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Top investors of Rice Acquisition Corp Ii A stock

Who bought or sold RICE ACQUISITION CORP II A this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Citigroup 1.7k $17k 0% Mar 2023
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Tilia Fiduciary Partners 400.00 $5.2k 100% Jun 2023
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Who sold out of Rice Acquisition Corp Ii A?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Aristeia Capital Mar 2023 3.1M $32M
Adage Capital Partners GP Mar 2023 2.6M $27M
Kensico Capital Management Corp Mar 2023 2.3M $24M
Meteora Capital Mar 2023 2.0M $21M
Third Point Mar 2023 1.5M $15M
J. Goldman & Co Mar 2023 1.2M $12M
Millennium Management Mar 2023 1.2M $12M
Cinctive Capital Management Mar 2023 1.2M $12M
Boothbay Fund Management Mar 2023 1.1M $11M
HITE Hedge Asset Management Mar 2023 1.0M $11M
OZ Management Mar 2023 970k $9.9M
Centiva Capital Mar 2023 760k $7.8M
Greenlight Capital Mar 2023 760k $7.8M
Kepos Capital Dec 2022 750k $7.6M
Saba Capital Management Mar 2023 705k $7.2M
Rivernorth Capital Management Mar 2023 555k $5.7M
Radcliffe Capital Management Mar 2023 480k $4.9M
UBS O'Connor Mar 2023 473k $4.8M
Nomura Holdings Mar 2023 410k $4.2M
Moore Capital Management Mar 2023 400k $4.1M
Atlantic Trust Mar 2023 288k $17M
Magnetar Financial Mar 2023 261k $2.7M
D. E. Shaw & Co Mar 2023 253k $2.6M
Wellington Management Company Mar 2023 244k $2.5M
CVI Holdings Mar 2023 239k $2.4M
Taconic Capital Advisors Mar 2023 236k $2.4M
Cowen And Company Mar 2023 211k $2.2M
LMR Partners Mar 2023 199k $2.0M
Brooklyn Capital Management Mar 2023 197k $2.0M
Silver Rock Financial Mar 2023 185k $1.9M
Fir Tree Mar 2023 157k $1.6M
Springbok Capital Management Mar 2023 155k $1.6M
Amitell Capital Pte Mar 2023 110k $1.1M
Thomist Capital Management Mar 2023 105k $1.1M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Mar 2023 100k $1.0M
Hartree Partners Mar 2023 100k $1.0M
Vivaldi Asset Management Mar 2023 100k $1.0M
Tenor Capital Management Mar 2023 100k $1.0M
Angelo, Gordon & Co Mar 2023 100k $1.0M
Atlas Merchant Capital Mar 2023 100k $1.0M
Virtu Financial Mar 2023 89k $907k
Bank Of Montreal Dec 2022 84k $858k
Gabelli Funds Mar 2023 81k $828k
Shaolin Capital Management Mar 2023 79k $803k
Goldman Sachs Group Mar 2023 78k $796k
Castle Creek Arbitrage Mar 2023 77k $786k
Gabelli Securities Mar 2023 69k $707k
Spartan Fund Management Mar 2023 69k $705k
Woodline Partners Mar 2023 65k $665k
Levin Capital Strategies Mar 2023 57k $587k
Michelson Medical Research Foundation Mar 2023 51k $522k
DuPont Capital Management Corporation Mar 2023 50k $512k
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Mar 2023 50k $512k
Flow State Investments Mar 2023 50k $512k
Cantor Fitzgerald, L. P. Mar 2023 41k $414k
Commonwealth Equity Services Mar 2023 36k $363k
Walleye Trading Advisors Mar 2023 32k $327k
HighTower Advisors Mar 2023 25k $256k
OMERS Administration Corporation Mar 2023 20k $205k
U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 20k $202k
Walleye Trading Mar 2023 18k $184k
Trexquant Investment Mar 2023 17k $172k
SFG Wealth Management Mar 2023 11k $116k
GW & Wade Mar 2023 10k $102k
Advisor Group Holdings Mar 2023 3.0k $31k
Morgan Stanley Dec 2022 1.5k $15k
Clear Street Mar 2023 612.00 $6.0k