Who owns Unilever N.V.?

Top investors of Unilever stock

Who bought or sold Unilever N.V. this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Old Mission Capital 335k $20M 81% Sep 2020
First Trust Bank 105k $6.3M 0% Dec 2020
J. Jeffrey Auxier 93k $5.6M 0% Dec 2020
Chevoit Value Management 91k $5.5M 4% Dec 2020
Tealwood Asset Management 53k $3.2M -2% Sep 2020
Hm Payson & Co 21k $1.3M -23% Sep 2020
ETRADE Capital Management 17k $1.2M -4% Sep 2020
Private Advisor 15k $845k 0% Sep 2020
Birinyi Associates 15k $875k -1% Dec 2020
Clean Yield Group 0 $0 -100% Dec 2020
Carroll Financial Associates 0 $0 -100% Dec 2020

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Advisory Services Network 0 $0 -100% Dec 2020
Princeton Global Asset Management 0 $0 -100% Dec 2020

Who sold out of Unilever?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
BlackRock Sep 2020 20M $1.2B
Gardner Russo & Gardner Sep 2020 12M $705M
Wellington Management Company Sep 2020 10M $622M
Bank of America Corporation Sep 2020 7.9M $476M
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Sep 2020 7.5M $455M
Wells Fargo & Company Sep 2020 4.4M $265M
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership Sep 2020 3.3M $199M
Neuberger Berman Group Sep 2020 3.2M $191M
Northern Trust Sep 2020 3.0M $181M
Parametric Portfolio Associates Sep 2020 2.8M $168M
Schafer Cullen Capital Management Sep 2020 2.7M $165M
Coho Partners Sep 2020 2.7M $161M
FMR Sep 2020 2.2M $131M
American Century Companies Sep 2020 2.0M $122M
Morgan Stanley Sep 2020 2.0M $121M
Lazard Asset Management Sep 2020 1.9M $112M
Scharf Investments Sep 2020 1.7M $104M
Mar Vista Investment Partners Sep 2020 1.7M $101M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Sep 2020 1.7M $100M
Carlson Capital Sep 2020 1.1M $66M
Everett Harris & Co Sep 2020 1.0M $62M
Jane Street Sep 2020 1.0M $62M
Chevy Chase Trust Holdings Sep 2020 943k $57M
Verition Fund Management Sep 2020 891k $54M
Cullen Capital Management Sep 2020 864k $52M
Goldman Sachs Group Sep 2020 811k $49M
Aperio Group Sep 2020 808k $49M
Jarislowsky, Fraser Sep 2020 765k $46M
Capital World Investors Sep 2020 698k $42M
Susquehanna International Sep 2020 697k $42M
Bank of New York Mellon Sep 2020 665k $40M
Natixis Asset Management Advisors Sep 2020 652k $39M
Reed Conner & Birdwell Sep 2020 646k $39M
Royal Bank of Canada Sep 2020 630k $38M
Raymond James & Associates Sep 2020 576k $35M
Pnc Financial Services Sep 2020 572k $35M
Trillium Asset Management Corporation Sep 2020 560k $34M
Envestnet Asset Management Sep 2020 553k $33M
Tweedy, Browne Company Sep 2020 531k $32M
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Sep 2020 527k $32M
Peter F. Mathieson Sep 2020 505k $31M
WEDGE Capital Management L Sep 2020 473k $29M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Sep 2020 460k $31M
Brown Advisory Holdings Incorporated Sep 2020 445k $27M
Russell Investments Sep 2020 442k $27M
UBS Group Sep 2020 431k $26M
Franklin Resources Sep 2020 409k $25M
Citadel Advisors Sep 2020 384k $23M
Boston Common Asset Management Sep 2020 378k $23M
Tocqueville Asset Management Sep 2020 363k $22M
Gofen & Glossberg Sep 2020 356k $22M
