Who owns Wisdomtree Tr blmbrg fl trfd?

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Top investors of Wisdomtree Tr blmbrg fl tr stock

Who bought or sold Wisdomtree Tr blmbrg fl trfd this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Bank of America Corporation 21M $511M 100% Dec 2021
AE Wealth Management 742k $19M -3% Dec 2021
Wells Fargo & Company 415k $10M -7% Dec 2021
Upper Left Wealth Management 141k $3.5M 100% Dec 2021
Titan Capital Management 125k $6.3M -49% Mar 2022
HighTower Advisors 118k $3.0M 4% Dec 2021
Centennial Wealth Advisory 110k $2.8M -1% Dec 2021
Nwam 106k $2.7M -23% Dec 2021
Fure Financial Corp 89k $2.2M -2% Dec 2021
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors 60k $1.5M 11% Dec 2021
Kingsview Wealth Management 60k $1.5M 0% Dec 2021

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AlphaMark Advisors 58k $2.9M 100% Mar 2022
Carlton, Hoffferkamp & Jenks Wealth Management 38k $1.9M -50% Mar 2022
Adamsbrown Wealth Consultants 31k $764k 100% Dec 2021
NEXT Financial 30k $742k -6% Dec 2021
Beacon Financial 25k $1.3M -50% Mar 2022
Peterson Financial Group 24k $606k 100% Dec 2021
IFP Advisors 24k $595k 1% Dec 2021
Creative Planning 23k $572k 100% Dec 2021
J.w. Cole Advisors 21k $537k 100% Dec 2021
Baker Tilly Financial 21k $1.0M 100% Mar 2022
Apella Capital 15k $737k 100% Mar 2022
Spire Wealth Management 14k $344k 148% Dec 2021
GRT Capital Partners 13k $660k -48% Mar 2022
Quest Capital Management 13k $329k -85% Dec 2021
Carroll Financial Associates 13k $314k 249% Dec 2021
Windsor Group 12k $583k 100% Mar 2022
Virtue Capital Management 10k $261k 100% Dec 2021
Legend Financial Advisors 10k $257k 0% Mar 2022
Madison Wealth Management 9.6k $241k -20% Dec 2021
Investment House 8.8k $442k -50% Mar 2022
Valtinson Bruner Financial Planning 7.9k $399k -50% Mar 2022
Surevest 7.3k $183k 100% Dec 2021
BCJ Capital Management 5.2k $259k -59% Mar 2022
Karlinski Andrew C 3.7k $92k 100% Dec 2021
Cascade Investment Advisors 2.7k $135k -48% Mar 2022
Harbour Investments 2.2k $55k 0% Dec 2021
Evanson Asset Management 2.1k $105k 100% Mar 2022

