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Portfolio Holdings for Buttonwood Financial Group

Buttonwood Financial Group holds 28 positions in its portfolio as reported in the December 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Spdr Ser Tr Portfolio S&p500 (SPLG) 33.3 $37M +32% 814k 44.98
Ishares Tr Esg Awr Msci Usa (ESGU) 17.1 $19M -25% 222k 84.75
Ishares Tr Eafe Value Etf (EFV) 9.6 $11M -10% 230k 45.88
Invesco Exch Traded Fd Tr Ii S&p Emrng Mkts (EELV) 8.1 $8.9M +82% 387k 23.01
Ishares Tr U.s. Tech Etf (IYW) 3.9 $4.3M NEW 57k 74.49
Ishares Tr Msci Usa Min Vol (USMV) 3.7 $4.0M 56k 72.10
Ishares Tr 10-20 Yr Trs Etf (TLH) 3.4 $3.7M +28% 34k 108.18
Ishares Tr Msci Usa Mmentm (MTUM) 2.9 $3.2M NEW 22k 145.93
Ishares Tr Core Total Usd (IUSB) 2.9 $3.1M +426% 70k 44.93
Ishares Tr 20 Yr Tr Bd Etf (TLT) 2.1 $2.3M NEW 23k 99.56
Ishares Tr Core S&p Scp Etf (IJR) 2.1 $2.3M NEW 24k 94.64
Ishares Tr Us Infrastruc (IFRA) 1.4 $1.6M +7% 43k 36.26
Ishares Tr Conv Bd Etf (ICVT) 1.2 $1.4M -46% 20k 69.47
Ishares Tr Aggres Alloc Etf (AOA) 1.1 $1.2M +31% 21k 59.75

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Ishares Tr U.s. Energy Etf (IYE) 1.0 $1.1M -60% 24k 46.49
Ishares U S Etf Tr Gsci Cmdty Stgy (COMT) 1.0 $1.1M -42% 39k 28.19
Spdr Ser Tr Bbg Conv Sec Etf (CWB) 0.7 $792k NEW 12k 64.34
Ishares U S Etf Tr Bloomberg Roll (CMDY) 0.7 $774k NEW 14k 54.51
Ishares Tr Mbs Etf (MBB) 0.6 $659k NEW 7.1k 92.76
Spdr Ser Tr Portfolio Ln Tsr (SPTL) 0.5 $602k -70% 21k 29.03
Ishares Tr Grwt Allocat Etf (AOR) 0.5 $510k +10% 11k 47.16
Spdr Ser Tr Portfolio Agrgte (SPAB) 0.4 $432k NEW 17k 25.13
Ishares Tr Faln Angls Usd (FALN) 0.4 $421k -77% 17k 24.61
Ishares Tr 0-5 Yr Tips Etf (STIP) 0.4 $410k NEW 4.2k 96.96
Ishares Tr Esg Adv Ttl Usd (EUSB) 0.4 $390k -4% 9.2k 42.20
Ishares Tr Tips Bd Etf (TIP) 0.3 $327k -88% 3.1k 106.45
Ishares Tr Msci Kld400 Soc (DSI) 0.3 $289k +10% 4.0k 71.79
Ishares Tr Esg Msci Usa Etf (USXF) 0.2 $238k +10% 7.8k 30.66

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