Blum Capital Partners

Latest statistics and disclosures from BLUM CAPITAL PARTNERS's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are Cbre Group Inc Cl A, ESI, CECO, AVID, Moneygram International. These five stock positions account for 96.26% of BLUM CAPITAL PARTNERS's total stock portfolio.
  • Reduced shares in these 2 stocks: SEIC (-$6.72M), ESI (-$6.17M).
  • As of March 31, 2014, BLUM CAPITAL PARTNERS has $622.70M in assets under management (AUM). Assets under management dropped from a total value of $639.92M to $622.70M.
  • Independent of market fluctuations, BLUM CAPITAL PARTNERS was a net seller by $12.89M worth of stocks in the most recent quarter.

BLUM CAPITAL PARTNERS portfolio companies for March 2014 quarter

Ticker Name Portfolio Weight Change Share Count Price Last Trade
Cbre Group Inc Cl A 66.27 15044145 27.43 0.00
ESI ITT Educational Services 9.59 -9.00% 2081913 28.68 13.48
CECO Career Education 7.91 6600000 7.46 5.28
AVID Avid Technology 6.98 7126748 6.10 9.80
Moneygram International 5.51 1943446 17.65 0.00
SEIC SEI Investments Company 3.74 -22.00% 693815 33.61 35.47