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Top investors of Trepont Acquisition Corp I stock

Who bought or sold TREPONT ACQUISITION CORP I this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Castle Creek Arbitrage 1.4M $15M 100% Dec 2020
Fir Tree 1.0M $10M 100% Dec 2020
Millennium Management 983k $10M 100% Dec 2020
BlueCrest Capital Management 850k $8.7M 0% Mar 2021
MMCAP International Inc. SPC 800k $8.3M 100% Dec 2020
Magnetar Financial 700k $7.1M 0% Mar 2021
Sage Rock Capital Management 602k $6.1M -29% Mar 2021
Aristeia Capital 588k $6.0M -13% Mar 2021
HGC Investment Management 550k $5.6M -45% Mar 2021
Radcliffe Capital Management 500k $5.2M 100% Dec 2020
Alyeska Investment Group 432k $4.5M 100% Dec 2020

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Beryl Capital Management 396k $4.1M 100% Dec 2020
Tenor Capital Management 200k $2.1M 100% Dec 2020
Shaolin Capital Management 198k $2.1M 100% Dec 2020
Goldman Sachs Group 150k $1.5M 100% Mar 2021
Glazer Capital 136k $1.4M -47% Mar 2021
Hound Partners 100k $1.0M 100% Dec 2020
Hrt Financial 99k $1.0M 0% Mar 2021
CNH Partners 80k $816k -20% Mar 2021
Saba Capital Management 80k $830k 100% Dec 2020
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors 80k $825k 100% Dec 2020
Berkley W R 70k $721k 100% Dec 2020
Context Capital Management 50k $512k -50% Mar 2021
Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. 47k $476k -53% Mar 2021
Wealthspring Capital 46k $481k 100% Dec 2020
Sage Mountain Advisors 37k $382k -9% Mar 2021
Gabelli Securities 37k $377k 0% Mar 2021
Gabelli Funds 33k $337k 0% Mar 2021
UBS Group 31k $316k -46% Mar 2021
Virtu Financial 30k $306k 100% Mar 2021
KCL Capital 30k $311k 100% Dec 2020
Landscape Capital Management 21k $214k 100% Mar 2021
Royal Bank of Canada 18k $186k 1% Mar 2021
Harbor Advisors 10k $102k 100% Mar 2021
Wolverine Asset Management 5.1k $52k -94% Mar 2021

Who sold out of Trepont Acquisition Corp I?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Citadel Advisors Dec 2020 1.2M $13M
Linden Advisors Dec 2020 1.0M $10M
Polar Securities Dec 2020 1.0M $10M
UBS O'Connor Dec 2020 684k $7.1M
RP Investment Advisors Dec 2020 644k $6.7M
Periscope Capital Dec 2020 600k $6.2M
Balyasny Asset Management Dec 2020 600k $6.2M
HBK Investments Dec 2020 600k $6.2M
Marshall Wace Dec 2020 500k $5.2M
Arena Capital Advisors, LLC- CA Dec 2020 500k $5.2M
Frigate Ventures Dec 2020 400k $4.1M
Kepos Capital Dec 2020 380k $3.9M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Dec 2020 300k $3.1M
J. Goldman & Co Dec 2020 296k $3.1M
Vestcor Investment Management Corp Dec 2020 238k $2.5M
LMR Partners Dec 2020 200k $2.1M
Hudson Bay Capital Management Dec 2020 179k $1.9M
CSS Dec 2020 108k $1.1M
Jane Street Dec 2020 100k $1.0M
Whitebox Advisors Dec 2020 100k $1.0M
Ramius Dec 2020 100k $1.0M
Verition Fund Management Dec 2020 77k $793k
Basso Capital Management Dec 2020 75k $775k
Mizuho Securities USA Dec 2020 33k $337k
Springbok Capital Management Dec 2020 18k $181k
Boothbay Fund Management Dec 2020 12k $128k
Cowen And Company Dec 2020 11k $114k