Who sold out of Wisdomtree Tr blmbrg fl tr?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Richard Bernstein Advisors Dec 2021 13M $317M
Venturi Wealth Management Dec 2021 3.4M $84M
Envestnet Asset Management Dec 2021 1.4M $36M
Bank of New York Mellon Dec 2021 1.1M $27M
New Perspectives Dec 2021 807k $20M
Jane Street Dec 2021 765k $19M
Members Advisory Group Dec 2021 577k $15M
United Asset Strategies Dec 2021 389k $9.7M
Amplius Wealth Advisors Dec 2021 367k $9.2M
Raymond James & Associates Dec 2021 328k $8.2M
Cary Street Partner Investment Advisory Dec 2021 273k $6.8M
Baird Financial Dec 2021 261k $6.6M
Transcend Wealth Collective Dec 2021 217k $5.4M
McGuire Investment Group Dec 2021 183k $4.6M
Jackson Wealth Management Dec 2021 182k $4.6M
Resolute Financial Dec 2021 155k $3.9M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Dec 2021 150k $3.7M
Kestra Advisory Services Dec 2021 135k $3.4M
Atlanta Capital Dec 2021 120k $3.0M
Clearview Wealth Advisors Dec 2021 115k $2.9M
H D Vest Advisory Services Dec 2021 99k $2.5M
Addison Advisors Dec 2021 91k $2.3M
IFG Advisory Sep 2021 78k $1.9M
Oarsman Capital Sep 2021 76k $1.9M
Patron Partners Advisors Dec 2021 64k $1.6M
Davenport & Co Sep 2021 56k $1.4M
Private Advisor Dec 2021 54k $1.4M
Private Wealth Strategies Dec 2021 53k $1.3M
Gladstone Institutional Advisory Dec 2021 52k $1.3M
Stifel Financial Sep 2021 48k $1.2M
Vestmark Advisory Solutions Dec 2021 47k $1.2M
PFG Financial Advisors Dec 2021 41k $1.0M
Cetera Investment Advisers Sep 2021 40k $1.0M
Mml Investors Services Sep 2021 40k $1.0M
Monticello Wealth Management Dec 2021 38k $960k
Laurel Wealth Advisors Sep 2021 35k $880k
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Dec 2021 32k $797k
Cary Street Partners Asset Management Dec 2021 29k $736k
Savant Capital Management Dec 2021 29k $725k
Advisor Group Holdings Dec 2021 29k $796k
Advisors Capital Management Sep 2021 28k $694k
Barry Investment Advisors Sep 2021 25k $628k
Mercer Global Advisors Dec 2021 25k $624k
Laurel Wealth Advisors Dec 2021 24k $589k
Merit Financial Group Sep 2021 23k $579k
William Blair $ Company Sep 2021 23k $573k
Absolute Capital Management Dec 2021 23k $572k
Mcdonald Partners Dec 2021 23k $572k
Ameritas Advisory Services Dec 2021 23k $566k
Insight Advisors, LLC/ PA Dec 2021 22k $542k
Belpointe Asset Management Dec 2021 21k $517k
VERITY Wealth Advisors Dec 2021 20k $507k
Castle Rock Wealth Management Dec 2021 20k $502k
Vontobel Holding Dec 2021 20k $500k
Northwest Wealth Management Dec 2021 18k $441k
Wolff Wiese Magana Dec 2021 17k $428k
Sowell Financial Services Dec 2021 16k $397k
Csenge Advisory Group Dec 2021 15k $385k
Citadel Advisors Dec 2021 15k $373k
TrinityPoint Wealth Dec 2021 15k $370k
Arkadios Wealth Advisors Dec 2021 14k $338k
Integrated Advisors Network Sep 2021 13k $329k
RFG Advisory Dec 2021 13k $320k
Steward Partners Investment Advisory Dec 2021 12k $304k
Pacific Capital Wealth Advisors Dec 2021 12k $301k
Kestra Private Wealth Services Sep 2021 12k $300k
Stratos Wealth Partners Dec 2021 11k $286k
Bay Colony Advisory Group, Inc d/b/a Bay Colony Advisors Dec 2021 11k $284k
Harbour Capital Advisors Dec 2021 11k $280k
FDx Advisors Dec 2021 11k $263k
Interchange Capital Partners Dec 2021 11k $263k
Boenning & Scattergood Dec 2021 10k $261k
Bp Wealth Management Dec 2021 9.5k $238k
Prestige Wealth Management Group Dec 2021 9.5k $237k
Commonwealth Equity Services Dec 2021 9.3k $233k
Flow Traders US Dec 2021 8.9k $223k
First Foundation Advisors Sep 2021 8.7k $217k
Pinnacle Wealth Management Advisory Dec 2021 8.1k $204k
Gail Mannix Dec 2021 8.1k $204k
Rockefeller Capital Management Sep 2021 6.4k $161k
Lloyd Advisory Services Dec 2021 6.4k $160k
EPG Wealth Management Sep 2021 5.4k $137k
Lumature Wealth Partners Sep 2021 5.0k $126k
Cutler Dec 2021 4.9k $121k
Townsend Asset Management Corp Dec 2021 3.7k $92k
Professional Financial Advisors Dec 2021 3.3k $83k
Patriot Financial Group Insurance Agency Dec 2021 2.8k $70k
Aptus Capital Advisors Dec 2021 2.7k $68k
Laurel Wealth Planning Dec 2021 2.5k $64k
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company Dec 2021 2.1k $52k