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Portfolio Holdings for Corvex Management

Companies in the Corvex Management portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
MGM Resorts International. (MGM) 17.7 $280M -57% 6.7M 41.94
Five9 (FIVN) 10.6 $168M -27% 1.5M 110.40
Constellation Energy 10.4 $164M NEW 2.9M 56.25
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 8.4 $132M -5% 429k 308.31
Amazon (AMZN) 8.2 $130M -21% 40k 3259.96
Alphabet Cap Stk Cl A (GOOGL) 8.1 $129M -32% 46k 2781.36
Coca-cola Europacific Partne SHS (CCEP) 3.3 $52M -41% 1.1M 48.61
Uber Technologies (UBER) 3.3 $52M +18% 1.4M 35.68
AES Corporation (AES) 3.2 $51M NEW 2.0M 25.73
Exelon Corporation Call Option (EXC) 3.0 $48M -52% 1.0M 47.63
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Tr Tr Unit Put Option (SPY) 2.9 $45M NEW 100k 451.64
Liberty Media Corp Del Com A Siriusxm (LSXMA) 2.7 $43M -49% 933k 45.71
Zynga Cl A Call Option (ZNGA) 2.6 $42M -59% 4.5M 9.24
Ishares Tr Russell 2000 Etf Call Option (IWM) 2.6 $41M NEW 200k 205.27

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Liberty Media Corp Del Com C Siriusxm (LSXMK) 2.1 $34M -15% 737k 45.73
Fomento Economico Mexicano S Spon Adr Units (FMX) 2.1 $34M NEW 405k 82.85
California Res Corp Com Stock (CRC) 1.9 $30M NEW 678k 44.73
Somalogic Class A Com (SLGC) 1.3 $20M 2.5M 8.02
Eqrx (EQRX) 1.1 $17M NEW 4.2M 4.13
Sema4 Holdings Corp Com Cl A (SMFR) 0.9 $14M 4.5M 3.07
Ark Etf Tr Genomic Rev Etf Call Option (ARKG) 0.9 $14M NEW 300k 45.93
Pershing Square Tontine Hldg Com Cl A Call Option (PSTH) 0.6 $10M NEW 513k 19.89
Bluescape Opportunities Acqu SHS (BOAC) 0.6 $9.9M 1.0M 9.86
Skydeck Acquisition Corp Class A Ord Shs (SKYA) 0.6 $9.5M 980k 9.73
Southwest Gas Corporation (SWX) 0.3 $5.5M NEW 70k 78.29
Arya Sciences Acqu Corp Iv Cl A (ARYD) 0.2 $3.9M 400k 9.79
Radius Global Infrastrctre I Com Cl A (RADI) 0.2 $3.4M NEW 235k 14.28
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) 0.1 $1.5M -97% 11k 136.33
Falcon Minerals Corp *w Exp 07/21/202 (FLMNW) 0.0 $302k 878k 0.34
Bluescape Opportunities Acqu *w Exp 10/28/202 (BOAC.WS) 0.0 $168k 500k 0.34
Skydeck Acquisition Corp *w Exp 05/13/202 (SKYAW) 0.0 $114k 327k 0.35
Longview Acquisition Corp Ii *w Exp 99/99/999 (LGV.WS) 0.0 $84k 200k 0.42
Eg Acquisition Corp *w Exp 05/28/202 (EGGF.WS) 0.0 $46k 201k 0.23

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