Who owns CenturyLink?

Top Holders and Investors of CTL Stock

Find out what company owns CenturyLink, who bought CTL this quarter, and who sold shares of CTL stock?

Fund or Company Name Number of Shares Valued At As Of
Vanguard 123.88M $1.55B Sep 2019
Temasek Holdings 97.26M $1.21B Sep 2019
BlackRock 96.11M $1.20B Sep 2019
Southeastern Asset Management 73.66M $919.30M Sep 2019
Geode Capital Management 17.65M $220.07M Sep 2019
Dimensional Fund Advisors 16.70M $208.47M Sep 2019
Bank of America Corporation 12.83M $160.06M Sep 2019
Northern Trust 11.73M $146.43M Sep 2019
Susquehanna International 11.25M $140.43M Sep 2019
Bank of New York Mellon 11.01M $137.39M Sep 2019
Morgan Stanley 10.51M $0 Sep 2019
Alpine Investment Management 9.94M $123.99M Sep 2019
Goldman Sachs 8.93M $111.49M Sep 2019
Beck Mack & Oliver 7.94M $99.14M Sep 2019
First Trust Advisors 7.78M $97.05M Sep 2019
Nuveen Asset Management 7.16M $89.30M Sep 2019
Legal & General 7.09M $81.29M Sep 2019
Parametric Portfolio Associates 6.97M $87.04M Sep 2019
Inves 6.73M $83.96M Sep 2019
Citi 6.69M $83.46M Sep 2019
Citadel Advisors 6.55M $81.73M Sep 2019
Charles Schwab Investment Management 6.03M $75.20M Sep 2019
Barclays 5.92M $73.92M Sep 2019
Wells Fargo & Company 5.48M $68.34M Sep 2019
UBS Group AG 5.39M $64.72M Mar 2019
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas 5.38M $67.11M Sep 2019
T. Rowe Price Associates 5.09M $63.53M Sep 2019
Jpmorgan Chase & Co 4.97M $59.64M Sep 2019
Bridgeway Capital Management 4.33M $54.08M Sep 2019
Worldquant Millennium Quantitative Strategies 4.22M $52.64M Sep 2019
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings 3.90M $48.64M Sep 2019
Prudential Financial 3.83M $47.78M Sep 2019
Sterling Capital Management 3.68M $45.95M Sep 2019
Capital Research Global Investors^ 3.51M $43.81M Sep 2019
TIAA-CREF Investment Management 3.29M $39.41M Mar 2019
Swiss National Bank 3.24M $40.44M Sep 2019
Oppenheimer Asset Management 3.15M $39.32M Sep 2019
Teachers Advisors 2.76M $33.09M Mar 2019
Melvin Capital Management 2.70M $33.70M Sep 2019
ALPS Advisors 2.69M $33.52M Sep 2019
West Family Investments 2.59M $32.27M Sep 2019
Fmr 2.55M $31.82M Sep 2019
Credit Suisse AG 2.49M $31.10M Sep 2019
Fairfax Financial Holdings 2.36M $28.29M Mar 2019
Bank of Nova Scotia 2.35M $29.31M Sep 2019
CalPERS 2.30M $28.65M Sep 2019
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft 2.13M $16.16M Sep 2019
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International 2.12M $26.40M Sep 2019
Royal Bank of Canada 2.00M $24.95M Sep 2019
LSV Asset Management 1.95M $24.37M Sep 2019
New York State Common Retirement Fund 1.92M $23.93M Sep 2019
Thomas Stevens, CFA" 1.91M $23.84M Sep 2019
California State Teachers Retirement System 1.90M $23.73M Sep 2019
Pioneer Investment Management 1.85M $23.07M Sep 2019
Schroder Investment Management 1.77M $21.87M Sep 2019
Front Street Capital Management 1.75M $21.86M Sep 2019
CapWealth Advisors 1.75M $21.84M Sep 2019
Millennium Management 1.71M $21.35M Sep 2019
PEAK6 Investments 1.70M $21.20M Sep 2019
Stifel Financial 1.61M $20.22M Sep 2019
Alliancebernstein 1.58M $19.67M Sep 2019
Poplar Forest Capital 1.57M $19.64M Sep 2019
Rhumbline Advisers 1.57M $19.58M Sep 2019
Maplelane Capital 1.50M $17.99M Mar 2019
Gabelli Funds 1.47M $18.38M Sep 2019
Principal Financial 1.45M $18.13M Sep 2019
National Pension Service 1.44M $18.03M Sep 2019
Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec 1.43M $17.82M Sep 2019
New York State Teachers Retirement System 1.39M $17.34M Sep 2019
Raymond James & Associates 1.37M $17.05M Sep 2019
Florida State Board of Administration 1.36M $16.96M Sep 2019
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 1.35M $16.68M Sep 2019
OTR - Nominee Name for The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio 1.34M $16.77M Sep 2019
Advisors Asset Management 1.34M $16.67M Sep 2019
Hsbc Holdings 1.32M $15.58M Jun 2019
Lee, Danner & Bass 1.28M $16.00M Sep 2019
