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Portfolio Holdings for Finepoint Capital

Companies in the Finepoint Capital portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Algoma Stl Group (ASTL) 13.9 $42M NEW 3.7M 11.25
Revolution Healthcare Acquisit Class A Com (REVH) 7.1 $21M 2.2M 9.81
Health Assurance Acquisition C Com Cl A (HAAC) 6.0 $18M 1.8M 9.85
Churchill Capital Corp V Com Cl A (CCV) 5.9 $18M 1.8M 9.83
Churchill Capital Corp VI Com Cl A (CCVI) 5.6 $17M 1.7M 9.82
Catalyst Partners Acquisition Class A Ord Shs (CPAR) 5.4 $16M 1.7M 9.73
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI Shs Cl A (IPOF) 5.2 $16M 1.5M 10.10
Bridgetown Holdings Com Cl A (BTWN) 4.3 $13M 1.3M 9.86
Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co III Com Cl A (KVSC) 3.9 $12M 1.2M 9.77
Gores Technology Partners II Class A Com (GTPB) 3.8 $12M -47% 1.2M 9.78
AfterNext HealthTech Acquisition Corp Shs Cl A (AFTR) 3.5 $11M 1.1M 9.68
Skydeck Acquisition Corp Class A Ord Shs (SKYA) 3.5 $11M 1.1M 9.73
Corsair Partnering Corp Shs Cl A (CORS) 3.2 $9.7M 1.0M 9.71
Swiftmerge Acquisition Corp Class A Ord Shs 3.2 $9.6M NEW 980k 9.82

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Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp II Class A Ord Shs (DNAB) 3.2 $9.6M 980k 9.75
Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp IV Class A Ord Shs (DNAD) 3.2 $9.5M 980k 9.74
Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Cl A Shs (DGNU) 3.1 $9.5M 970k 9.76
Conyers Park III Acquisition Corp Class A Com (CPAA) 2.9 $8.8M 901k 9.75
KKR Acquisition Holdings I Corp Com Class A (KAHC) 2.6 $7.8M -66% 795k 9.83
Bilander Acquisition Corp Cl A Com (TWCB) 2.4 $7.1M 735k 9.70
Summit Healthcare Acquisition Corp Class A Ord Shs (SMIH) 2.3 $6.9M -27% 710k 9.71
BCLS Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (BLSA) 2.0 $6.0M 603k 9.87
Apollo Strategic Growth Capita *w Exp 10/29/202 (APSG.WS) 0.4 $1.3M 913k 1.37
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI *w Exp 09/26/202 (IPOF.WS) 0.3 $825k 671k 1.23
Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp *w Exp 08/28/202 (CRHC.WS) 0.2 $696k 904k 0.77
Starry Group Holdings *w Exp 99/99/999 0.2 $589k NEW 669k 0.88
Bridgetown Holdings *w Exp 09/30/202 (BTWNW) 0.2 $540k 895k 0.60
KKR Acquisition Holdings I Corp *w Exp 99/99/999 (KAHC.WS) 0.1 $388k 589k 0.66
Churchill Capital Corp V *w Exp 10/29/202 (CCV.WS) 0.1 $373k 612k 0.61
Churchill Capital Corp VI *w Exp 02/17/202 (CCVI.WS) 0.1 $340k 540k 0.63
Gores Technology Partners II *w Exp 03/16/202 (GTPBW) 0.1 $337k 451k 0.75
Churchill Capital Corp VII *w Exp 02/29/202 (CVII.WS) 0.1 $329k 548k 0.60
Health Assurance Acquisition C *w Exp 11/12/202 (HAACW) 0.1 $328k 643k 0.51
Conyers Park III Acquisition Corp *w Exp 08/12/202 (CPAAW) 0.1 $292k 572k 0.51
Jaws Hurricane Acquisition Corp *w Exp 03/26/202 (HCNEW) 0.1 $290k 387k 0.75
Equity Distribution Acquisitio *w Exp 09/09/202 (EQD.WS) 0.1 $271k 669k 0.41
Marblegate Acquisition Corp *w Exp 08/31/202 (GATEW) 0.1 $250k 735k 0.34
Concord Acquisition Corp II *w Exp 99/99/999 (CNDA.WS) 0.1 $243k 408k 0.60
First Light Acquisition Group *w Exp 03/14/202 (FLAG.WS) 0.1 $236k 655k 0.36
Berenson Acquisition Corp I *w Exp 08/01/202 (BACA.WS) 0.1 $233k 863k 0.27
Catalyst Partners Acquisition *w Exp 05/12/202 (CPARW) 0.1 $225k 337k 0.67
Home Plate Acquisition Corp *w Exp 09/30/202 (HPLTW) 0.1 $221k 690k 0.32
Ares Acquisition Corp *w Exp 99/99/999 (AAC.WS) 0.1 $208k 505k 0.41
Compass Digital Acquisition Corp *w Exp 09/29/202 (CDAQW) 0.1 $207k 460k 0.45
Revolution Healthcare Acquisit *w Exp 12/31/202 (REVHW) 0.1 $195k 433k 0.45
Senior Connect Acquisition Cor *w Exp 12/31/202 (SNRHW) 0.1 $183k 1.0M 0.18
Ross Acquisition Corp II *w Exp 02/01/202 (ROSS.WS) 0.1 $180k 440k 0.41
Fortress Value Acquisition Cor *w Exp 03/18/202 (FVIV.WS) 0.1 $162k 307k 0.53
Zimmer Energy Transition Acquisition Corp *w Exp 06/16/202 (ZTAQW) 0.1 $159k 358k 0.44
Simon Property Group Acquisition Holdings *w Exp 02/04/202 (SPGS.WS) 0.1 $157k 335k 0.47
Gores Technology Partners *w Exp 03/16/202 (GTPAW) 0.1 $157k 201k 0.78
Fortress Capital Acquisition C *w Exp 99/99/999 (FCAX.WS) 0.1 $157k 392k 0.40
AfterNext HealthTech Acquisition Corp *w Exp 99/99/999 (AFTR.WS) 0.1 $154k 367k 0.42
Corsair Partnering Corp *w Exp 07/06/202 (CORS.WS) 0.0 $141k 335k 0.42
Skydeck Acquisition Corp *w Exp 05/13/202 (SKYAW) 0.0 $127k 362k 0.35
Swiftmerge Acquisition Corp *w Exp 12/13/202 0.0 $104k NEW 490k 0.21
Fortress Value Acquisition Cor *w Exp 12/31/202 (FVT.WS) 0.0 $99k 225k 0.44
Summit Healthcare Acquisition Corp *w Exp 06/03/202 (SMIHW) 0.0 $98k 490k 0.20
Levere Holdings Corp *w Exp 03/09/202 (LVRAW) 0.0 $96k 275k 0.35
Bilander Acquisition Corp *w Exp 05/19/202 (TWCBW) 0.0 $92k 184k 0.50
Warburg Pincus Capital Corp I-B *w Exp 99/99/999 (WPCB.WS) 0.0 $56k 125k 0.45
Music Acquisition Corp/The *w Exp 02/05/202 (TMAC.WS) 0.0 $17k 75k 0.23
Warburg Pincus Capital Corp I-A *w Exp 99/99/999 (WPCA.WS) 0.0 $7.0k 15k 0.47

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