Crossmark Global Holdings Sep 2020 331k $20M
Ycg Sep 2020 326k $20M
Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Sep 2020 317k $19M
Water Island Capital Sep 2020 301k $18M
Guardian Capital Sep 2020 294k $18M
Branch Banking & Trust Company Sep 2020 288k $17M
Oppenheimer Asset Management Sep 2020 278k $16M
ClearBridge Advisors Sep 2020 272k $16M
Cobblestone Capital Advisors Sep 2020 272k $16M
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Sep 2020 266k $16M
Janney Montgomery Scott Sep 2020 260k $16M
Yacktman Asset Management Sep 2020 249k $15M
Stifel Financial Sep 2020 247k $15M
Cambridge Trust Company Sep 2020 237k $14M
Kemnay Advisory Services Sep 2020 233k $14M
Citigroup Sep 2020 221k $13M
Grandfield & Dodd Sep 2020 220k $13M
Ferguson Wellman Capital Management Sep 2020 220k $13M
Commonwealth Equity Services Sep 2020 214k $13M
William Blair $ Company Sep 2020 192k $12M
Boothbay Fund Management Sep 2020 190k $12M
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2020 189k $11M
Fisher Investments Sep 2020 181k $11M
Ameriprise Financial Sep 2020 180k $11M
Wallace Capital Management Sep 2020 176k $11M
Greenwood Gearhart Sep 2020 169k $10M
Banco de Sabadell Sep 2020 166k $10M
Sei Investments Sep 2020 155k $9.4M
Euro Pacific Asset Management Sep 2020 149k $9.0M
Oxbow Advisors Sep 2020 148k $8.9M
Kings Point Capital Management Sep 2020 147k $8.9M
Veritable Sep 2020 139k $8.4M
Brian McDonald Sep 2020 139k $8.4M
Invesco Sep 2020 131k $7.9M
PEAK6 Investments Sep 2020 119k $7.2M
Heartland Advisors Sep 2020 118k $7.1M
First Personal Financial Services Sep 2020 117k $7.1M
Petrus Trust Company Sep 2020 112k $6.8M
FTB Advisors Sep 2020 111k $6.7M
Advisor Group Holdings Sep 2020 108k $6.5M
Fort Washington Investment Advisors Sep 2020 105k $6.3M
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Sep 2020 104k $6.3M
Sandy Spring Bank Sep 2020 102k $6.1M
Kornitzer Capital Management Sep 2020 100k $6.0M
Guardian Capital Advisors Sep 2020 97k $6.1M
Pillar Pacific Capital Management Sep 2020 97k $5.9M
Marshall Wace Sep 2020 97k $5.8M
HighTower Advisors Sep 2020 96k $5.8M
Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company Sep 2020 95k $5.7M
Rockland Trust Sep 2020 94k $5.7M
Ingalls & Snyder Sep 2020 94k $5.6M
Headinvest Sep 2020 93k $5.6M
Ramius Sep 2020 92k $5.6M
Old Dominion Capital Management Sep 2020 92k $5.5M
M^T Bank Corporation Sep 2020 88k $5.3M
Glenmede Trust Company Sep 2020 86k $5.2M
Beach Investment Counsel Sep 2020 85k $5.1M
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management Sep 2020 84k $5.1M
South Dakota Investment Council Sep 2020 83k $5.0M
Resource Management Sep 2020 82k $5.0M
CCM Partners Sep 2020 74k $4.5M
Us Bancorp Sep 2020 74k $4.5M
First Republic Investment Management Sep 2020 72k $4.3M
D. E. Shaw & Co Sep 2020 71k $4.3M
Mirae Asset Global Investments Sep 2020 70k $4.2M
Landsberg, Bennett, & Dubbaneh Sep 2020 70k $4.2M
CIBC Global Asset Management Sep 2020 69k $4.2M
Portland Global Advisors Sep 2020 69k $4.2M
Anchor Capital Advisors Sep 2020 69k $4.1M
QV Investors Sep 2020 69k $4.1M
Gabelli Funds Sep 2020 66k $4.0M
Segall Bryant & Hamill Sep 2020 63k $3.8M