Robeco Institutional Asset Management B V 1.28M $15.97M Sep 2019
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking 1.26M $15.63M Sep 2019
Victory Capital Management 1.26M $15.66M Sep 2019
Prudential 1.23M $14.78M Sep 2019
Southeast Asset Advisors 1.22M $15.26M Sep 2019
Rock Point Advisors 1.21M $15.08M Sep 2019
Bogle Investment Management L P /de/ 1.19M $14.80M Sep 2019
Silver Rock Financial 1.18M $14.73M Sep 2019
Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft 1.17M $15.48M Dec 2019
Adage Capital Partners GP 1.16M $14.51M Sep 2019
Gotham Asset Management 1.15M $14.40M Sep 2019
Ameriprise Financial 1.15M $14.31M Sep 2019
Allianz Asset Management AG 1.12M $14.03M Sep 2019
Wolverine Trading 1.10M $13.63M Sep 2019
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas 1.05M $13.15M Sep 2019
J. V. Bruni And Company 1.05M $13.11M Sep 2019
KBC Group NV 1.02M $12.75M Sep 2019
Henderson 1.01M $12.65M Sep 2019
Natixis 1.01M $12.54M Sep 2019
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers 1000000 $12.48M Sep 2019
Cibc World Markets 998220 $12.46M Sep 2019
Renaissance Technologies 974757 $12.16M Sep 2019
First Foundation Advisors 972269 $12.13M Sep 2019
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc 955759 $11.93M Sep 2019
D. E. Shaw & Co 939055 $11.72M Sep 2019
Toronto-Dominion Bank 933674 $11.65M Sep 2019
Great-West Life Assurance Company 911266 $11.45M Sep 2019
Bank Of Montreal /can/ 889846 $11.11M Sep 2019
Hosking Partners 878846 $10.97M Sep 2019
Cove Street Capital 847875 $10.58M Sep 2019
Ing Investment Management 847072 $10.57M Sep 2019
Chevy Chase Trust Holdings 830082 $10.36M Sep 2019
Jane Street 825145 $10.30M Sep 2019
Parallax Volatility Advisers 814751 $8.15M Sep 2019
State of Wisconsin Investment Board 811677 $10.13M Sep 2019
Jefferies 797992 $9.96M Sep 2019
APG All Pensions Group NV 794088 $9.09M Sep 2019
Lmm 759366 $9.48M Sep 2019
Seven Eight Capital 749318 $8.81M Jun 2019
State of Tennessee, Treasury Department 743631 $9.28M Sep 2019
British Columbia Investment Management Corporation 742285 $9.26M Sep 2019
Man 721750 $9.01M Sep 2019
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D 719300 $8.98M Sep 2019
Standard Life Aberdeen 710214 $8.87M Sep 2019
Envestnet Asset Management 678654 $8.47M Sep 2019
Korea Investment Corporation 678200 $8.46M Sep 2019
Aperio 673977 $8.41M Sep 2019
PineBridge Investments 671781 $8.38M Sep 2019
HAP Trading 666500 $393235 Sep 2019
Walleye Trading Advisors 644100 $7.97M Sep 2019
Parkwood 627082 $7.83M Sep 2019
Stephens 618350 $7.72M Sep 2019
Diam 593928 $7.12M Mar 2019
SG Americas Securities 593679 $7.41M Sep 2019
Snow Capital Management 585595 $7.31M Sep 2019
Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund 582918 $7.27M Sep 2019
Credit Capital Investments 580000 $7.24M Sep 2019
Frontier Investment Mgmt 547025 $6.83M Sep 2019
SKBA Capital Management 506850 $6.33M Sep 2019
Walleye Trading 504700 $6.30M Sep 2019
Russell Investments 500767 $6.21M Sep 2019
KCL Capital 500000 $6.24M Sep 2019
Pacer Advisors 498991 $6.23M Sep 2019
Capstone Investment Advisors 493568 $6.16M Sep 2019
Janney Montgomery Scott 485998 $6.07M Sep 2019
Flippin Bruce & Porter 483179 $6.03M Sep 2019
Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services 476990 $6.36M Sep 2019
Madison Investment Advisors 474000 $5.92M Sep 2019
Karpas Strategies 466560 $5.82M Sep 2019
Lawson Kroeker Investment Management 455772 $6.02M Dec 2019
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers 443482 $5.54M Sep 2019
Quadrature Capital 439282 $5.49M Sep 2019
Aronson Johnson Ortiz 437735 $5.46M Sep 2019
American International 435567 $5.44M Sep 2019

Who sold CenturyLink?

Fund Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
State Street Corporation March 31, 2019 56.41M $676.37M
Capital Fund Management S.A. June 30, 2019 967880 $11.38M
Quantitative Investment Management March 31, 2019 962200 $11.54M
AQR Capital Management June 30, 2019 813082 $9.56M