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Portfolio Holdings for Athanor Capital

Athanor Capital holds 24 positions in its portfolio as reported in the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Jatt Acquisition Corp Unit 99/99/9999 (JATT.U) 32.9 $24M 2.4M 10.08
One Equity Partners Open Wtr Cl A (OEPW) 5.2 $3.8M -36% 391k 9.77
Tzp Strategies Acquistn Corp Cl A Shs (TZPS) 4.6 $3.3M -15% 340k 9.81
Tcw Special Purpose Acqu Cor Com Cl A (TSPQ) 4.5 $3.3M -15% 337k 9.75
Accelerate Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (AAQC) 4.4 $3.2M -36% 331k 9.76
Faraday Futre Intlgt Elctr I Put Put Option 3.6 $2.6M -30% 2.5M 1.05
Powered Brands Cl A (POW) 3.4 $2.5M -36% 254k 9.83
Disruptive Acquisition Corp Class A Ord Shs (DISA) 3.4 $2.5M -36% 255k 9.78
Silver Spike Acquisitn Corp Class A Ord Shs (SPKB) 3.4 $2.5M -36% 255k 9.79
Gx Acquisition Corp Ii Class A Com (GXII) 3.4 $2.5M -36% 255k 9.74
Forest Road Acquisition Cor Cl A (FRXB) 3.3 $2.4M -36% 247k 9.77
Peridot Acquisition Corp Ii Shs Cl A (PDOT) 3.3 $2.4M -36% 247k 9.78
Digital Transformatn Opt Cor Class A Com (DTOC) 2.9 $2.1M -36% 216k 9.76
Sandbridge X2 Corp Com Class A (SBII) 2.5 $1.8M -36% 189k 9.75

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Arrowroot Acquisition Corp Cl A Com (ARRW) 2.5 $1.8M -36% 185k 9.74
Anzu Special Acquisitin Corp Com Cl A (ANZU) 2.3 $1.7M -36% 174k 9.77
Hudson Executive Inves Iii Com Cl A (HIII) 2.2 $1.6M -36% 165k 9.77
Kismet Acquisition Three Cor Cl A Shares (KIII) 2.1 $1.6M -36% 159k 9.79
Tech And Energy Transition Class A Com (TETC) 2.1 $1.6M -36% 159k 9.77
Mission Advancement Corp Cl A (MACC) 1.7 $1.2M -36% 126k 9.79
Fusion Acquisition Corp Ii Com Cl A (FSNB) 1.6 $1.2M -36% 123k 9.79
Orion Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (OHPA) 1.6 $1.2M -36% 122k 9.77
Colonnade Acquisition Corp I Shs Cl A (CLAA) 1.6 $1.2M -36% 121k 9.77
Dhc Acquisition Corp Class A Ord Shs (DHCA) 1.5 $1.1M -36% 108k 9.80

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