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Portfolio Holdings for Beaumont Capital Management

Companies in the Beaumont Capital Management portfolio as of the March 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Osi Etf Tr Oshares Us Qualt (OUSA) 6.4 $6.5M 163k 39.90
Select Sector Spdr Tr Technology (XLK) 6.3 $6.3M -11% 48k 132.80
Fidelity Covington Trust Msci Indl Indx (FIDU) 6.3 $6.3M -15% 121k 52.08
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Cons Stpls (XLP) 6.3 $6.3M -7% 93k 68.31
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Materials (XLB) 6.3 $6.3M -13% 80k 78.81
Select Sector Spdr Tr Communication (XLC) 6.3 $6.3M -13% 86k 73.33
Select Sector Spdr Tr Rl Est Sel Sec (XLRE) 6.3 $6.3M NEW 160k 39.49
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Cons Discr (XLY) 6.3 $6.3M -17% 38k 168.08
Fidelity Covington Trust Msci Utils Index (FUTY) 6.3 $6.3M -8% 152k 41.49
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Healthcare (XLV) 6.3 $6.3M -8% 54k 116.75
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Int-finl (XLF) 6.3 $6.3M -18% 186k 34.05
Select Sector Spdr Tr Energy (XLE) 6.3 $6.3M NEW 129k 49.06
Spdr Index Shs Fds Portfolio Devlpd (SPDW) 5.1 $5.1M +15% 145k 35.36
Nushares Etf Tr Nuveen Enhnc Yld (NUAG) 3.8 $3.8M +17% 153k 24.71

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Fidelity Covington Trust Ltd Trm Bd Etf (FLTB) 2.8 $2.8M NEW 54k 52.28
Wisdomtree Tr Chinadiv Ex Fi (CXSE) 2.2 $2.2M +3% 33k 65.19
Wisdomtree Tr Em Ex St-owned (XSOE) 2.2 $2.2M -22% 53k 40.69
First Tr Exchange Traded Dj Internt Idx (FDN) 2.1 $2.2M -23% 9.9k 218.03
iShares TR Core Us Aggbd Et (AGG) 0.9 $922k NEW 8.1k 113.84
iShares Msci Taiwan Etf (EWT) 0.8 $796k NEW 13k 59.95
iShares TR Agency Bond Etf (AGZ) 0.8 $784k NEW 6.7k 117.70
Spdr Index Shs Fds Portfolio Emg Mk (SPEM) 0.6 $610k NEW 14k 43.77
iShares TR Us Oil Eq&sv Etf (IEZ) 0.6 $610k NEW 46k 13.41
Spdr Ser Tr Comp Software (XSW) 0.6 $610k +171% 3.9k 157.46
Spdr Ser Tr S&p 600 Smcp Val (SLYV) 0.6 $610k NEW 7.4k 81.97
iShares TR Asia 50 Etf (AIA) 0.6 $610k -7% 6.6k 92.16
iShares TR Intrm Gov Cr Etf (GVI) 0.4 $365k NEW 3.2k 114.89
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Tt Wrld St Etf (VT) 0.3 $257k +3% 2.6k 97.42
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Short Term Treas (VGSH) 0.2 $219k -13% 3.6k 61.52

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