management Mar 2022 1.3M $24M
Northern Trust Mar 2022 1.1M $20M
Private Management Group Mar 2022 832k $16M
Alliancebernstein Mar 2022 782k $15M
Fiera Capital Corporation Mar 2022 760k $14M
Westwood Holdings Mar 2022 577k $11M
Millennium Management Mar 2022 518k $9.7M
UBS Group Mar 2022 427k $8.1M
Nicholas Company Mar 2022 409k $7.6M
Point72 Asset Management Mar 2022 400k $7.5M
Omni Event Management Mar 2022 385k $7.2M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Mar 2022 378k $7.0M
Crabel Capital Management Mar 2022 357k $6.7M
Ergoteles Mar 2022 353k $6.6M
Arena Investors Mar 2022 342k $6.4M
Ramius Advisors Mar 2022 316k $5.9M
Renaissance Technologies Mar 2022 307k $5.7M
Swiss National Bank Mar 2022 280k $5.2M
Citadel Advisors Mar 2022 260k $4.8M
Prudential Financial Dec 2021 256k $5.5M
DuPont Capital Management Corporation Mar 2022 229k $4.3M
Rima Management Mar 2022 218k $4.1M
Keebeck Alpha Mar 2022 193k $3.6M
Springbok Capital Management Mar 2022 176k $3.3M
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas Mar 2022 164k $3.1M
Gabelli Funds Mar 2022 152k $2.8M
Vestcor Investment Management Corp Dec 2021 150k $3.2M
American Century Companies Mar 2022 135k $2.5M
Tudor Investment Corporation Dec 2021 133k $2.9M
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Mar 2022 133k $2.5M
Wells Fargo & Company Mar 2022 130k $2.4M
Rhumbline Advisers Mar 2022 126k $2.3M
Yakira Capital Management Mar 2022 124k $2.3M
Legal & General Group Mar 2022 109k $2.0M
Gabelli Securities Mar 2022 106k $2.0M
Credit Suisse Mar 2022 102k $1.9M
HAP Trading Mar 2022 100k $1.9M
First Eagle Investment Management Mar 2022 95k $1.8M
Dark Forest Capital Management Mar 2022 92k $1.7M
Jump Financial Mar 2022 90k $1.7M
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Mar 2022 87k $1.6M
New York State Common Retirement Fund Mar 2022 86k $1.6M
ExodusPoint Capital Management Mar 2022 77k $1.4M
Alpine Partners VI Dec 2021 75k $1.6M
Twinbeech Capital Mar 2022 73k $1.4M
Brookfield Asset Management Dec 2021 70k $1.5M
John G.Ullman & Associates Mar 2022 68k $1.3M
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Mar 2022 65k $1.2M
Alphasimplex Group Mar 2022 64k $1.2M
Gotham Asset Management Mar 2022 61k $1.1M
American International Mar 2022 60k $1.1M
Ovata Capital Management Mar 2022 60k $1.1M
Jane Street Mar 2022 52k $973k
Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. Mar 2022 50k $932k
The Allstate Corporation Dec 2021 50k $1.1M
Holocene Advisors Mar 2022 49k $912k
Macquarie Group Mar 2022 41k $779k
Barclays Mar 2022 41k $761k
CornerCap Investment Counsel Dec 2021 35k $746k
Arizona State Retirement System Mar 2022 32k $597k
Bridgewater Associates Mar 2022 29k $533k
Sarissa Consulting Mar 2022 28k $512k
Thomas Stevens, CFA" Mar 2022 27k $502k
Allspring Global Investments Holdings Mar 2022 26k $480k
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas Mar 2022 24k $453k
Dimensional Fund Advisors Mar 2022 24k $444k
Virginia Retirement System Dec 2021 23k $492k
ProShare Advisors Mar 2022 23k $422k
Principal Financial Group Mar 2022 22k $408k
Polar Capital Holdings Mar 2022 22k $402k
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Mar 2022 22k $401k
Cubist Systematic Strategies Mar 2022 19k $353k
D. E. Shaw & Co Mar 2022 18k $342k
Belvedere Trading Mar 2022 16k $305k
Allianz Asset Management Mar 2022 16k $300k
Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management Mar 2022 16k $278k
Zurcher Kantonalbank Mar 2022 15k $281k
Ameriprise Financial Dec 2021 15k $320k
Brown Advisory Holdings Incorporated Mar 2022 15k $275k
Oppenheimer Asset Management Mar 2022 14k $269k
Laurion Capital Management Mar 2022 14k $264k
Victory Capital Management Mar 2022 14k $248k
Vise Technologies Mar 2022 14k $261k
Squarepoint Ops Mar 2022 14k $255k
Bridgefront Capital Mar 2022 13k $246k
Florida State Board of Administration Mar 2022 12k $228k
Rise Advisors Mar 2022 12k $225k
Bank Of Montreal Dec 2021 12k $246k
Bayesian Capital Management Mar 2022 11k $203k
CIBC Global Asset Management Mar 2022 10k $192k
Jefferies Group Dec 2021 10k $109k
Centiva Capital Mar 2022 10k $187k
Summit Investment Advisors Mar 2022 9.3k $174k
SG Americas Securities Mar 2022 6.8k $126k
Spire Wealth Management Mar 2022 4.7k $88k
Cutler Mar 2022 4.3k $3.4k
Quantbot Technologies Mar 2022 3.9k $72k
Advisor Group Holdings Mar 2022 3.5k $66k
FMR Mar 2022 744.00 $14k
Pnc Financial Services Mar 2022 608.00 $11k
Us Bancorp Mar 2022 493.00 $9.0k
Captrust Financial Advisors Mar 2022 313.00 $6.0k
North Star Investment Management Mar 2022 250.00 $5.0k
TCI Wealth Advisors Mar 2022 215.00 $4.0k
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Mar 2022 100.00 $2.0k
TCWP Mar 2022 100.00 $1.0k
Simplex Trading Mar 2022 90.00 $999.999000
Rockefeller Capital Management Mar 2022 81.00 $1.0k
Signature Mar 2022 79.00 $999.997800