Who owns First Trust Spclty Fin & Fncl Opptnts Fd?

Top investors of First Trust Spclty Fin & Fncl Opptnts stock

Who bought or sold First Trust Spclty Fin & Fncl Opptnts Fd this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors 511k $1.2M -5% Sep 2020
Advisor Group Holdings 220k $506k 100% Sep 2020
Wolverine Asset Management 162k $369k 100% Sep 2020
Flagship Harbor Advisors 160k $367k -27% Sep 2020
Morgan Stanley 159k $367k 63% Sep 2020
Royal Bank of Canada 127k $290k 52% Sep 2020
Multi-Financial Securities 107k $245k -8% Sep 2020
Quad-Cities Investment Group 102k $234k -34% Sep 2020
Commonwealth Equity Services 97k $221k 4% Sep 2020
Wells Fargo & Company 82k $188k -13% Sep 2020
Mariner Investment Group 69k $158k 100% Sep 2020

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FNY Investment Advisers 60k $188k 100% Dec 2020
Good Life Advisors 53k $121k 1% Sep 2020
Sym Financial Corporation 45k $104k 0% Sep 2020
LPL Financial 44k $100k 0% Sep 2020
Advisory Services Network 35k $79k 100% Sep 2020
Almitas Capital 20k $46k 100% Sep 2020
Stifel Financial 12k $27k -54% Sep 2020
Bank of America Corporation 1.5k $3.0k 0% Sep 2020

Who sold out of First Trust Spclty Fin & Fncl Opptnts?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
H D Vest Advisory Services Sep 2020 18k $42k
Creative Financial Designs Sep 2020 8.4k $19k
UBS Group Jun 2020 3.1k $10k