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Top investors of Fast Acquisition Corp stock

Who bought or sold FAST ACQUISITION CORP this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Millennium Management 786k $8.6M 0% Dec 2020
Shaolin Capital Management 450k $5.0M -10% Dec 2020
Caas Capital Management 300k $4.2M 0% Mar 2021
Wealthspring Capital 204k $2.2M 100% Dec 2020
Hrt Financial 101k $1.4M 0% Mar 2021
Kepos Capital 60k $840k -93% Mar 2021
Koshinski Asset Management 17k $213k 100% Mar 2021
UBS Group 935.00 $13k -28% Mar 2021
Tower Research Capital 408.00 $6.0k -64% Mar 2021

Who sold out of Fast Acquisition Corp?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Glazer Capital Dec 2020 1.6M $18M
Magnetar Financial Dec 2020 526k $5.8M
Castle Creek Arbitrage Sep 2020 518k $5.2M
Periscope Capital Dec 2020 426k $4.7M
Alyeska Investment Group Sep 2020 403k $4.0M
Radcliffe Capital Management Sep 2020 400k $4.0M
Tenor Capital Management Sep 2020 360k $3.6M
David W. Seeley Sep 2020 299k $3.0M
Water Island Capital Dec 2020 246k $2.7M
Citigroup Dec 2020 223k $2.4M
Rivernorth Capital Management Sep 2020 189k $1.9M
Jane Street Dec 2020 150k $1.7M
Sage Mountain Advisors Dec 2020 134k $1.5M
Yakira Capital Management Dec 2020 101k $1.1M
OMERS Administration Corporation Dec 2020 100k $1.1M
Ramius Dec 2020 100k $1.1M
Virtu Financial Dec 2020 90k $990k
Echo Street Capital Management Dec 2020 67k $732k
Walleye Trading Advisors Dec 2020 60k $660k
Saba Capital Management Sep 2020 55k $546k
Walleye Trading Dec 2020 40k $440k
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Sep 2020 28k $282k
Exos Asset Management Dec 2020 25k $275k