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Top investors of Eucrates Biomedical Acqu Cor stock

Who bought or sold EUCRATES BIOMEDICAL ACQU COR this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
683 Capital Management 600k $5.9M 0% Sep 2021
Hudson Bay Capital Management 433k $4.2M 0% Sep 2021
Altium Capital Management 400k $3.9M 0% Sep 2021
CVI Holdings 355k $3.5M 0% Sep 2021
Sphera Funds Management 329k $3.2M 0% Sep 2021
Kingdon Capital Management 200k $2.0M 0% Sep 2021
EcoR1 Capital 200k $2.0M 0% Sep 2021
D. E. Shaw & Co 176k $1.7M 45% Sep 2021
Vivaldi Asset Management 168k $1.6M 0% Sep 2021
Millennium Management 143k $1.4M 291% Sep 2021
Jane Street 106k $1.0M 0% Sep 2021

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Centiva Capital 104k $1.0M 0% Sep 2021
Arena Capital Advisors, LLC- CA 100k $978k 0% Sep 2021
Radcliffe Capital Management 100k $978k 0% Sep 2021
Suvretta Capital Management 100k $978k 0% Sep 2021
Rivernorth Capital Management 100k $978k 0% Sep 2021
CNH Partners 85k $833k 6% Sep 2021
Periscope Capital 79k $768k 100% Sep 2021
SkyView Investment Advisors 67k $650k 100% Sep 2021
Wolverine Asset Management 57k $560k -8% Sep 2021
Ramius 50k $489k 0% Sep 2021
Basso Capital Management 33k $325k 100% Sep 2021
Mangrove Partners 32k $313k 100% Sep 2021
Magnetar Financial 21k $206k 78% Sep 2021
T. Rowe Price Associates 20k $199k 0% Sep 2021
Athanor Capital 12k $118k -6% Sep 2021
Dark Forest Capital Management 11k $103k 100% Sep 2021
UBS Group 2.5k $24k -34% Sep 2021
Westchester Capital Management 1.1k $11k 100% Sep 2021

Who sold out of Eucrates Biomedical Acqu Cor?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Granite Point Capital Management Jun 2021 100k $985k
Exos Asset Management Jun 2021 11k $103k
PanAgora Asset Management Jun 2021 9.9k $98k