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Top investors of Monument Circle Acquisitn stock

Who bought or sold MONUMENT CIRCLE ACQUISITN CO this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Corbin Capital Partners 1.1M $11M 0% Mar 2022
Citadel Advisors 1.1M $11M 0% Mar 2022
Aristeia Capital 1.1M $10M 0% Mar 2022
Verition Fund Management 865k $8.5M 0% Mar 2022
Basso Capital Management 719k $7.0M 42% Mar 2022
Saba Capital Management 595k $5.8M 100% Mar 2022
MMCAP International Inc. SPC 500k $4.9M 0% Mar 2022
Polar Securities 500k $4.9M 0% Mar 2022
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co 470k $4.6M 74% Mar 2022
Castle Creek Arbitrage 410k $4.0M 0% Mar 2022
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft 400k $3.9M 0% Mar 2022

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TowerView 380k $3.7M 0% Mar 2022
D. E. Shaw & Co 312k $3.0M 39% Mar 2022
Nomura Holdings 301k $2.9M 0% Mar 2022
Shaolin Capital Management 250k $2.4M 100% Mar 2022
Tenor Capital Management 250k $2.4M 0% Mar 2022
Jane Street 246k $2.4M 0% Mar 2022
Atalaya Capital Management 227k $2.2M -39% Mar 2022
Cubist Systematic Strategies 214k $2.1M 100% Mar 2022
Picton Mahoney Asset Management 150k $1.5M 0% Mar 2022
Millennium Management 142k $1.4M -47% Mar 2022
Whitebox Advisors 140k $1.4M -7% Mar 2022
Cantor Fitzgerald, L. P. 137k $1.3M 100% Mar 2022
Spring Creek Capital 121k $1.2M 0% Mar 2022
Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. 105k $1.0M 0% Mar 2022
Wolverine Asset Management 101k $991k -11% Mar 2022
Deltec Asset Management 100k $979k 0% Mar 2022
Goldman Sachs Group 92k $898k 0% Mar 2022
Dark Forest Capital Management 86k $839k 0% Mar 2022
CNH Partners 83k $809k 0% Mar 2022
Exos Asset Management 57k $561k 3% Mar 2022
PEAK6 Investments 50k $489k 0% Mar 2022
Berkley W R 50k $487k 0% Mar 2022
Spartan Fund Management 49k $596k 100% Mar 2022
Karpus Investment Management 44k $429k 0% Mar 2022
Walleye Trading Advisors 36k $355k -6% Mar 2022
Walleye Trading 34k $333k 0% Mar 2022
GAM Holding 18k $180k 0% Mar 2022
Landscape Capital Management 18k $174k 0% Mar 2022
Geode Capital Management 16k $158k 0% Mar 2022
Blackstone Group 14k $141k -97% Mar 2022
Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors 10k $100k 0% Mar 2022
Integrity Capital Management 434.00 $4.0k 100% Mar 2022

Who sold out of Monument Circle Acquisitn?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2021 749k $7.3M
Athos Capital Sep 2021 320k $3.1M
Bank of America Corporation Dec 2021 184k $1.8M
Centiva Capital Sep 2021 50k $488k
CSS Sep 2021 26k $254k