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Top investors of Chesapeake Energy Corp stock

Who bought or sold CHESAPEAKE ENERGY CORP this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Franklin Resources 5.6M $177M 0% Sep 2021
Appaloosa 695k $17M 0% Jun 2021
Brandes Investment Partners 651k $16M -14% Jun 2021
Maple Rock Capital Partners 556k $13M -23% Jun 2021
Capital World Investors 461k $11M -21% Jun 2021
D. E. Shaw & Co 414k $9.9M 0% Jun 2021
Weiss Asset Management LP[1 275k $8.8M 16% Sep 2021
FMR 234k $5.6M 0% Jun 2021
Walleye Trading Advisors 214k $5.1M 344% Jun 2021
Ionic Capital Management 209k $5.1M 100% Jun 2021
Aequim Alternative Investments 189k $6.0M 20% Sep 2021

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CSS 128k $3.1M 0% Jun 2021
Federated Investors 98k $2.3M -31% Jun 2021
Millennium Management 93k $2.3M 0% Jun 2021
Parallax Volatility Advisers 66k $1.6M 100% Jun 2021
NYL Investors 58k $1.9M 0% Sep 2021
Employees Retirement System of Texas 56k $1.3M 0% Jun 2021
Polygon Management 52k $1.3M 100% Jun 2021
Wolverine Asset Management 42k $1.4M 52% Sep 2021
Pictet Asset Management 40k $2.1M 8% Jun 2021
Brigade Capital Management 31k $755k 38% Jun 2021
King Street Capital Management 29k $709k -87% Jun 2021
Cowen And Company 23k $703k 76% Sep 2021
LMR Partners 17k $420k 0% Jun 2021
Citadel Advisors 14k $339k 0% Jun 2021
BlackRock 13k $323k 0% Jun 2021
Calamos Advisors 13k $303k 0% Jun 2021
Fort Baker Capital Management 10k $244k 0% Jun 2021
DuPont Capital Management Corporation 8.5k $270k 0% Sep 2021
Bank of America Corporation 7.8k $190k 0% Jun 2021
Royal Bank of Canada 6.1k $149k 0% Jun 2021
Morgan Stanley 3.5k $86k 100% Jun 2021
UBS Group 142.00 $3.0k 63% Jun 2021
Geneos Wealth Management 53.00 $999.998700 0% Sep 2021

Who sold out of Chesapeake Energy Corp?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Oaktree Capital Management Jun 2021 150k $3.7M
Wexford Capital Mar 2021 116k $5.0M
Glendon Capital Management Mar 2021 115k $2.3M
Anqa Management Jun 2021 39k $936k
Shenkman Capital Management Mar 2021 22k $432k