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Top investors of Tastemaker Acquisition Corp Com Cl A stock

Who bought or sold TASTEMAKER ACQUISITION CORP COM CL A this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Karpus Investment Management 1.8M $18M -8% Mar 2022
Glazer Capital 1.5M $15M -26% Mar 2022
TowerView 1.3M $13M 0% Mar 2022
Aristeia Capital 1.2M $12M 0% Mar 2022
Basso Capital Management 1.1M $11M 0% Mar 2022
D. E. Shaw & Co 1.1M $11M 18% Mar 2022
Saba Capital Management 980k $9.7M 100% Mar 2022
Citadel Advisors 754k $7.5M -45% Mar 2022
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co 500k $4.9M 38% Mar 2022
Polar Securities 400k $4.0M 0% Mar 2022
State of Wisconsin Investment Board 360k $3.6M 71% Mar 2022

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Berkley W R 340k $3.4M 0% Mar 2022
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft 300k $3.0M -4% Mar 2022
Tenor Capital Management 300k $3.0M 0% Mar 2022
Verition Fund Management 281k $2.8M 11% Mar 2022
Jane Street 272k $2.7M 0% Mar 2022
Millennium Management 263k $2.6M -40% Mar 2022
Goldman Sachs Group 258k $2.6M 0% Mar 2022
Shaolin Capital Management 230k $2.3M 100% Mar 2022
Knott David M Jr 200k $2.0M 100% Dec 2021
Rivernorth Capital Management 196k $1.9M -2% Mar 2022
Gabelli Securities 196k $1.9M 0% Mar 2022
Gabelli Funds 194k $1.9M 0% Mar 2022
Bank Of Montreal 183k $1.8M 38% Dec 2021
Bank of America Corporation 176k $1.7M 100% Dec 2021
Oaktree Capital Management 150k $1.5M 100% Mar 2022
Centiva Capital 148k $1.5M 0% Dec 2021
Nomura Holdings 147k $1.5M 70% Mar 2022
Castle Creek Arbitrage 136k $1.3M 0% Mar 2022
Context Capital Management 131k $1.3M 100% Mar 2022
Walleye Trading Advisors 119k $1.2M 0% Mar 2022
Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Adviser 100k $990k 0% Mar 2022
Picton Mahoney Asset Management 100k $990k 0% Mar 2022
Omni Event Management 86k $846k 100% Dec 2021
Pinz Capital Management 86k $846k 100% Mar 2022
Walleye Trading 80k $792k 0% Mar 2022
Vestcor Investment Management Corp 80k $791k 0% Dec 2021
Alyeska Investment Group 75k $743k 100% Mar 2022
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 57k $567k 0% Dec 2021
Spring Creek Capital 55k $544k 100% Mar 2022
Whitebox Advisors 51k $500k -8% Mar 2022
Citigroup 50k $495k 100% Dec 2021
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 50k $495k 0% Dec 2021
Keeley-Teton Advisors 46k $457k -1% Mar 2022
Oakmont Partners 45k $451k -4% Mar 2022
Landscape Capital Management 41k $409k 0% Mar 2022
Corbyn Investment Management 39k $388k 0% Mar 2022
Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors 30k $297k 0% Mar 2022
Geode Capital Management 24k $236k 0% Mar 2022
Wolverine Asset Management 16k $160k -77% Mar 2022
Warberg Asset Management 15k $144k 0% Mar 2022
Cohanzick Management 4.9k $48k 100% Mar 2022
Integrity Capital Management 2.8k $28k 100% Mar 2022

Who sold out of Tastemaker Acquisition Corp Com Cl A?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Monashee Investment Management Sep 2021 325k $3.2M
MYDA Advisors Dec 2021 40k $396k
Levin Capital Strategies Dec 2021 30k $297k
Private Capital Management Sep 2021 30k $296k
Old Mission Capital Dec 2021 12k $120k
Dark Forest Capital Management Dec 2021 8.4k $83k