Keybank National Association Sep 2020 63k $3.8M
Quantitative Systematic Strategies Sep 2020 62k $3.8M
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Sep 2020 60k $3.6M
Fayez Sarofim & Co Sep 2020 60k $3.6M
Argus Investors' Counsel Sep 2020 60k $3.6M
Kanawha Capital Management Sep 2020 59k $3.6M
Mirador Capital Partners Sep 2020 59k $3.6M
Janet M. Hewlett Sep 2020 56k $3.4M
Stockman Asset Management Sep 2020 55k $3.3M
LPL Financial Sep 2020 55k $3.3M
Haverford Trust Company Sep 2020 52k $3.2M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Sep 2020 51k $3.1M
One Capital Management Sep 2020 51k $3.1M
Pittenger & Anderson Sep 2020 50k $3.0M
Ronna Sue Cohen Sep 2020 49k $2.9M
Welch Group Sep 2020 47k $2.8M
Allianz Asset Management Sep 2020 47k $2.8M
Cubist Systematic Strategies Sep 2020 45k $2.7M
Dodge & Cox Sep 2020 45k $2.7M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Sep 2020 44k $2.7M
JNB Advisors Sep 2020 43k $2.6M
Todd-Veredus Asset Management Sep 2020 42k $2.6M
Brookmont Capital Management Sep 2020 41k $2.5M
Cox Capital Sep 2020 40k $2.4M
United Capital Financial Advisers Sep 2020 40k $2.4M
We Are One Seven Sep 2020 39k $2.4M
Synovus Financial Corp. Sep 2020 39k $2.3M
Commerce Bank N A Sep 2020 38k $2.3M
Delta Capital Management Sep 2020 38k $2.3M
Nomura Holdings Sep 2020 37k $2.2M
Scotia Capital Sep 2020 36k $2.2M
Highland Capital Management Sep 2020 36k $2.2M
State Street Corporation Sep 2020 35k $2.1M
Douglas Lane & Associates Sep 2020 35k $2.1M
Mml Investors Services Sep 2020 35k $2.1M
FDx Advisors Sep 2020 35k $2.1M
Fiduciary Trust Company Sep 2020 35k $2.1M
Wetherby Asset Management Sep 2020 35k $2.1M
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Sep 2020 35k $2.1M
Qube Research & Technologies Sep 2020 35k $2.1M
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Sep 2020 34k $2.1M
Perennial Advisors Sep 2020 33k $2.0M
CSS Sep 2020 33k $2.0M
Putnam Fl Investment Management Sep 2020 31k $1.9M
Renaissance Technologies Sep 2020 31k $1.9M
Gail Mannix Sep 2020 31k $1.9M
Atria Investments Sep 2020 31k $1.9M
Mariner Wealth Advisors Sep 2020 30k $1.8M
Rbf Capital Sep 2020 30k $1.8M
T. Rowe Price Associates Sep 2020 30k $1.8M
Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A. Sep 2020 29k $2.0M
Covington Capital Management Sep 2020 29k $1.8M
Creative Planning Sep 2020 29k $1.8M
Northeast Investment Management Sep 2020 28k $1.7M
Rockefeller Capital Management Sep 2020 28k $1.7M
Baird Financial Sep 2020 27k $1.7M
Vestmark Advisory Solutions Sep 2020 27k $1.6M
Roosevelt Investment Group Sep 2020 27k $1.6M
CIBC World Markets Sep 2020 27k $1.6M
CLS Investments Sep 2020 26k $1.6M
Capital Fund Management Sep 2020 26k $1.5M
Geode Capital Management Sep 2020 25k $1.5M
KCM Investment Advisors Sep 2020 25k $1.5M
Stephens Sep 2020 24k $1.4M
AE Wealth Management Sep 2020 23k $1.4M
Gamble Jones Investment Counsel Sep 2020 23k $1.4M
Balyasny Asset Management Sep 2020 23k $1.4M
First Manhattan Sep 2020 23k $1.4M
Red Spruce Capital Sep 2020 23k $1.4M
SG Americas Securities Sep 2020 23k $1.4M
Krueger & Catalano Capital Partners Sep 2020 22k $1.4M
O'shaughnessy Asset Management Sep 2020 22k $1.3M
