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Top investors of Humanco Acquisition Corp stock

Who bought or sold HUMANCO ACQUISITION CORP this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Candlestick Capital Management 750k $900k 100% Jun 2021
Arena Capital Advisors, LLC- CA 530k $631k 0% Jun 2021
Woodline Partners 528k $633k 0% Jun 2021
Third Point 500k $595k 0% Jun 2021
Cinctive Capital Management 486k $584k 0% Jun 2021
Palestra Capital Management 450k $536k 0% Jun 2021
Owl Creek Asset Management 413k $491k 0% Jun 2021
Ratan Capital Management 358k $429k 100% Jun 2021
Falcon Edge Capital 250k $300k 0% Jun 2021
Inherent Group 236k $281k 100% Jun 2021
Sabby Management 200k $238k 42% Jun 2021

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Moore Capital Management 200k $240k 0% Jun 2021
Farallon Capital Management 200k $240k 0% Jun 2021
Carlson Capital 174k $207k 0% Jun 2021
Element Pointe Advisors 161k $187k 1% Jun 2021
Governors Lane 149k $178k 0% Jun 2021
Aristeia Capital 134k $160k 100% Jun 2021
Point72 Asset Management 125k $149k 0% Jun 2021
Berman Capital Advisors 107k $105k 100% Sep 2021
Magnetar Financial 76k $92k 100% Jun 2021
Radcliffe Capital Management 72k $701k 0% Jun 2021
Becker Drapkin Management 52k $62k 100% Jun 2021
Taconic Capital Advisors 50k $60k 0% Jun 2021
Spring Creek Capital 50k $60k 0% Jun 2021
Monashee Investment Management 50k $59k 0% Jun 2021
Marshall Wace 50k $487k 0% Jun 2021
Millennium Management 46k $55k 0% Jun 2021
Linden Advisors 37k $43k 0% Jun 2021
CNH Partners 25k $30k 0% Jun 2021
Nomura Holdings 22k $26k 0% Jun 2021