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Top investors of Motive Capital Corp stock

Who bought or sold MOTIVE CAPITAL CORP this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
BlueCrest Capital Management 1.8M $18M 20% Mar 2021
Millennium Management 1.5M $16M 100% Dec 2020
Ratan Capital Management 863k $8.7M 0% Mar 2021
Castle Creek Arbitrage 700k $7.4M 100% Dec 2020
Radcliffe Capital Management 700k $7.4M 100% Dec 2020
Fir Tree 600k $6.3M 100% Dec 2020
Islet Management 564k $5.7M 25% Mar 2021
Glazer Capital 511k $5.1M -15% Mar 2021
Westchester Capital Management 506k $5.3M 100% Dec 2020
Tudor Investment Corporation 500k $5.3M 100% Dec 2020
Magnetar Financial 493k $5.0M -10% Mar 2021

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Sage Rock Capital Management 452k $4.5M -10% Mar 2021
David W. Seeley 450k $4.7M 100% Dec 2020
Shaolin Capital Management 450k $4.7M 100% Dec 2020
Tenor Capital Management 400k $4.2M 100% Dec 2020
Kingstown Capital Management 400k $4.2M 100% Dec 2020
Kepos Capital 238k $2.4M -32% Mar 2021
Hound Partners 200k $2.1M 100% Dec 2020
Vivaldi Asset Management 198k $2.1M 100% Dec 2020
Bracebridge Capital 176k $1.8M 100% Mar 2021
Boothbay Fund Management 171k $1.7M -5% Mar 2021
potrero capital research 147k $1.5M 100% Dec 2020
Jpmorgan Chase & Co 139k $1.4M -7% Mar 2021
Wealthspring Capital 120k $1.3M 100% Dec 2020
Virtu Financial 103k $1.0M 100% Mar 2021
Hrt Financial 100k $1.0M -23% Mar 2021
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors 90k $949k 100% Dec 2020
Wellington Management Company 88k $884k 100% Mar 2021
Spring Creek Capital 75k $754k -81% Mar 2021
Verition Fund Management 67k $669k -85% Mar 2021
Owl Creek Asset Management 60k $632k 100% Dec 2020
DeepCurrents Investment Group 58k $606k 100% Dec 2020
Sage Mountain Advisors 57k $575k -19% Mar 2021
Ramius Advisors 56k $563k 100% Mar 2021
TIG Advisors 50k $527k 100% Dec 2020
Kamunting Street Capital Management 50k $527k 100% Dec 2020
Brooklyn Capital Management 50k $503k 0% Mar 2021
Yakira Capital Management 50k $503k 0% Mar 2021
Beryl Capital Management 50k $527k 100% Dec 2020
III Capital Management 50k $502k -67% Mar 2021
Caas Capital Management 50k $503k 0% Mar 2021
Littlejohn & Co 50k $503k 100% Mar 2021
Berkley W R 50k $524k 100% Dec 2020
Wolverine Trading 44k $443k 100% Mar 2021
Gabelli Securities 35k $355k 0% Mar 2021
Gabelli Funds 35k $349k 0% Mar 2021
ExodusPoint Capital Management 32k $318k -68% Mar 2021
KCL Capital 30k $316k 100% Dec 2020
Goldman Sachs Group 20k $201k 100% Mar 2021
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers 17k $174k -61% Mar 2021
UBS Group 15k $147k -71% Mar 2021
Smith, Moore & Co. 14k $141k 100% Mar 2021
Royal Bank of Canada 11k $115k -80% Mar 2021
Ramius 10k $101k -90% Mar 2021
Camden Capital 10k $101k 0% Mar 2021
Context Capital Management 1.1k $11k -96% Mar 2021
Tower Research Capital 991.00 $10k -1% Mar 2021
Condor Capital Management 900.00 $9.0k 100% Mar 2021
DuPont Capital Management Corporation 2.00 $0 -100% Mar 2021

Who sold out of Motive Capital Corp?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Aristeia Capital Dec 2020 2.3M $24M
Adage Capital Partners GP Dec 2020 2.0M $21M
Citadel Advisors Dec 2020 1.2M $12M
PEAK6 Investments Dec 2020 1.1M $12M
Governors Lane Dec 2020 1.0M $11M
RP Investment Advisors Dec 2020 897k $9.5M
OZ Management Dec 2020 750k $7.9M
Polar Securities Dec 2020 750k $7.9M
Centiva Capital Dec 2020 750k $7.9M
Linden Advisors Dec 2020 650k $6.9M
Taconic Capital Advisors Dec 2020 600k $6.3M
HBK Investments Dec 2020 550k $5.8M
Blackstone Group Dec 2020 500k $5.3M
Echo Street Capital Management Dec 2020 500k $5.3M
Balyasny Asset Management Dec 2020 500k $5.3M
Marshall Wace Dec 2020 500k $5.3M
Periscope Capital Dec 2020 500k $5.3M
Silver Rock Financial Dec 2020 500k $5.3M
Syquant Capital Sas Dec 2020 500k $5.3M
UBS O'Connor Dec 2020 456k $4.8M
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management Dec 2020 400k $4.2M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Dec 2020 400k $4.2M
HGC Investment Management Dec 2020 400k $4.2M
Woodline Partners Dec 2020 400k $4.2M
Ghisallo Capital Management Dec 2020 400k $4.2M
J. Goldman & Co Dec 2020 345k $3.6M
DLD Asset Management Dec 2020 300k $3.2M
Basso Capital Management Dec 2020 250k $2.6M
LMR Partners Dec 2020 250k $2.6M
Point72 Asset Management Dec 2020 250k $2.6M
K2 Principal Fund Dec 2020 250k $2.6M
Oribel Capital Management Dec 2020 246k $2.6M
Weiss Asset Management LP[1 Dec 2020 200k $2.1M
Monashee Investment Management Dec 2020 200k $2.1M
Frigate Ventures Dec 2020 150k $1.6M
OMERS Administration Corporation Dec 2020 150k $1.6M
Halcyon Management Partners Dec 2020 150k $1.6M
CVI Holdings Dec 2020 150k $1.6M
Bluefin Capital Management Dec 2020 120k $1.3M
Angelo, Gordon & Co Dec 2020 100k $1.1M
Becker Drapkin Management Dec 2020 96k $1.0M
Susquehanna International Dec 2020 89k $938k
Jane Street Dec 2020 73k $766k
Whitebox Advisors Dec 2020 70k $738k
Walleye Trading Advisors Dec 2020 60k $632k
Walleye Trading Dec 2020 40k $422k
CNH Partners Dec 2020 40k $422k
Levin Easterly Partners Dec 2020 40k $422k
Levin Capital Strategies Dec 2020 30k $316k
Citigroup Dec 2020 25k $264k
Exos Asset Management Dec 2020 25k $264k
Vivaldi Capital Management Dec 2020 22k $232k