Optas Sep 2020 22k $1.3M
Prudential Financial Sep 2020 22k $1.3M
Voya Financial Advisors Sep 2020 22k $1.3M
Advisors Asset Management Sep 2020 22k $1.3M
Global Wealth Management Investment Advisory Sep 2020 22k $1.3M
Northstar Sep 2020 22k $1.1M
Sawtooth Asset Management Sep 2020 21k $1.3M
Investment Research & Advisory Group Sep 2020 21k $1.3M
Capstone Financial Advisors Sep 2020 21k $1.3M
Loring Wolcott Coolidge Fa Sep 2020 21k $1.3M
Benedict Financial Advisors Sep 2020 20k $1.2M
OmniStar Financial Group Sep 2020 20k $1.2M
Twin Tree Management Sep 2020 20k $1.2M
Caprock Sep 2020 20k $1.2M
Thompson, Siegel, & Walmsley Sep 2020 20k $1.2M
Israel Discount Bank of New York Sep 2020 20k $1.2M
Oppenheimer & Co Sep 2020 20k $1.2M
Cypress Asset Management Sep 2020 20k $1.2M
Fifth Third Bancorp Sep 2020 19k $1.2M
Smithfield Trust Company Sep 2020 19k $1.2M
Inlet Private Wealth Sep 2020 19k $1.2M
BTC Capital Management Sep 2020 19k $1.1M
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company Sep 2020 19k $1.1M
Anderson Fisher Sep 2020 19k $1.1M
Garner Asset Management Corp Sep 2020 18k $1.1M
Integrated Wealth Concepts Sep 2020 18k $1.1M
Greenleaf Trust Sep 2020 18k $1.1M
Cresset Asset Management Sep 2020 18k $1.1M
Winslow, Evans & Crocker Sep 2020 18k $1.1M
Susquehanna International Securities Sep 2020 17k $1.0M
Zeke Capital Advisors Sep 2020 17k $1.0M
Fortem Financial Group Sep 2020 17k $1.0M
Roundview Capital Sep 2020 17k $1.0M
Curbstone Financial Management Sep 2020 17k $995k
Trust Co Of Vermont Sep 2020 16k $985k
Raymond James Trust Sep 2020 16k $981k
Pitcairn Company Sep 2020 16k $977k
HBK Sorce Advisory Sep 2020 16k $964k
ProFund Advisors Sep 2020 16k $958k
Robeco Investment Management Sep 2020 16k $954k
Advisor Partners Sep 2020 16k $948k
Saturna Capital Sep 2020 16k $946k
Atlantic Trust Sep 2020 16k $939k
Williams Jones Wealth Management Sep 2020 15k $916k
R.H. Bluestein & Company Sep 2020 15k $912k
Bank Of Oklahoma National Association / Sep 2020 15k $868k
Lester Murray Antman dba SimplyRich Sep 2020 14k $871k
Whittier Trust Sep 2020 14k $870k
Financial Advisory Service Sep 2020 14k $859k
Madison Asset Management Sep 2020 14k $851k
Circle Wealth Management Sep 2020 14k $842k
Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Company Sep 2020 14k $840k
Leisure Capital Management Sep 2020 14k $832k
JustInvest Sep 2020 13k $809k
Kestra Private Wealth Services Sep 2020 13k $807k
DnB NOR Asset Management AS Sep 2020 13k $807k
Abbrea Capital Sep 2020 13k $800k
Captrust Financial Advisors Sep 2020 13k $802k
Graybill Bartz & Assoc Sep 2020 13k $787k
Salient Trust Sep 2020 13k $786k
Encore Bank Na Sep 2020 13k $784k
Barclays Sep 2020 13k $784k
Comerica Securities Sep 2020 13k $780k
Walleye Trading Sep 2020 13k $761k
Rikoon Sep 2020 13k $760k
Granite Investment Advisors Sep 2020 12k $720k
Duality Advisers Sep 2020 12k $719k
Kestra Advisory Services Sep 2020 12k $713k
Mercer Global Advisors Sep 2020 12k $695k
Checchi Capital Advisers Sep 2020 12k $693k
Permit Capital Sep 2020 12k $693k
Abundance Wealth Counselors Sep 2020 11k $667k
Colony Group Sep 2020 11k $664k
MAI Wealth Advisors Sep 2020 11k $662k