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Top investors of Legato Merger Corp stock

Who bought or sold LEGATO MERGER CORP this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Magnetar Financial 449k $5.3M -2% Jun 2021
Omni Partners 296k $3.0M 100% Mar 2021
Castle Creek Arbitrage 242k $2.9M 100% Jun 2021
Goldman Sachs Group 192k $1.9M 100% Mar 2021
Hodges Capital Management 153k $1.8M 0% Jun 2021
Virtu Financial 55k $655k -63% Jun 2021
Hrt Financial 51k $608k 1% Jun 2021
Kepos Capital 38k $449k -90% Jun 2021
LPL Financial 22k $255k -14% Jun 2021
Wolverine Trading 18k $216k -27% Jun 2021
UBS Group 1.0k $12k -80% Jun 2021

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Flow Traders US 0 $0 -100% Jun 2021

Who sold out of Legato Merger Corp?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Boothbay Fund Management Mar 2021 931k $9.4M
Citadel Advisors Mar 2021 707k $7.2M
Ramius Advisors Mar 2021 697k $7.1M
Shaolin Capital Management Mar 2021 659k $6.7M
Wealthspring Capital Mar 2021 352k $3.6M
Yakira Capital Management Mar 2021 300k $3.0M
Context Capital Management Mar 2021 256k $2.6M
Basso Capital Management Mar 2021 233k $2.4M
Wolverine Asset Management Mar 2021 227k $2.3M
D. E. Shaw & Co Mar 2021 225k $2.3M
Walleye Trading Advisors Mar 2021 200k $2.0M
Hartree Partners Mar 2021 200k $2.0M
683 Capital Management Mar 2021 200k $2.0M
Walleye Trading Mar 2021 134k $1.4M
Susquehanna International Mar 2021 104k $1.1M
Nomura Holdings Mar 2021 104k $1.1M
State of Wisconsin Investment Board Mar 2021 100k $1.0M
Sage Mountain Advisors Mar 2021 96k $976k
Verition Fund Management Mar 2021 90k $912k
Owl Creek Asset Management Mar 2021 80k $810k
David W. Seeley Mar 2021 79k $796k
Vivaldi Asset Management Mar 2021 68k $684k
Glazer Capital Mar 2021 60k $607k
Cheyne Capital Management Mar 2021 58k $592k
Millennium Management Mar 2021 51k $519k
Landscape Capital Management Mar 2021 51k $518k
Ramius Mar 2021 50k $507k
Hudson Bay Capital Management Mar 2021 45k $459k
K.J. Harrison & Partners Mar 2021 45k $456k
Westchester Capital Management Mar 2021 30k $300k
Marshall Wace Mar 2021 19k $190k
PanAgora Asset Management Mar 2021 5.0k $51k
Condor Capital Management Mar 2021 2.2k $22k