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Portfolio Holdings for Altimeter Capital Management

Companies in the Altimeter Capital Management portfolio as of the June 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Snowflake Cl A (SNOW) 47.1 $6.0B -22% 25M 241.80
Facebook Cl A (FB) 10.2 $1.3B 3.8M 347.71
Uber Technologies (UBER) 9.6 $1.2B -13% 25M 50.12
Peloton Interactive Cl A Com (PTON) 5.0 $645M +511% 5.2M 124.02
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 3.7 $478M 1.8M 270.90
Zoom Video Communications Cl A (ZM) 2.7 $348M +30% 900k 387.03
Shopify Cl A (SHOP) 2.3 $292M +99% 200k 1460.98
Alibaba Group Hldg Sponsored Ads (BABA) 2.0 $261M -7% 1.2M 226.78
Roblox Corp Cl A (RBLX) 2.0 $250M 2.8M 89.98
Crowdstrike Hlds Cl A (CRWD) 1.9 $244M 970k 251.31
Unity Software (U) 1.8 $230M -40% 2.1M 109.83
Uipath Cl A (PATH) 1.6 $204M NEW 3.0M 67.93
Farfetch Ord Sh Cl A (FTCH) 1.5 $190M -13% 3.8M 50.36
Hldgs (UAL) 1.2 $150M -30% 2.9M 52.29

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Okta Cl A (OKTA) 1.0 $129M -4% 525k 244.68
Coupang Cl A (CPNG) 0.9 $111M 2.6M 41.82
Amazon (AMZN) 0.7 $86M 25k 3440.17
Sea Sponsored Ads (SE) 0.6 $82M -40% 300k 274.60
Confluent Class A Com (CFLT) 0.6 $82M NEW 1.7M 47.50
Pinduoduo Sponsored Ads (PDD) 0.6 $73M 572k 127.02
Bumble Com Cl A (BMBL) 0.5 $61M 1.1M 57.60
Expedia Group Com New (EXPE) 0.5 $60M -85% 367k 163.71
Sofi Technologies (SOFI) 0.4 $48M NEW 2.5M 19.17
Qualtrics Intl Com Cl A (XM) 0.3 $38M 1.0M 38.25
Digitalocean Hldgs (DOCN) 0.3 $36M 650k 55.59
Ccc Intelligent Solutions Holdings Com Cl A (CCCS) 0.3 $35M NEW 3.5M 9.96
23andmee Holding Class A Com (ME) 0.2 $32M NEW 2.7M 11.69
Booking Holdings (BKNG) 0.2 $23M 11k 2188.10
Monday SHS (MNDY) 0.2 $22M NEW 100k 223.59
DV (DV) 0.1 $13M NEW 300k 42.34
Payoneer Global (PAYO) 0.1 $10M NEW 1.0M 10.37
Ccc Intelligent Solutions Holdings W Exp 08/18/202 (CCCS.WS) 0.0 $1.4M NEW 700k 2.01
Altimeter Growth Corp Unit 99/99/999 (AGCUU) 0.0 $123k 10k 12.30

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