Who owns Broad?

Top investors of Broad stock

Who bought or sold Broad this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Cohen Klingenstein 43k $16M 0% Sep 2020
Grassi Investment Management 27k $9.9M 9% Sep 2020
Carillon Tower Advisers 23k $7.1M 100% Jun 2020
Penobscot Investment Management Company 17k $5.2M 0% Jun 2020
Hudson Valley Investment Advisors 16k $5.7M -5% Sep 2020
Lisa Snider 7.1k $2.6M -5% Sep 2020
Baldwin Investment Management 6.2k $1.9M 2% Jun 2020
HighPoint Advisor 3.0k $949k 8% Jun 2020
Opus Capital Group 2.1k $661k -2% Jun 2020
Archer Investment Corp 1.8k $569k 0% Jun 2020
Farr Miller & Washington Llc/dc 1.3k $395k 100% Jun 2020

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Lenox Wealth Advisors 377.00 $137k 15% Sep 2020

Who sold out of Broad?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Novare Capital Management Mar 2020 27k $6.5M