Who owns * Barrick Gold Corp?

Top Holders and Investors of * Barrick Gold Corp Stock

Find out what company owns * Barrick Gold Corp, who bought * Barrick Gold Corp this quarter, and who sold shares of * Barrick Gold Corp stock?

Fund or Company Name Number of Shares Valued At As Of
VAN ECK ASSOCIATES CORP. 61.68M $1.09B Sep 2016
First Eagle Investment Management, LLC 34.97M $619.72M Sep 2016
Royal Bank of Canada 27.68M $490.49M Sep 2016
BlackRock Group 27.15M $481.12M Sep 2016
The Vanguard Group,Inc 24.21M $429.05M Sep 2016
FMR LLC 18.54M $328.33M Sep 2016
BANK OF MONTREAL /CAN/ 17.42M $308.65M Sep 2016
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management 16.48M $291.43M Sep 2016
CIBC World Markets Inc. 15.82M $280.36M Sep 2016
Oldfield Partners LLP 15.04M $266.40M Sep 2016
Franklin Resources, Inc. 12.71M $225.19M Sep 2016
The Toronto-Dominion Bank 12.20M $169.46M Sep 2016
Adage Capital Partners GP, L.L.C. 12.19M $216.04M Sep 2016
TD Asset Management Inc. 11.71M $207.01M Sep 2016
Robeco Investment Management, Inc. 11.58M $205.15M Sep 2016
Renaissance Technologies, L.L.C. 11.34M $201.00M Sep 2016
Majedie Asset Management 10.81M $191.58M Sep 2016
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft 10.80M $191.12M Sep 2016
UBS Group AG 10.62M $188.20M Sep 2016
Northern Cross 10.56M $185.73M Sep 2016
CIBC Global Asset Management Inc. 9.90M $175.74M Sep 2016
Bank of New York Mellon 9.78M $173.25M Sep 2016
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC 8.26M $146.38M Sep 2016
Prudential 8.14M $144.19M Sep 2016
Barclays PLC 8.04M $142.49M Sep 2016
Orbis Allan Gray 7.93M $140.59M Sep 2016
APG All Pensions Group NV 7.36M $170.94M Sep 2016
AQR Capital Management, LLC 7.18M $127.03M Sep 2016
Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft 7.11M $125.91M Sep 2016
Parallax Volatility Advisers, LLC 6.31M $113.50M Sep 2016
MACKENZIE FINANCIAL 5.96M $105.54M Sep 2016
Capital Fund Management S.A. 5.90M $104.47M Sep 2016
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc. 5.62M $99.50M Sep 2016
Caxton Associates 5.54M $98.17M Sep 2016
Invesco Ltd. 5.51M $97.70M Sep 2016
Alberta Investment Management Corporation 5.50M $127.66M Sep 2016
Bank of America Corporation 5.42M $95.98M Sep 2016
American Century Companies, Inc. 5.32M $94.32M Sep 2016
ORBIS WORLD 5.30M $93.91M Sep 2016
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. 5.03M $89.08M Sep 2016
Alleghany Corporation 5.00M $88.60M Sep 2016
MORGAN STANLEY 4.97M $88.16M Sep 2016
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 4.97M $88.05M Sep 2016
Wellington Management Company, LLP 4.53M $80.16M Sep 2016
Two Sigma Investments, LLC 4.27M $75.54M Sep 2016
Credit Suisse AG 4.08M $72.22M Sep 2016
Citigroup Inc. 4.00M $70.95M Sep 2016
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO 3.82M $67.67M Sep 2016
D. E. Shaw & Co., Inc. (see notes 1, 2 and 3) 3.73M $66.07M Sep 2016
Emerald Acquisition 3.58M $63.40M Sep 2016
Scheer, Rowlett & Associates Investment Management 3.36M $59.40M Sep 2016
Wells Fargo & Company 3.09M $54.78M Sep 2016
Frank Russell Company 3.04M $41.34M Mar 2016
OppenheimerFunds, Inc. 3.00M $53.10M Sep 2016
R.H. Bluestein & Company 2.86M $50.61M Sep 2016
Soros Fund Management LLC 2.85M $50.54M Sep 2016
The Great-West Life Assurance Company 2.83M $50.26M Sep 2016
GoodHaven Capital Management 2.81M $49.83M Sep 2016
CITADEL ADVISORS LLC 2.74M $48.62M Sep 2016
Investec Asset Management LTD. 2.69M $47.66M Sep 2016
HAP Trading 2.48M $10.60M Sep 2016
CI Investments Inc. 2.39M $42.41M Sep 2016
Capital Research Global Investors^ 2.26M $40.08M Sep 2016
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 2.26M $40.08M Sep 2016
Twin Tree Management 2.26M $39.96M Sep 2016
The Bank of Nova Scotia 2.24M $39.68M Sep 2016
Kopernik Global Investors 2.21M $39.18M Sep 2016
Tocqueville Asset Management, L.P. 2.11M $37.47M Sep 2016
Laurion Capital Management LP 2.10M $37.23M Sep 2016
Jennison Associates LLC 2.02M $35.78M Sep 2016
Overland Advisors 2.00M $35.44M Sep 2016
