Who owns Andina Acquisition Corp Iii shs?

Top Holders and Investors of ANDA Stock

Find out who owns Andina Acquisition Corp Iii shs, who bought ANDA this quarter, and who sold ANDA?

Fund or Company Name Number of Shares Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Bank Of Montreal 801.70k $8.07M -17% Mar 2020
Westchester Capital Management 691.10k $6.96M 0% Mar 2020
Bank of America Corporation 680.00k $6.85M 0% Mar 2020
Berkley W R 666.94k $6.72M 100% Mar 2020
Boothbay Fund Management 620.00k $6.24M 0% Mar 2020
Mizuho Securities USA 594.60k $6.06M 5% Jun 2020
Polar Securities 550.00k $5.54M 0% Mar 2020
Cowen And Company 409.97k $4.02k 0% Mar 2020
Cibc World Markets 357.83k $3.60M -22% Mar 2020
Karpus Investment Management 306.20k $3.08M -11% Mar 2020
Basso Capital Management 278.86k $2.81M 0% Mar 2020
Gabelli Securities 243.60k $2.45M 0% Mar 2020
Glazer Capital 220.58k $2.22M 100% Mar 2020
Picton Mahoney Asset Management 208.90k $2.10M 1166% Mar 2020
Gabelli Funds 206.40k $2.08M 0% Mar 2020
Periscope Capital 191.00k $1.92M 0% Mar 2020
Verition Fund Management 175.82k $1.77M 12% Mar 2020
Brooklyn Capital Management 168.35k $1.69M 0% Mar 2020
CNH Partners 150.00k $1.51M 0% Mar 2020
Hudson Bay Capital Management 21.36k $215.00k 100% Mar 2020
Walleye Trading 14.20k $143.00k 0% Mar 2020
PanAgora Asset Management 133 $1.00k 0% Mar 2020

Who sold out of ANDA?

Fund Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
UBS Group Mar 2020 26.60k $268.00k

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