Who owns Nam Tai Ppty Inc Shs?

Top investors of Nam Tai Ppty stock

Who bought or sold Nam Tai Ppty Inc Shs this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Iat Reinsurance 5.8M $54M 0% Sep 2020
Iszo Capital Management 3.9M $36M 2% Sep 2020
Kahn Brothers Group 1.7M $16M -8% Sep 2020
Morgan Stanley 486k $5.5M -16% Sep 2020
Raging Capital Management 352k $3.3M -18% Sep 2020
Moab Capital Partners 203k $1.9M 0% Sep 2020
Prescott Group Capital Management 188k $1.8M -67% Sep 2020
CalPERS 51k $480k 5% Sep 2020
Susquehanna International 36k $341k -56% Sep 2020
Invesco 34k $321k 100% Sep 2020
Royal Bank of Canada 31k $291k -5% Sep 2020

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Ramius 31k $289k 100% Sep 2020
Group One Trading 22k $210k -60% Sep 2020
Citadel Advisors 17k $158k 100% Sep 2020
Beacon Pointe Advisors 10k $94k 100% Sep 2020
Investors Research Corp 6.9k $40k -10% Dec 2020
Princeton Global Asset Management 3.5k $33k 75% Sep 2020
UBS Group 1.9k $19k -15% Sep 2020
Institutional & Family Asset Management 1.1k $10k 0% Sep 2020
Advisor Group Holdings 570.00 $5.7k 100% Sep 2020
Us Bancorp 165.00 $2.0k 0% Sep 2020

Who sold out of Nam Tai Ppty?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Millennium Management Jun 2020 14k $87k
Simplex Trading Jun 2020 9.3k $57.908000
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Jun 2020 3.7k $23k
Tower Research Capital Jun 2020 1.6k $0
Bank of America Corporation Jun 2020 500.00 $3.0k