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Top investors of Onyx Acquisition Co I stock

Who bought or sold ONYX ACQUISITION CO I this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
VR Advisory Services 1.5M $16M 100% Mar 2023
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Carronade Capital Management 1.0M $11M 100% Mar 2023
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Fir Tree 449k $4.6M 0% Dec 2022
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Radcliffe Capital Management 397k $4.1M 22% Dec 2022
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LMR Partners 350k $3.6M 100% Dec 2022
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Magnetar Financial 333k $3.4M 0% Dec 2022
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Meteora Capital 327k $3.4M 100% Dec 2022
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Taconic Capital Advisors 300k $3.1M 0% Dec 2022
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CNH Partners 283k $3.0M -5% Mar 2023
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Westchester Capital Management 229k $2.4M 0% Dec 2022
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Linden Advisors 223k $2.3M 0% Dec 2022
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Verition Fund Management 200k $2.1M 0% Dec 2022
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Saba Capital Management 167k $1.8M -93% Mar 2023
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Shaolin Capital Management 150k $1.6M -70% Mar 2023
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Cubist Systematic Strategies 140k $1.5M -80% Mar 2023
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Boothbay Fund Management 135k $1.4M 100% Dec 2022
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Highland Peak Capital 111k $1.2M 100% Mar 2023
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Hsbc Holdings 108k $1.1M 0% Dec 2022
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Crystalline Management 100k $1.0M 0% Mar 2023
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Polar Securities 100k $1.1M -86% Mar 2023
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Sandia Investment Management 100k $1.1M 100% Mar 2023
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Difesa Capital Management 100k $1.0M 100% Dec 2022
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Vestcor Investment Management Corp 100k $1.0M 0% Dec 2022
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Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. 98k $1.0M 0% Mar 2023
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Berkley W R 76k $795k -71% Mar 2023
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Sona Asset Management 60k $619k 0% Dec 2022
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Moore Capital Management 50k $526k -88% Mar 2023
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Glazer Capital 32k $336k -99% Mar 2023
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State Street Corporation 21k $216k -12% Mar 2023
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Sunrise Partners Limited Partnership 20k $210k -67% Mar 2023
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Geode Capital Management 11k $112k 0% Dec 2022
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Clear Street 108.00 $1.0k 100% Mar 2023
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Who sold out of Onyx Acquisition Co I?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
D. E. Shaw & Co Dec 2022 1.6M $17M
Calamos Advisors Dec 2022 1.5M $16M
Aristeia Capital Dec 2022 970k $10M
Highbridge Capital Management Dec 2022 852k $8.8M
Weiss Asset Management LP[1 Dec 2022 722k $7.4M
OZ Management Dec 2022 705k $7.3M
Starboard Value Dec 2022 673k $6.9M
Davidson Kempner Capital Management Dec 2022 600k $6.2M
Millennium Management Dec 2022 589k $6.1M
Kepos Capital Sep 2022 500k $5.1M
UBS O'Connor Dec 2022 473k $4.9M
Marshall Wace Dec 2022 465k $4.8M
Kim Dec 2022 450k $4.6M
Hudson Bay Capital Management Dec 2022 400k $4.1M
HGC Investment Management Dec 2022 350k $3.6M
Oaktree Capital Management Dec 2022 300k $3.1M
Capstone Investment Advisors Dec 2022 250k $2.6M
Vivaldi Asset Management Dec 2022 219k $2.3M
Ghisallo Capital Management Sep 2022 216k $2.2M
Periscope Capital Dec 2022 216k $2.2M
Castle Creek Arbitrage Dec 2022 200k $2.1M
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2022 145k $1.5M
Atalaya Capital Management Dec 2022 135k $1.4M
Cohanzick Management Dec 2022 111k $1.1M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Dec 2022 105k $1.1M
Toronto-Dominion Bank Dec 2022 100k $1.0M
Frigate Ventures Dec 2022 100k $1.0M
Landscape Capital Management Dec 2022 83k $856k
T. Rowe Price Associates Dec 2022 76k $778k
RiverPark Advisors Dec 2022 70k $721k
Rivernorth Capital Management Dec 2022 65k $670k
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dec 2022 50k $516k
Whitebox Advisors Dec 2022 25k $258k
Karpus Investment Management Dec 2022 14k $146k
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Dec 2022 14k $144k
UBS Group Dec 2022 1.5k $15k
Dark Forest Capital Management Dec 2022 365.00 $3.8k