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Portfolio Holdings for BHF RG Capital

Companies in the BHF RG Capital portfolio as of the September 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ishares Tr Core S&p500 Etf (IVV) 18.3 $22M +2% 65k 335.96
Ishares Tr Esg Awr Msci Usa (ESGU) 17.9 $21M +46% 278k 76.22
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Lg-term Cor Bd (VCLT) 6.7 $7.9M 74k 106.93
Vanguard Bd Index Fds Intermed Term (BIV) 6.6 $7.8M +43% 83k 93.58
Ishares Tr Core S&p Ttl Stk (ITOT) 6.2 $7.3M +46% 97k 75.52
First Tr Value Line Divid In SHS (FVD) 5.7 $6.7M +49% 212k 31.52
Invesco Qqq Tr Unit Ser 1 (QQQ) 5.3 $6.2M -15% 23k 278.11
Select Sector Spdr Tr Technology (XLK) 4.4 $5.2M +33% 45k 116.65
Ishares Tr U.s. Med Dvc Etf (IHI) 3.7 $4.4M +42% 14k 301.13
Vaneck Vectors Etf Tr Fallen Angel Hg (ANGL) 3.4 $4.0M +68% 136k 29.68
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Int-term Corp (VCIT) 3.0 $3.5M +56% 37k 95.88
First Tr Exch Traded Fd Iii Pfd Secs Inc Etf (FPE) 2.8 $3.3M +13% 174k 19.18
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Shrt Trm Corp Bd (VCSH) 2.1 $2.5M +36% 30k 82.89
Vaneck Vectors Etf Tr Biotech Etf (BBH) 2.0 $2.4M +36% 15k 160.16

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Ishares Tr A Rate Cp Bd Etf (QLTA) 1.3 $1.5M +40% 27k 57.76
First Tr Exch Traded Fd Iii Managd Mun Etf (FMB) 1.3 $1.5M -20% 27k 55.74
Spdr Ser Tr Nuveen Brc Munic (TFI) 1.2 $1.4M -20% 26k 51.94
Vaneck Vectors Etf Tr Intrmdt Muni Etf (ITM) 1.0 $1.2M -22% 23k 51.27
Pimco Etf Tr Shtrm Mun Bd Act (SMMU) 0.9 $1.1M -27% 22k 51.14
Ishares Tr Eafe Grwth Etf (EFG) 0.9 $1.1M +60% 12k 89.27
First Trust Lrgcp Gwt Alphad Com Shs (FTC) 0.7 $791k 9.4k 83.98
Ishares Tr Us Oil Gs Ex Etf (IEO) 0.6 $715k +86% 27k 26.05
Vaneck Vectors Etf Tr High Yld Mun Etf (HYD) 0.6 $712k -19% 12k 59.78
Vanguard Star Fds Vg Tl Intl Stk F (VXUS) 0.5 $606k -23% 12k 51.94
Ishares Tr Core S&p Mcp Etf (IJH) 0.5 $543k -84% 2.9k 185.51
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Long Term Treas (VGLT) 0.4 $500k -64% 5.0k 99.48
Vanguard Index Fds Growth Etf (VUG) 0.4 $500k 2.2k 223.61
First Tr Lrg Cp Vl Alphadex Com Shs (FTA) 0.4 $418k 8.9k 46.72
Invesco Exchange Traded Fd T Ftse Rafi 1000 (PRF) 0.3 $398k -83% 3.5k 112.97
Ishares Tr Core S&p Scp Etf (IJR) 0.3 $388k -88% 5.5k 69.95
Apple (AAPL) 0.3 $382k +301% 3.3k 115.86
Vanguard World Fds Health Car Etf (VHT) 0.3 $298k +3% 1.5k 204.39

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