Who owns American Capital?

Top Holders and Investors of ACAS Stock

Find out what company owns American Capital, who bought ACAS this quarter, and who sold shares of ACAS stock?

Fund or Company Name Number of Shares Valued At As Of
FNY Partners Fund 7.73M $139.13M Mar 2017
BlackRock 1.17M $20.88M Dec 2016
Pyrrho Capital Management 285000 $5.11M Dec 2016
Hudson Canyon Investment Counselors 32275 $578045 Dec 2016
First New York Securities 14995 $268710 Dec 2016
Sphinx Trading 6070 $109017 Dec 2016
Metlife Securities 5125 $91993 Dec 2016

Who sold American Capital?

Fund Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Morgan Stanley Dec. 31, 2016 5.81M $104.12M
Two Sigma Investments Dec. 31, 2016 2.73M $48.87M
Two Sigma Advisers Dec. 31, 2016 1.14M $20.46M
Royal Bank of Canada Dec. 31, 2016 116562 $2.09M
Spot Trading L.L.C Dec. 31, 2016 108312 $1.94M