Who owns Merida Merger Corp I?

Top investors of Merida Merger Corp I stock

Who bought or sold Merida Merger Corp I this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Linden Advisors 1.1M $11M 0% Jun 2020
Picton Mahoney Asset Management 913k $6.7M 0% Jun 2020
Castle Creek Arbitrage 912k $9.0M 30% Sep 2020
Polar Securities 828k $8.1M 138% Jun 2020
Periscope Capital 633k $6.2M 13% Jun 2020
Karpus Investment Management 602k $5.9M 116% Jun 2020
Newtyn Management 590k $5.8M 0% Jun 2020
Boothbay Fund Management 577k $5.6M 0% Jun 2020
Basso Capital Management 566k $5.5M 51% Jun 2020
Westchester Capital Management 548k $5.4M 0% Jun 2020
Hudson Bay Capital Management 533k $5.2M 0% Jun 2020

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Owl Creek Asset Management 500k $4.9M 0% Jun 2020
Tenor Capital Management 495k $4.8M 0% Jun 2020
UBS O'Connor 475k $4.7M -5% Jun 2020
Rivernorth Capital Management 389k $3.8M -3% Jun 2020
Context Capital Management 374k $3.7M -7% Jun 2020
Mizuho Securities USA 353k $3.4M -31% Sep 2020
Yakira Capital Management 325k $3.2M 0% Jun 2020
Shaolin Capital Management 175k $1.7M 0% Jun 2020
CNH Partners 145k $1.4M -76% Jun 2020
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 100k $981k 0% Jun 2020
Walleye Trading Advisors 100k $978k -2% Jun 2020
Kepos Capital 52k $508k -2% Jun 2020
Royal Bank of Canada 28k $273k 0% Jun 2020
Walleye Trading 17k $167k -8% Jun 2020
Radcliffe Capital Management 15k $150k 0% Jun 2020
Sanders Morris Harris 15k $147k 100% Sep 2020
UBS Group 1.3k $12k 100% Jun 2020
Tower Research Capital 6.00 $0 100% Jun 2020

Who sold out of Merida Merger Corp I?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Credit Suisse Mar 2020 188k $1.8M
Wolverine Asset Management Mar 2020 17k $168k
Morgan Stanley Mar 2020 274.00 $3.0k