Public Sector Pension Investment Board 1.97M $34.74M Sep 2016
Stelliam Investment Management, LP 1.93M $34.11M Sep 2016
Gabelli Funds, LLC 1.91M $33.78M Sep 2016
NUMERIC INVESTORS LLC 1.86M $33.01M Sep 2016
Credit Agricole S.A. 1.86M $32.94M Sep 2016
State of Tennessee, Treasury Department 1.86M $32.89M Sep 2016
Two Sigma Advisers, LLC 1.84M $32.59M Sep 2016
Duquesne Family Office 1.83M $32.47M Sep 2016
I.G. Investment Management Ltd. 1.80M $31.88M Sep 2016
HSBC HOLDINGS PLC 1.62M $28.76M Sep 2016
Fiera Capital Corporation 1.60M $28.29M Sep 2016
Nikko Asset Management Americas, Inc. 1.50M $26.53M Sep 2016
PEAK6 Investments, L.P. 1.50M $26.55M Sep 2016
Jabre Capital Partners S.A. 1.40M $24.81M Sep 2016
Marshall Wace 1.35M $24.00M Sep 2016
United Services Automobile Association 1.35M $23.94M Sep 2016
AMP Capital Investors 1.33M $23.79M Sep 2016
Sloane Robinson LLP 1.31M $23.49M Sep 2016
Millennium Management LLC 1.30M $22.99M Sep 2016
State of Wisconsin Investment Board 1.28M $22.58M Sep 2016
ASA Gold and Precious Metals 1.27M $22.59M Sep 2016
SG Americas Securities, LLC. 1.23M $21.78M Sep 2016
Capital Research and Management Company - Division 3^ 1.20M $21.26M Sep 2016
WOLVERINE TRADING 1.17M $20.91M Sep 2016
Levin Capital Strategies, L.P. 1.16M $20.56M Sep 2016
NORTHERN TRUST 1.15M $20.42M Sep 2016
Walleye Trading, LLC 1.12M $19.91M Sep 2016
BlackRock Japan 1.11M $19.67M Sep 2016
Zurcher Kantonalbank 1.10M $19.50M Sep 2016
Axiom International Investors 1.08M $19.21M Sep 2016
Airain 1.02M $18.06M Sep 2016
SOCIETE GENERALE 991305 $21.16M Jun 2016
Hussman Econometrics Advisors, Inc. 975000 $17.28M Sep 2016
BlackRock Advisors 972355 $17.23M Sep 2016
Harvest Capital Strategies LLC 900000 $15.95M Sep 2016
BlackRock Fund Advisors 888620 $15.75M Sep 2016
Ziff Brothers Investments 833430 $14.77M Sep 2016
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 802687 $14.22M Sep 2016
Jefferies Group Inc. 801818 $14.21M Sep 2016
Arlington Capital Management 793183 $14.06M Sep 2016
AVIVA 775324 $13.72M Sep 2016
Hexavest 768295 $13.58M Sep 2016
OTR - Nominee Name for The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio 755000 $13.38M Sep 2016
STATE STREET CORPORATION 746736 $13.23M Sep 2016
HBK Investments L.P. (1) 705953 $12.51M Sep 2016
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board 701960 $12.40M Sep 2016
INTEGRAL DERIVATIVES 692876 $12.28M Sep 2016
Horseman Capital Management Ltd (SEC No: 801-64522) 678400 $12.02M Sep 2016
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 647659 $11.21M Sep 2016
JANE STREET 640364 $11.35M Sep 2016
Quantitative Investment Management 636200 $11.27M Sep 2016
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers 634197 $11.43M Sep 2016
Platinum Investment Mangement Limited 586595 $10.39M Sep 2016
West Family Investments 582197 $10.32M Sep 2016
Porter Orlin LLC 581717 $10.31M Sep 2016
ALPS Advisors, Inc. 553245 $9.80M Sep 2016
Korea Investment Corporation 551383 $9.75M Sep 2016
Teachers Advisors 527581 $9.35M Sep 2016
Foundation Resource Management, Inc. 523236 $9.27M Sep 2016
Point72 Asia 500006 $8.86M Sep 2016
Scotia Capital Inc. 499773 $8.86M Sep 2016
Schroder Investment Management Group 496342 $11.42M Sep 2016
Cutler 482313 $8.48M Sep 2016
Allianz Asset Management AG 479070 $8.46M Sep 2016
Parametric Portfolio Associates 423850 $7.51M Sep 2016
Loews Corporation 415495 $7.36M Sep 2016
Spot Trading L.L.C 413090 $7.32M Sep 2016
Compagnie Lombard, Odier SCA 404300 $7.15M Sep 2016
ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN, L.P. 384299 $6.81M Sep 2016
CMT Asset Management 366926 $6.50M Sep 2016
Point72 Asset Management 360947 $6.40M Sep 2016
AXA 359499 $6.37M Sep 2016
OHIO PERS 354993 $6.29M Sep 2016

Who sold * Barrick Gold Corp?

Fund Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Bridgewater Associates, LP June 30, 2016 2.11M $45.11M
LANSDOWNE PARTNERS June 30, 2016 1.49M $31.86M
MOORE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LP June 30, 2016 1.48M $31.49M
Visium Asset Management, LP June 30, 2016 1.34M $28.70M