Who owns Google Inc Class C?

Top investors of Google Inc Class C stock

Who bought or sold Google Inc Class C this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Check Capital Management 40k $56M -5% Jun 2020
Baxter Brothers 9.8k $14M -2% Jun 2020
Pm Capital 8.2k $12M -5% Sep 2020
Hikari Power 7.0k $10M 0% Sep 2020
M. Kraus & Co 5.2k $7.6M 1% Sep 2020
Grimes & Company 3.7k $5.3M -1% Jun 2020
Columbia Asset Management 3.4k $4.9M 1% Jun 2020
Cullinan Associates 3.1k $4.6M -18% Sep 2020
Nadler Financial 1.5k $2.2M 76% Sep 2020
Paul John Balson 469.00 $663k 0% Jun 2020
Cohen Capital Management 455.00 $643k 0% Jun 2020

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Tandem Investment Advisors 325.00 $478k 83% Sep 2020
Ashford Capital Management 268.00 $379k -16% Jun 2020
Tanaka Capital Management 176.00 $250k 0% Jun 2020
Enterprise Financial Services Corp 38.00 $54k 0% Jun 2020

Who sold out of Google Inc Class C?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Balasa Dinverno & Foltz Mar 2020 1.9k $2.2M