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Top investors of Arya Sciences Acquisition-a stock

Who bought or sold ARYA SCIENCES ACQUISITION-A (ARYD US) this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
OZ Management 1.2M $12M 100% Sep 2021
Adage Capital Partners GP 1.0M $10M 0% Sep 2021
Tybourne Capital Management 1.0M $10M 0% Sep 2021
Sphera Funds Management 1.0M $10M 100% Sep 2021
Cowen And Company 815k $8.2M 100% Sep 2021
Farallon Capital Management 800k $8.0M 0% Sep 2021
Bain Capital Life Sciences Investors 700k $7.0M 0% Sep 2021
Affinity Asset Advisors 600k $6.0M -14% Sep 2021
Alyeska Investment Group 595k $6.0M 0% Sep 2021
Kepos Capital 530k $5.3M 100% Sep 2021
Pura Vida Investments 526k $5.3M -2% Sep 2021

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Boothbay Fund Management 500k $5.0M 100% Sep 2021
Rtw Investments 500k $5.0M 0% Sep 2021
Avidity Partners Management 500k $5.0M 0% Sep 2021
Atw Spac Management 500k $5.0M 100% Sep 2021
Governors Lane 412k $4.1M 721% Sep 2021
Corvex Management 400k $4.0M 0% Sep 2021
Nantahala Capital Management 399k $4.0M 0% Sep 2021
Antara Capital 350k $3.5M 100% Sep 2021
683 Capital Management 300k $3.0M 0% Sep 2021
Soleus Capital Management 300k $3.0M 0% Sep 2021
Millennium Management 249k $2.5M -14% Sep 2021
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management 189k $1.9M 100% Sep 2021
Woodline Partners 159k $1.6M 0% Sep 2021
EcoR1 Capital 150k $1.5M 0% Sep 2021
Glazer Capital 129k $1.3M 485% Sep 2021
Context Capital Management 108k $1.1M 0% Sep 2021
Ensign Peak Advisors 100k $1.0M 0% Sep 2021
Lombard Odier Asset Management 88k $887k 35% Sep 2021
HighTower Advisors 68k $684k 100% Sep 2021
Q Global Advisors 63k $633k -27% Sep 2021
Bluefin Capital Management 42k $425k 1% Sep 2021
Hrt Financial 42k $423k 0% Sep 2021
Walleye Trading Advisors 38k $386k 100% Sep 2021
Susquehanna International 37k $374k 0% Sep 2021
MYDA Advisors 37k $371k 0% Sep 2021
CNH Partners 36k $362k 0% Sep 2021
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 30k $302k 0% Sep 2021
CSS 25k $252k 100% Sep 2021
Walleye Trading 22k $217k 100% Sep 2021
Ghisallo Capital Management 15k $151k 0% Sep 2021
Henderson Group 15k $147k 0% Sep 2021
D. E. Shaw & Co 14k $144k 100% Sep 2021
Nomura Holdings 12k $117k 0% Sep 2021
Old Well Partners 11k $112k 0% Sep 2021
Magnetar Financial 10k $102k -65% Sep 2021
Atlantic Trust 10k $101k 0% Sep 2021
UBS Group 4.0k $41k 161% Sep 2021
Citadel Advisors 1.4k $14k 100% Sep 2021

Who sold out of Arya Sciences Acquisition-a?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
HealthCor Management Jun 2021 1.2M $13M
RA Capital Management Jun 2021 1.0M $11M
Bain Capital Public Equity Management II Jun 2021 298k $3.2M
Consonance Capital Jun 2021 250k $2.7M
Logos Global Management Jun 2021 200k $2.1M
Vivaldi Asset Management Jun 2021 113k $1.2M
Union Square Park Capital Management Jun 2021 101k $1.1M
Suvretta Capital Management Jun 2021 100k $1.1M
Altium Capital Management Jun 2021 100k $1.1M
Skye Global Management Jun 2021 64k $686k
Pennant Investors Jun 2021 50k $536k
Maven Securities Jun 2021 30k $324k
FNY Investment Advisers Sep 2021 20k $201k
DSAM Partners Jun 2021 20k $214k
Spring Creek Capital Jun 2021 20k $214k
Caas Capital Management Jun 2021 19k $208k
BlueCrest Capital Management Jun 2021 11k $117k
Covalis Capital Jun 2021 10k $108k