Who owns Amplitude Hlthcre Aqustin Co?

Top investors of Amplitude Hlthcre Aqustin stock

Who bought or sold Amplitude Hlthcre Aqustin Co this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Owl Creek Asset Management 861k $8.8M 0% Jun 2020
UBS O'Connor 736k $753k -5% Jun 2020
Tenor Capital Management 500k $5.1M 0% Jun 2020
Glazer Capital 476k $4.8M 0% Jun 2020
Polar Securities 475k $4.9M 46% Jun 2020
Sage Rock Capital Management 406k $4.2M 0% Jun 2020
Picton Mahoney Asset Management 375k $3.8M 0% Jun 2020
Fir Tree 350k $3.6M 0% Jun 2020
DuPont Capital Management Corporation 300k $3.0M 0% Sep 2020
CNH Partners 281k $2.8M 0% Jun 2020
Alberta Investment Management Corporation 280k $2.8M 0% Sep 2020

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Radcliffe Capital Management 267k $2.7M 100% Jun 2020
Brooklyn Capital Management 250k $2.5M 0% Jun 2020
David W. Seeley 188k $1.9M 100% Jun 2020
Mizuho Securities USA 176k $1.7M -17% Sep 2020
Monashee Investment Management 175k $1.8M 0% Jun 2020
Karpus Investment Management 133k $1.3M 0% Jun 2020
Linden Advisors 131k $1.3M 0% Jun 2020
Hudson Bay Capital Management 111k $1.1M 302% Jun 2020
Periscope Capital 100k $1.0M 100% Jun 2020
Verition Fund Management 100k $1.0M -43% Jun 2020
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 94k $961k 0% Jun 2020
Beryl Capital Management 93k $952k 100% Jun 2020
Basso Capital Management 70k $715k -10% Jun 2020
Boothbay Fund Management 61k $614k 100% Jun 2020
Geode Capital Management 34k $335k 0% Jun 2020
Credit Suisse 28k $275k -48% Jun 2020
Shaolin Capital Management 28k $282k 0% Jun 2020
Captrust Financial Advisors 22k $221k 100% Jun 2020
Levin Easterly Partners 20k $200k 100% Jun 2020
Marquette Asset Management 14k $134k 0% Sep 2020
UBS Group 1.8k $18k 29% Jun 2020
Royal Bank of Canada 222.00 $2.0k 100% Jun 2020

Who sold out of Amplitude Hlthcre Aqustin?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Jefferies Group Mar 2020 36k $340k

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