Who owns Union Acquisition Corp Ii *w exp 04/01/202?

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Top investors of Union Acquisition Corp Ii *w exp 04/01/202 stock

Who bought or sold Union Acquisition Corp Ii *w exp 04/01/202 this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Linden Advisors 1.5M $986k -3% Mar 2021
Sage Rock Capital Management 1.4M $972k 127% Mar 2021
Kepos Capital 1.0M $680k -43% Mar 2021
Magnetar Financial 1.0M $680k 100% Mar 2021
Polar Securities 775k $527k -54% Mar 2021
Shaolin Capital Management 700k $665k -21% Dec 2020
Owl Creek Asset Management 540k $513k 0% Dec 2020
David W. Seeley 469k $448k 1% Dec 2020
Tenor Capital Management 400k $380k 0% Dec 2020
Yakira Capital Management 248k $168k -10% Mar 2021
Maven Securities 210k $158k 100% Mar 2021

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Gabelli Securities 197k $134k -20% Mar 2021
Gabelli Funds 179k $122k 0% Mar 2021
Ramius Advisors 178k $121k 100% Mar 2021
Walleye Trading Advisors 160k $109k 60% Mar 2021
Boothbay Fund Management 157k $1.6M -77% Mar 2021
Hrt Financial 156k $106k 0% Mar 2021
Rivernorth Capital Management 150k $143k 0% Dec 2020
Walleye Trading 107k $73k 60% Mar 2021
K2 Principal Fund 100k $68k 100% Mar 2021
Context Capital Management 100k $68k 0% Mar 2021
Wolverine Asset Management 99k $67k -18% Mar 2021
Cowen And Company 86k $58k 100% Mar 2021
CNH Partners 73k $50k -93% Mar 2021
Wealthspring Capital 54k $52k 100% Dec 2020
Periscope Capital 25k $17k -80% Mar 2021
Mangrove Partners 22k $15k 100% Mar 2021
Basso Capital Management 20k $14k -78% Mar 2021
Jane Street 16k $11k 100% Mar 2021
Glazer Capital 15k $10k 100% Mar 2021
K.J. Harrison & Partners 15k $10k 100% Mar 2021

Who sold out of Union Acquisition Corp Ii *w exp 04/01/202?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Centiva Capital Dec 2020 200k $190k
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Dec 2020 150k $142k
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management Dec 2020 150k $143k
HGC Investment Management Dec 2020 124k $118k
Hudson Bay Capital Management Dec 2020 63k $60k
Weiss Asset Management LP[1 Dec 2020 50k $48k
Geode Capital Management Dec 2020 24k $21k
PanAgora Asset Management Dec 2020 16k $15k