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Portfolio Holdings for Fort Baker Capital Management

Companies in the Fort Baker Capital Management portfolio as of the September 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Liberty Broadband Corp Com Ser C (LBRDK) 17.0 $42M +270% 296k 142.87
Immunomedics Call Option (IMMU) 7.5 $19M NEW 220k 85.03
Cf Fin Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (CFFA) 7.2 $18M +63% 1.7M 10.40
Churchill Capital Corp Iv Cl A 6.2 $15M NEW 1.6M 9.78
Live Oak Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (LOAK) 6.0 $15M NEW 1.5M 10.08
Haymaker Acquisition Corp Ii Com Cl A (HYAC) 5.9 $15M NEW 1.5M 10.00
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Tr Tr Unit Put Option (SPY) 5.0 $12M NEW 37k 334.89
South Mtn Merger Corp Com Cl A (SMMC) 3.6 $9.1M NEW 867k 10.45
Lf Cap Acquisition Corp Cl A (LFAC) 3.1 $7.8M NEW 737k 10.54
Discovery Com Ser C (DISCK) 3.0 $7.5M -9% 381k 19.60
Crescent Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (CRSA) 3.0 $7.4M NEW 741k 10.04
Rmg Acquisition Corp Cl A (RMG) 2.5 $6.1M +128% 572k 10.69
Monocle Acquisition Corp (MNCL) 2.4 $6.0M NEW 583k 10.24
BorgWarner (BWA) 2.4 $5.9M +9% 151k 38.74

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Nuance Communications Debt 1.500%11/0 (Principal) 2.1 $5.3M NEW 3.2M 1.67
Osprey Technlgy Aquistion Com Cl A (SFTW) 2.0 $5.1M NEW 500k 10.19
Cf Finance Acquisition Corp Unit 08/01/2027 2.0 $5.0M NEW 500k 10.02
Gigcapital2 Acq Corp (GIX) 1.8 $4.5M NEW 439k 10.16
New Providence Acquisition Com Cl A (NPA) 1.5 $3.7M NEW 372k 10.07
Experience Invt Corp Com Cl A (EXPC) 1.5 $3.7M +65% 372k 10.05
Fti Consulting Note 2.000% 8/1 (Principal) 1.5 $3.7M 3.0M 1.24
J2 Global Note 3.250% 6/1 (Principal) 1.4 $3.5M NEW 3.0M 1.16
Finserv Acquisition Corp Cl A (FSRV) 1.4 $3.4M +651% 338k 10.03
Cm Life Sciences Unit 09/01/2025 1.3 $3.1M NEW 300k 10.47
Foley Trasimene Acquistn Cor Com Cl A 1.2 $3.1M NEW 300k 10.36
Realpage Note 1.500%11/1 (Principal) 1.2 $2.9M NEW 2.0M 1.47
Ciig Merger Corp Com Cl A (CIIC) 1.0 $2.5M NEW 251k 10.02
Chp Merger Corp Com Cl A (CHPM) 1.0 $2.4M NEW 240k 10.19
Equity Distr Acquisition Cor Unit 99/99/9999 0.6 $1.5M NEW 150k 10.30
Lgl Sys Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (DFNS) 0.6 $1.5M NEW 151k 10.02
J Global Put Option (JCOM) 0.6 $1.4M NEW 20k 69.20
Alpha Healthcare Acquistn Unit 09/21/2027 0.4 $992k NEW 100k 9.92
Lions Gate Entmnt Corp Cl B Non Vtg (LGF.B) 0.4 $948k +58% 109k 8.72
Gx Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (GXGX) 0.3 $778k NEW 74k 10.50
Us Ecology *w Exp 10/17/202 (ECOLW) 0.3 $760k NEW 156k 4.87
Hostess Brands *w Exp 11/04/202 (TWNKW) 0.3 $753k NEW 918k 0.82
CoreLogic Call Option (CLGX) 0.3 $697k -25% 10k 67.67
Dick's Sporting Goods Put Option (DKS) 0.2 $608k NEW 11k 57.90
Churchill Capital Corp Iv *w Exp 08/04/202 0.2 $464k NEW 314k 1.48
Alta Equipment Group *w Exp 02/14/202 (ALTG.WS) 0.1 $267k NEW 158k 1.69
Under Armour CL C Put Option (UA) 0.1 $261k 27k 9.85
Whole Earth Brands *w Exp 06/25/202 (FREEW) 0.0 $94k NEW 97k 0.97

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